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May. 7, 2015

COPA Flight 8 Ottawa captain retires
Patrick Gilligan, COPA v-p operations
After more than 15 years at the helm of Flight 8, Captain Mike Shaw has decided to retire. Mike started out as COPA Flight 8 activity director and never stopped organizing interesting activities for the COPA Flight members and non-members alike. I would rely often on Mike to help COPA National when staff were unavailable to attend local events and Mike always obliged with a smile!More

Buy, sell or trade at B.C. fly market
On Saturday, May 16, on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, a Fly Market is being held at the Sechelt airport (CAP3) and is hosted by RAA Chapter 580 (Rain date May 30). Buy, sell or trade aviation items. Everyone welcome. Gates open from 9:00 – 17:00. Lunch is available from 12:00 – 14:00 - burgers $6 - hotdogs $4. Camping, tie-down space and 100LL are available. For more information email John Wakeford: or check out the Fly Market poster.More

COPA at Air Venture 2015
This is COPA's first official invitation to all Canadian Pilots at Air Venture and is brought to you by AIG and the Magnes Group. Refreshing root beer floats will be offered to satisfy your thirst after your full day of gawping at Aviation's finest and newest products.

Prizes will be raffled off with the Grand Prize of an iPAD Mini 64gb and a one year subscription to ForeFlight Canada going to one lucky winner.

Special Guests are being invited and hopefully will come speak to our crowd of Canadian Aviators. Don't miss out! Mark your calendar! Attend COPA's "All Canadian Pilots Reception 2015" (spouses and friends are also invited).

See you Tuesday July 21st between 17:30 and 19:30, under the Partner Resource Center tent on the North side of the Exhibit Hangar A. Click here for the draw form More

COPA/AOPA cross border survey results
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA v-p of operations
While searching for cross border statistics to provide to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) regarding crossing the border in a Personal Aircraft, I could not find any recent data and decided to conduct a survey that would ask pilots' trends. This endeavor was designed in collaboration with AOPA and supported by APBQ, EAA U.S. and EAA Canada. An unprecedented quantity of responses were received by COPA National and a total of 2,492 pilots responded to our survey on new cross border Canadian requirements (2,264 English and 228 French). More

European proposal could signal Part 23 changes
A new proposal from the European Aviation Safety Agency is likely to signal the direction of upcoming Part 23 reforms from the FAA.

EASA released its advanced notice of proposed amendment, which is similar to an FAA advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, on March 27. The amendment on "Reorganization of Part 23 and CS-23" supports a move toward less prescriptive regulations designed to make it easier to introduce safety-enhancing features into general aviation aircraft while reducing the time and cost needed to certify aircraft and equipment. More

The devil is in the details with unleaded avgas
General Aviation News
In the 1970s, the automotive world switched from leaded to unleaded fuels and the oil companies did a lot of research on knocking and how to prevent it. One of the big projects involved octane requirement increase. In this program, cars were rated for octane requirement when new and then every 2,000 miles. The octane requirement increased until it leveled off at about 20,000 miles. Usually the ORI was about 6 to 10 numbers.More

Iconic seaplane to star in Hollywood movie
General Aviation News
According to author Meg Godlewski: "What is that?" My student and I were on downwind to Runway 16 at Pierce County/Thun Field in Puyallup, Washington, when he uttered this phrase. "It looks like something out of World War II!" he exclaimed as we saw the high-wing boat-hulled aircraft make its final approach. And he is right. The "that" in question is a 1945 PBY, an amphibious Patrol Bomber built by Consolidated Aircraft. More

Pilot doesn't let disability stop him reaching for the skies
Worcester News
Arthur Williams doesn't know the meaning of the word "NO." In fact if someone says he can't do something, it's likely to be just the catalyst that motivates him to do it! And that's exactly what happened when, as a young man growing up in Eckington near Pershore, his school mates teased him by saying he was too small to get into the Royal Marines. It didn't stop him, it just made him more determined to do it — which he did.More

Video: Back your Husky up to the dock
General Aviation News
Two and three blade MT propeller systems — with a reversing option — are now available for installation on Aviat Husky aircraft. Flight Resource founding partner Larry Schlasinger said he received the STC. "We are very excited to be able to offer this new option to our customers," said Schlasinger. "The reversing system allow pilots to toggle between normal forward thrust and reverse thrust while the aircraft is on the ground or water, adding another level of safety to those who are flying with our MT Propellers."More

Experienced pilot lands plane safely after alarm system malfunction
The News Tribune
A Tacoma, Washington, pilot had a bit of a scare as he prepared to land at the Tacoma Narrows Airport near Gig Harbor. As pilot John Carlin, 46, approached the airport around 4 p.m., his small single-engine aircraft's warning system went off, indicating his landing gear had not deployed. The experienced pilot, a former Navy flier for 11 years, communicated with the airport tower controllers, then spent nearly two hours circling the airport and burning off fuel as a safety precaution. More