COPA eFlight
May. 8, 2014

150 percent increase in tax on avgas — A crushing blow to GA
By Kevin Psutka, president and CEO
At a time when the fuel price for aviation gasoline is at an all-time high and 30 to 40 percent higher than automotive gasoline, the Ontario government — without consultation with COPA or anyone else who uses this fuel — unilaterally decided to punish this important sector of aviation with a 150 percent increase in taxes. This is simply unfair.More

The Flying Circus: Splashdown
By Garth Wallace
COPA eFlight presents another weekly excerpt from "The Flying Circus," a fun book by Canadian aviation humorist and former COPA publisher Garth Wallace. "The Flying Circus" is a fictional account of the madcap escapades of two instructors who start their own flying school armed with loads of enthusiasm, but little business sense and no money.More

Cessna 100 Series Supplemental Structural Inspection Document
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA v-p operations
Cessna has issued a Supplemental Structural Inspection Document to address aging aircraft issues that they perceive are not being adequately covered by annual and other inspections. The SSID is extensive and has the potential to ground many aircraft. COPA has been approached by some members regarding whether or not SSIDs are mandatory.More

Watch out for new RCO locations and frequencies
COPA has been highlighting for several years that Nav Canada is transitioning the Flight Information Service en route from 126.7 to a number of other frequencies, adjusting the network of Remote Communications Outlet and consequently freeing up the 126.7 almost exclusively for Nav Can broadcasting of safety information and for pilots to broadcast their location and intentions to other aircraft. The project is coming to an end in July with the final transition of frequencies.More

Airplane enthusiast donates plane to aviation museum
The New Glasgow News
The wings were shaky at first, but once "Citaborea" took off, Don Horne's former airplane easily glided over the hanger and airstrip on its last flight in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Horne, a longtime flying enthusiast, gave up his hobby and donated his two-seater private plane to the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum in Halifax in honour of his late friend Reg Short. "It's such a beautiful airplane. I'd like to put it somewhere people will see it," he said about why he chose to give it to the museum rather than sell "Citaborea," which is aerobatic spelt backwards. More

Vertically challenged: The rooftop helipad debate
By Mark Huber
Rooftop helipads have always been controversial, even more so since a New York Airways Sikorsky rolled over atop the Pan Am building in 1977, killing four passengers waiting to board and one pedestrian below on the ground from falling debris. The debate was triggered anew in March in Seattle, where a television news copter plunged from its elevated pad into the street, killing its crew and sending a river of lit Jet-A fuel flowing down the pavement, burning motorists. Rooftop or elevated helipads present special challenges in operations and design, yet many hospitals choose to have them.More

Ontario pilots worried about wind turbines after US crash
CTV News
Fears have reignited in southwestern Ontario after a fatal plane crash involving a wind turbine in South Dakota that left four people dead. Garry Sheperd has been flying for over 30 years. He's a seasoned pilot, and he's not pleased about the wind turbines he's now sharing the skies with. "The ones we've got coming to our backyards here are 400 feet at present, but the new generation are 500 feet. In Europe they're over 700 feet and it's just a matter of time before there's a conflict."More

Best of the best $100 hamburgers
If you are looking for a new place to fly for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you may want to take a look at a list of fly-in spots called the "Best of the Best" created by John Purner, the founder of "The $100 Hamburger." Purner used feedback from a pool of 54,000 web-based subscribers to create a short list of 26 airport restaurants. The "Best of the Best" shortlist includes restaurants spread around all four corners of the country.More

GA's input to the international ELT/tracking debate
By Frank Hofmann, IAOPA representative to ICAO and COPA director
Since I will be attending IAOPA's European Regional meeting at the time of this Multi-Disciplinary meeting on Global Tracking...More

Why the Twin Otter is flying high again
The Globe and Mail
Dave Curtis gives the impression of a man far too busy to be sitting inside a boardroom, talking about the past. Curtis is the CEO of Viking Air Ltd. and current maker of the turboprop Twin Otter plane sold in 23 countries.More

Document: Ontario to hike taxes on aviation fuel, high earners and tobacco
The Canadian Press via The Globe and Mail
The Ontario budget will increase taxes on those with high incomes, tobacco and aviation fuel, according to a document obtained from a source outside...More

Northern US state to consider aviation fuel tax increase
The Associated Press via Lansing State Journal
According to officials, in order to help make improvements and repairs at the state's 235 public airports, Michigan airport executives want an aviation fuel tax. To help general aviation and commercial airports avoid falling far short of more than $730 million needed for fixes in the next five years, a fuel tax plan has been approved by the state House. Currently, the bill is stuck in the Senate, partially due to some worries by Delta Air Lines. More

Quicksilver Sport S2SE gains approval
The FAA has given its stamp of approval for Quicksilver Aircraft to begin producing and selling the factory-built Sport S2SE, a two-seat special light sport aircraft that will sell for an out-the-door price just shy of $40,000. Speaking of doors, the Quicksilver Sport 2SE doesn't have any because of its open cockpit, evolved from the California manufacturer's ultralight kit designs dating back to the 1970s.More