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Apr. 25, 2013

Manitoba's St. Andrews Airport wins female friendly title
From March 4 to March 10 2013, over 2,100 volunteers across four continents - Africa, Asia, America, and Europe - introduced more than 17,000 girls and women to the opportunities available in the air and space industry as part of the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week celebration, held annually during the week of March 8, anniversary date of the first female pilot license worldwide.

The most coveted title, 'Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide', is awarded annually to the airport community that offers and documents the most female first flight experiences in approved aircraft throughout the week.

Lead by event organizer, Jill Oakes, the St Andrews Airport Community in the greater Winnipeg area, of Manitoba wins the '2013 Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide' title with a whopping 680 documented flight introductions in approved aircraft.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is the first runner up with 634 flights and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario is the second runner up with 517 flights. More

Canadian government updates airport body scanners
Canada's Minister of State (Transport) announced that new software will be deployed on Canada's full-body scanners that will enhance passenger privacy at airports. The new software produces computer generated "stick figures" rather than an outline of the passenger's body, enhancing privacy for air travellers. In addition, the scanner does not collect personal information from the passenger it screens nor is the image correlated in any way with the name of the passenger or any other identifying information.More

Dreamliner set to fly in a week as Boeing fixes battery
Toronto Star
Boeing began installing reinforced lithium-ion battery systems on five 787 jets in Japan, starting a process that should make the first commercial Dreamliners ready to fly again in about a week. Boeing's Dreamliners have been grounded since regulators ordered all 50 planes out of the skies in mid-January after batteries on two of them overheated. U.S. regulators approved a new battery design, clearing the way for installation.More

Flight delays pile up as air controllers are forced to take days off because of budget cuts
News1130 via The Associated Press
Flight delays piled up across the United States as thousands of air traffic controllers began taking unpaid days off because of federal budget cuts, providing the most visible impact yet of Congress and the White House's failure to agree on a long-term deficit-reduction plan. The Federal Aviation Administration kept planes on the ground because there weren't enough controllers to monitor busy air corridors. Cascading delays held up flights at some of nation's busiest airports, including New York, Baltimore and Washington. Many operations were more than two hours behind schedule.More

Report reveals most popular seats on the plane
Backseat flyer? Odds are you prefer the window seat. Right-handed? The floating theory on why, overall, travellers express a preference for sitting on the right side of the aircraft. Those are among some of the conclusions of a British Airways survey that aimed to identify seat preferences among their flyers. More

New technology gives local cadets a chance to soar
The Record
A new digital simulation program is giving local cadets a unique opportunity to experience what it's like to operate jets, submarines and unmanned aerial vehicles. The software — a program called Prepar3D — that creates the real-life experience was donated to the Cadet Youth Development Centre, home of the 822 Tutor Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. More

The Cruzer has arrived!

Zenair Limited of Midland, ON, unveiled its new light aircraft design at the EAA Sun'n Fun Fly-in last week. The all-metal two-seat CH 750 Cruzer is the latest design from Chris Heintz. While clearly influenced by its well-known STOL predecessors (the STOL CH 701 "Sky Jeep", STOL CH 750 and four-seat STOL CH 801 sport utility aircraft), the CH 750 Cruzer is an all-new design.

The Zenair CH 750 Cruzer features an all-new airfoil supported by a single stream-lined strut. Compared to the STOL CH 750, the empennage has also been redesigned for its new mission, with a symmetrical stabilizer and a shortened horizontal-tail span. The vertical-tail features a fin and rudder (replacing the traditional all-moving rudder design of the Chris Heintz STOL series). In keeping with its mission, the Cruzer is fitted with 5.00 x 5 aircraft wheels and sleek new wheel fairings. The instrument panel of the new design is also wider and more conventional than with the STOL CH 750 (that has a narrower instrument panel to improve forward-visibility in extreme nose-high attitudes associated with STOL flying).More

New air ambulance hangar at Saskatoon airport
Global News
Medical patients can expect better life-saving service in rural Saskatchewan thanks to a new, larger hangar facility unveiled at the Saskatoon airport. Officials say the hangar facility will improve workplace safety and ensure quicker response times.More

The impact of sequestration on travel to the U.S.
I never heard of the word sequestration until the U.S. fiscal condition resulted in measures to curtail spending. While to a certain extent sequestration does not affect Canada, some U.S. government services that we need, such as Customs, are being curtailed.More

Changes to Aeropubs shipping and handling fees
Nav Canada is currently revising shipping and handling prices for Aeronautical Information products to ensure that prices are designed in a manner that is equitable and provide for cost recovery. More

Sun-powered plane completes San Francisco-area test flight ahead of cross-country tour
Washington Post via The Associated Press
A solar-powered plane that has wowed aviation fans in Europe took to the skies Friday over the San Francisco Bay area in a successful test flight. Considered the world's most advanced sun-powered plane, the Solar Impulse took off from Moffett Field in Mountain View at first light for a two-hour practice run in advance of a planned multi-city, cross-country tour.More

Town takes on airport costs
Hinton Parklander
Hinton's municipal government will have more say into the running of the small airport east of town after entering into a cost sharing agreement with Yellowhead County. On April 2 town council voted to share the costs of the Jasper–Hinton Airport with the county. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2014, the Town of Hinton will fund half of the facility’s operating costs, estimated to be about $65,000 annually. Hinton and Yellowhead County will also share any long-term plans for the facility for a 15-year period.More

The sky's the limit
South Delta Leader
Since he was a young child, Ben Goodridge has dreamed about flying. You could say it's his dad's fault. His outgoing, often thrill-seeking, pilot father once arrived at Goodridge's elementary school and told the teachers his son had a doctor's appointment. Within minutes, the two were in his father's small plane doing multiple barrel rolls high above the school.More