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Mar. 19, 2015

Search is on for new COPA president and CEO
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is accepting applications for the position of president and CEO. COPA is a not-for-profit organization with over 17,000 members. For more information visit ( Interested individuals may apply in confidence at or forward their application via e-mail to Application deadline is March 26, 2015. More

AIG, Magnes and COPA celebrate successful 1st year, announcing several new initiatives for 2015
Earlier this year, executives from American International Group Inc. (AIG) hosted The Magnes Group Inc. and the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association at AIG's Canadian Head Office in Toronto to celebrate a successful first year of partnership. The past 12 months saw over 20 percent new business added to the program and continued growth with overall strong performance. More

Meet Canadian-raised daredevil female aviatrix
The Telegraph
I'm not entirely sure what to expect of a pilot who's just landed in the middle of a waterlogged West Sussex airfield having flown halfway across the world in a Forties biplane, Spirit of Artemis. But Tracey Curtis-Taylor is unfazed. After eight weeks and 9,825 miles, Curtis-Taylor — British-born but raised in Canada — completed her epic adventure: a re-creation of Lady Heath's 1928 record-breaking flight from Cape Town to Cairo. More

Urgent action needed April 8 deadline!
Transport Canada has just sent a New Strict Proposed Regulation for all aerodromes. A consultation requirement with 27 x "onerous" Public Notification steps estimated by TC to cost, a new or existing aerodrome owner up to $60,000.More

Important message for all pilots
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA V-P of Operations
COPA needs all pilots to complete a Cross Border survey. Your opinion counts so we need strong participation. Last year I alerted members to the development of an additional procedure being developed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for crossing the Canada/US border. The survey will provide statistical feedback to Canadian and US officials to find a solution that both addresses their goals and minimizes duplication. COPA is heavily involved in finding creative solutions to minimize the detrimental consequences that any additional requirements will have on our sector of aviation. Please take a few moments and complete the following survey:


Waterloo air show tried its best to fly high
Waterloo Record
They say you can't get something for nothing. Well, that didn't deter some air show enthusiasts from taking in the action on the cheap, parking their cars and setting up lawn chairs on the roadside around the Region of Waterloo International Airport instead of paying their way. That was just one of the problems plaguing organizers of the Waterloo Air Show, who had grand ambitions when their first show took flight in 2009 and they overcame some of those challenges over the years, at least attendance wise. More

Hemp may be the future of flying
Canadian Derek Kesek has set about making the first airplane made almost entirely of hemp. That's right, Cannabis. Don't bother with the "flying high" jokes, he's heard them all. If all goes according to schedule, the four-seater plane — which will be made of no less than 75 percent hemp, and will run on hemp-based bio-fuel — will make its maiden flight sometime this fall or next spring from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, site of the Wright Brothers' historic take off. More

Garmin brings stability protection to G3X
Garmin has announced the release of a product for the experimental market that automatically brings airplanes back to a safe flight attitude if they go beyond certain pitch, bank and airspeed limits. The Electronic Stability and Protection concept has already been available in certified airplanes for some time, but now is also available for aircraft equipped with G3X or G3X Touch avionics with autopilot servos. More

Rutan's next airplane in the works
It's no secret that legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan has been at work on a seaplane during his retirement, but now the airplane is getting close to first flight and new details have been released about the design. The amphibious airplane, called a SkiGull, will be equipped with retractable skis, and will be able to land on water or snow. The skis also will be equipped with small wheels for runway landings.More

Harrison Ford, death wishes and dangerous planes
According to author Robert Goyer: The voice on the end of the phone was that of Bob, a producer from CNN I got to know over the phone last year when I was asked to appear to speculate on the mystery of the still missing Malaysia 777 Flight 370. What was happening now, I wondered. With clearly no time for pleasantries, Bob came right out and asked me the question he wanted to ask: He'd heard I was close friends with Harrison Ford. Could I appear on the show to comment on the Harrison Ford crash, like right now? More

Air Boss: Keeping airshows and fly-ins safe
General Aviation News
According to author Amelia Reiheld: Ever flown into AirVenture at Oshkosh? SUN 'n FUN in Lakeland, Florida? Any of the major fly-ins around the country? If so, you'll know it's true: Air bosses rock! I'd flown into the two big events several times, and marveled at the Air Traffic Control at both places. People wearing bright pink polo shirts, armed only with binoculars, headsets, and quick wits, were standing on flat-bed trailers, calmly directing more traffic than O'Hare sees on a bad day. I was impressed. More

Here's the incredible flying car you can buy in 2017
This high-tech car could be flying off the showroom floor by 2017. At SXSW, AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik unveiled plans for a flying car for the "wealthy supercar buyer" that will likely cost a couple of hundred thousand euros, The Verge reports. "We need another revolution, we need a revolution in personal transportation," Vaculik said.More