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Feb. 26, 2015

Search is on for new COPA President and CEO
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is accepting applications for the position of president and CEO. COPA is a not-for-profit organization with over 17,000 members. For more information visit ( Interested individuals may apply in confidence at or forward their application via e-mail to Application deadline is March 26, 2015. More

Last call for 2015 Neil Armstrong scholarship applications
Applications for Neil Armstrong Scholarships are now being accepted.
First place scholarship is valued at $7,000. Second place $3,000 and third place $2,000.
Application forms and more information are available online at Applications must be sent to COPA's office in Ottawa, Ontario, by March 1, 2015. More

Important message for all pilots
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA VP of operations
COPA needs all pilots to complete a Cross Border survey. Your opinion counts so we need strong participation. Last year I alerted members to the development of an additional procedure being developed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for crossing the Canada/US border. The survey will provide statistical feedback to Canadian and US officials to find a solution that both addresses their goals and minimizes duplication. COPA is heavily involved in finding creative solutions to minimize the detrimental consequences that any additional requirements will have on our sector of aviation. Please take a few moments and complete the following survey:


Awards honour Canadian flying pioneers
Kelowna News
Students enrolled in the commercial aviation diploma program at Okanagan College will soon get a lift from new awards that recognize the achievements of two distinguished British Columbia aviators. The Roy Clemens Memorial Award in Aviation and Margaret Fane Rutledge Award in Aviation, valued at $1,000 each, celebrate their contributions to Canada's aviation history. "We've trained over 400 pilots since the program began in 1990," says flight school director Marc Vanderaegen, of Southern Interior Flight Centre. More

Border-crashing Canadian pilot loses plane
A Canadian pilot begged an Ohio court to give him more jail time rather than take away his beloved Cessna 172 but the presiding judge turned the aircraft over to the federal government and set 26-year-old Ryan Brandt, of North Bay, Ontario, free. Brandt had earlier pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle a Canadian woman across the Canada-U.S. border in the aircraft and had spent more than six months in jail while the process wound its way through the courts. More

Ex-pilot warns over 'toxic plane fumes' ahead of inquest
A coroner has warned that exposure to toxic fumes in plane cabins pose a health risk to frequent fliers and aircrew. The comments come in a leaked report, ahead of an inquest into the death of a co-pilot for British Airways who believed he had been poisoned by prolonged exposure to contaminated cabin air. British Airways has said it will not comment until after the inquest.More

Keys to the plane
General Aviation News
According to author Albert Dyer: Before I was old enough to drive a car, my dad put the keys to his airplane in my hand and said to me, "son, if you can afford the lessons and the gas, here is the plane to fly." Wow! How is that for incentive to a young teen? That father/son talk took place in the early 1970s and the airplane, N5261B, was a 1957 Mooney. During the mid-1960s my dad, with help, rebuilt the wood wing, built and installed the metal tail section and then had all new radios installed just before giving me the keys. It was now a modern "fly anywhere" capable airplane. More

Extreme sports or extremely stupid? Risk-takers burden medical system
By Mark Huber
Is it an extreme sport or just extremely stupid? That's the question I had after a recent PR blurb from the Los Angeles County Sheriff caught my eye. Rescues performed by the department's volunteer search-and-rescue teams, often with the assistance of Air Rescue 5, increased 20 percent in 2014 from the previous year. The department attributed most of this increase to "social media and the posting of extreme videos, showing hikers performing high-risk outdoor adventures."More

Some big questions about RPAs, including the big one: Insurance
General Aviation News
Airlines pilots have already reported RPAs coming near while on approach. An RPA recently flew onto White House grounds. The owner said he had no intention of flying it to the White House but lost sight of it. Whatever the regulations the FAA develops after the comment period, there will always be those who plead ignorance of them, others who just make a mistake, and still others who do what they want to do and dang the regulations. Will any excuse help the pilot and passengers if an unmanned vehicle violates the airspace and strikes an aircraft?More

Loraine's amazing feats as a pioneer of aviation
Wirral News
On Bank Holiday Monday, Aug. 1, 1910, a Farman biplane, flown by 34-year-old Robert Loraine, electrified the holiday crowds, when it suddenly appeared at about 4:15 p.m., flying towards New Brighton Tower, writes Colin Schroeder. Loraine, who was born in Wallasey on Jan. 14, 1876, was a famous actor manager of the time. He saw himself as a pioneer of aviation, but in order not to appear to be using his flying exploits to further his theatrical career, he used the name of Robert Jones whilst flying.More