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Jun. 11, 2015

Blind British Columbia man checks flying plane off bucket list
MetroNews Canada
A 67-year-old British Columbia man who was born blind and autistic has checked off the last item on his bucket list by flying a plane. Patrick O'Neil has been in care since the age of two, but for the last three years has gone beyond his comfort zone by completing every goal on a growing list. He has now tackled the last one by flying in, and taking control of, a Cessna 172 at the Tylair Aviation flight school in Kamloops.More

Aircraft Spruce holding customer appreciation day
Aircraft Spruce will host its annual Canada Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday, June 27th at 150 Aviation Avenue at the Brantford Municipal Airport (CYFD) from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Numerous promotions will be offered to the event attendees. Save .05 cents per liter of fuel at the Brantford Airport. Raffle opportunities will be held throughout the day and COPA will be selling the raffle tickets to benefit the COPA For Kids Program at the Brantford, Ontario, location.

A Show and Shine 2015 Contest will give you the opportunity to shine up your aircraft and show it off for a chance to win a $100 gift card and get the chance to win merchandise by winning the Furthest Flyer contest! For detailed information including raffle prizes, promotions and seminars scheduled for this day please visit More

COPA at Air Venture 2015
This is COPA's first official invitation to all Canadian Pilots at Air Venture and is brought to you by AIG and the Magnes Group. Refreshing root beer floats will be offered to satisfy your thirst after your full day of gawping at Aviation's finest and newest products.

Prizes will be raffled off with the Grand Prize of an iPAD Mini 64gb and a one year subscription to ForeFlight Canada going to one lucky winner.

Special Guests are being invited and hopefully will come speak to our crowd of Canadian Aviators. Don't miss out! Mark your calendar! Attend COPA's "All Canadian Pilots Reception 2015" (spouses and friends are also invited).

See you Tuesday July 21st between 17:30 and 19:30, under the Partner Resource Center tent on the North side of the Exhibit Hangar A. Click here for the draw form.More

COPA annual general meeting
Join COPA in Winnipeg on June 20, 2015, at our Annual General Meeting. A host of activities are planned in connection with the COPA business session. Friday evening there will be a barbeque meet and greet at Lyncrest Airport and participants will be able to take part in a progressive fly-out dinner on Saturday. Tours are being arranged to visit Nav Canada's Area Control Centre, CYAV Tower, Canadian Propeller, AeroRecip,the Western Canada Aviation Museum, the Museum for Human Rights and the Polar Bear Exhibit at the Winnipeg Zoo. For more information and to register visit
See you in Winnipeg! More

How safe should flying be?
Flying low is risky. It just is. The closer you are to big, immovable objects, like bridges, mountains and unlit towers, the more likely you are to run into them by mistake. Which is why landing and taking off are inherently risky phases of flight. You do them in close proximity to terra very firma. At the same time, the rewards of flying low can be great. Some of my favorite flights low level over the Snake River in Idaho, bouncing to a quick stop on a dirt road in the perfect dewy morning in the middle of nowhere California, just us and a few cows, and on a regular basis busting through the soup to the beautiful video-like sight of the runway lights at my intended destination. It's incredibly cool. More

Take flight with COPA
Take part in COPA's national membership campaign starting April 1, 2015, and you could win a five-day trip for two to Whitehorse in the Yukon. All you have to do is refer a new or renewing member and for every renewal your name will be entered into a draw for the grand prize. More

Pilot didn't know he'd had mid air collision until landing — on another plane
Daily Mail
An air taxi pilot did not know he had been involved in a mid-air collision and landed on a second aircraft until he climbed out of the cockpit and noticed the wreckage. Antonio Benavides, 32, was approaching Talkeetna Airport in Alaska in a Cessna 185 with four passengers, when at 100 feet above the runway it struck a smaller Cessna 172 piloted by Cole Hagge, 27. Benavides continued his approach to the 1,300-metre runway oblivious to the aircraft below him.More

Solar Impulse pilot pledges to continue flight after Japan stop
Business Insider
The pilot of record-breaking Solar Impulse 2 pledged to continue his adventure after the high-tech aircraft made an unexpected stop in Japan to avoid bad weather. The landing in Nagoya, on Japan's main island, concluded what had been the aircraft's longest non-stop period of flight. But it nevertheless cut short what was due to have been a marathon trip across the Pacific Ocean, the longest single leg of an effort to raise awareness of green energy by circumnavigating the globe powered only by the sun.More

Bug repellant airplane coatings tested
Bug smasher pilots everywhere have hope that NASA may be flying to the rescue to save them from the summer chore of cleaning shattered insect bodies from the leading-edge surfaces of their aircraft. NASA, along with Boeing, will be testing five non-stick coatings that are the finalists in a years-long effort to foil the sticky mess that builds up on every surface exposed to the slipstream. The five coatings have already shown their ability to repel bug guts and the water in them, according to a news release, but the winner will also be inexpensive and durable. More

Aircraft nose cone construction and maintenance
AZO Materials
Found at the foremost point of an aircraft, a nose cone must be aerodynamic in order to reduce drag on a plane. On most commercial and military aircraft, the nose cone also houses radar and other instruments that might be used to detect meteorological phenomena, track enemy aircraft or transmit communication signals. Because they protect sensitive instruments while allowing electronic signals to pass through, nose cones — also known as radomes — must be made from specific materials. More

Clint Eastwood to make film about Capt. Sully Sullenberger
Warner Bros. Pictures announced that the life story of Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger is coming to the big screen in a yet-to-be named motion picture that will be directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. The film will be adapted from Sully's book, "Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters," co-written with Jeffery Zaslow. The biopic will tell the story of "The Miracle on the Hudson" landing in 2009, when Sully and copilot Jeff Skiles successfully set their Airbus A320 down in the frigid water after striking a flock of Canada geese.More

5 billion gallons of jet fuel saved
PR Newswire via Aviation Pros
Aviation Partners Inc. announced that its unique Blended Winglet Technology has saved the world's commercial and business jet operators an estimated five billion gallons of jet fuel. This represents a global reduction in CO2 emissions of over 107 billion lbs. — or almost 54 million tons. Aviation Partners' designed Winglets are now flying on more than 6,100 individual jet airplanes, and more than 20 airplane types worldwide.More