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May. 14, 2015

COPA Annual General Meeting
Join COPA in Winnipeg on June 20, 2015, at our Annual General Meeting. A host of activities are planned in connection with the COPA business session. Friday evening there will be a barbeque meet and greet at Lyncrest Airport and participants will be able to take part in a progressive fly-out dinner on Saturday.

Tours are being arranged to visit Nav Canada's Area Control Centre, CYAV Tower, Canadian Propeller, AeroRecip,the Western Canada Aviation Museum, the Museum for Human Rights and the Polar Bear Exhibit at the Winnipeg Zoo. For more information and to register visit

See you in Winnipeg! More

Is it always 'nice to share?'
What adding an 'Additional Insured' to your policy means

By Belinda Bryce, the Magnes Group
I'm getting a lot of requests to name "additional insureds" to my insurance policy. My FBO, the Airport Authority, even my CFI. What does this mean and how can it affect my coverage?

Just as the term implies, an "additional insured" shares your insurance, specifically, your liability coverage. Your coverage is extended to cover them as well as you in the event of a loss. Understanding what this means to you as a policyholder is an important part of your individual aviation risk management. More

Goggles and great times
The Great War Flying Museum is holding its annual BBQ, silent auction and good times get-together on the longest day of the year. Live Big Band music will take you back in time and set your toes tapping. Replica Aircraft will take to the air starting in the early afternoon, weather permitting.

Tickets are just $40 for dinner and music. Add a membership for $200 and you can get a new member's ride in the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter.

Put aviation in the spotlight during the centennial of WWI. Proceeds will support the museum’s WWI centennial commemorative programs.

What: "Goggles and Great Times" The best hangar party in the GTA
When: Saturday, June 20, 5 p.m. to sunset
Where: Great War Flying Museum at Brampton-Caledon Airport
Details: or see poster.

COPA at Air Venture 2015
This is COPA's first official invitation to all Canadian Pilots at Air Venture and is brought to you by AIG and the Magnes Group. Refreshing root beer floats will be offered to satisfy your thirst after your full day of gawping at Aviation's finest and newest products.

Prizes will be raffled off with the Grand Prize of an iPAD Mini 64gb and a one year subscription to ForeFlight Canada going to one lucky winner.

Special Guests are being invited and hopefully will come speak to our crowd of Canadian Aviators. Don't miss out! Mark your calendar! Attend COPA's "All Canadian Pilots Reception 2015" (spouses and friends are also invited).

See you Tuesday July 21st between 17:30 and 19:30, under the Partner Resource Center tent on the North side of the Exhibit Hangar A. Click here for the draw form.More

Pictures of the day: Aerobatic discovery flight
General Aviation News
Kyle Mullen from CTI Professional Flight Training at Millington Regional Jetport in Tennessee sent in this photo taken April 30. He explains: "Our CEO (a former topgun instructor) giving a potential student an aerobatic discovery flight in our Waco Great Lakes." The CEO's call sign in the Navy was "Shoes" — notice the tail number when inverted spells "SHOESN," Kyle said.More

André Pépin completes 1,050 km glider flight
André Pépin, a glider pilot from the Montreal Soaring Council, a gliding club based in Hawkesbury, ON, achieved on Friday, April 24, a stunning 1,050 km flight.

After take-off from a small airport near State College in Pennsylvania, where several pilots of the Montreal Soaring Council are on a flying camp, André flew his glider for nearly 9 hours in the strong updrafts created by a steady wind over the ridges of the Allegheny Mountains.

Flying without engine at an average speed of 120.5 km/h he covered a non-stop distance which is the equivalent of a round-trip Montreal -Toronto. After 8 hours and 42 minutes of flight he landed at the same airport where he started from. More

Shape-changing wings successfully tested
NASA says it has successfully flight-tested wings that can change shape in flight without seams or gaps and is calling it a next-generation breakthrough in aircraft design. In cooperation with the Air Force and FlexSys Inc., the developer of the system, NASA mounted the morphing wings on a Gulfstream bizjet and put it through its paces.More

Report: Polish single-engine jet nears 1st flight
In the "we'll believe it when we see it" department, a single-engine jet is being developed in Poland that is reminiscent of some single-engine jet programs that have been done here in the United States in recent years. Named the Flaris LAR 01, the jet has completed its initial taxi tests at the airport in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Its developer says it expects the jet to fly within the next few weeks. The small mid-wing, single-engine jet was built by a Polish company called Metal-Master. However, the airplane is of composite construction, using pre-impregnated carbon fiber material.More

Solar Impulse ready for Pacific crossing
The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft and its crew are ready to fly from China to Hawaii, and waiting for the right weather window, which the crew now says won't happen before Sunday. The 5,000-mile leg, which will be the longest nonstop flight on the solar-powered electric airplane's round-the-world trip, is expected to take about five days. SI2 landed in Nanjing on April 21, and since then the crew has been waiting and preparing for the right time to launch. Andre Borschberg, who has been alternating the flight duties in the single-seat cockpit with Bertrand Piccard, will be the pilot.More

1929's record-setting endurance flights
General Aviation News
The 1920s saw many records set for altitude, speed, endurance and range, but they were destined to be only fleeting. The records fell quickly due to the development of better aircraft and engines. January 1929 began the year with an achievement that many thought would never be exceeded anytime in the near future — the epic six day flight of the Question Mark. The Question Mark was a modified Fokker transport aircraft that was flown to a refueled endurance record by US Army aviators.More