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Jul. 3, 2014

Waterville Airport update from the Hangar Owner Group
We are a group of pilots who own hangars at the Waterville municipal airport. We have invested considerable money in aircraft hangars at the Waterville airport over the past 15 years.

The hangar owners have a relationship of tenant/landlord with the Waterville Airport Co-operative (WACL) and the Municipality of Kings (MoK).

The lease/management agreement between the WACL and the MoK does not expire until the fall of 2015 or early 2016, depending on the interpretation of the leases in question. On March 10 the county council voted to close the Waterville Airport effective Sept. 30, fully a year before the lease/management agreement between the two groups expires.

Our hangar owner group is in fundamental disagreement with the MoK and council over closing the airport prior to the expiration of its management agreement with WACL.More

New Calgary runway official open
CBC News via The Huffington Post
The newest, longest runway in Canada officially opened in Calgary. After three years of construction and a $620-million price tag, the new runway is being touted as an investment in the city's future — one that will let it handle more direct flights from destinations around the world. "Calgary making the investment in the runway they've got will ensure we will be players not just this year, [but] for the next 70, 80, 100 years," said Rick Erickson, an airline analyst. More

Photos and video: 'Maid in the Shade'
Edmonton Journal
The Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona flew its WWII Bomber B-25J "Maid in the Shade" into the Villeneuve Airport in Alberta, Canada. The aircraft is a flying museum that saw some action during WWII when it was stationed in Corsica.More

Chris Hadfield inspires at Vintage Wings of Canada youth summit
Sun News Network
Chris Hadfield had an important message for more than 300 young people gathered together. "Whether you try or not, you're going to grow up to be something — so why not choose?" asked Hadfield. The gathering was hosted by Vintage Wings of Canada, located just outside Ottawa at the Gatineau Executive Airport, at an event billed as a "once in a lifetime opportunity," called The Hadfield Youth Summit. The summit, headlined by Hadfield, also included the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds and the CF-18 Hornet. More

Pilots undeterred following crash Newfoundland and Labrador pond
CBC News
Two men who escaped a float plane accident on the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador say they were "surprised and shaken" by the incident — but will not be deterred from flying again. The crash happened in Garnish Pond, near Marystown. ​Derek Morris, 61, originally from Grand Bank, but now residing in Vernon, British Columbia, was learning some techniques from Frenchman's Cove resident David Sperry, 64. Both men are accredited pilots.More

Aviation innovation: Solar powered aeroplanes and silicone wings
The Guardian
When birds land, their wings adjust to the airstreams, allowing them to spend as little energy as possible. By contrast, aeroplanes use clunky landing flaps that help channel the air but also waste large amounts of energy. A research team, financed by the EU, has developed a new material that allows aeroplane wings to function more like birds' wings. More

Are fixed-wing aircraft the right fix for patient transport?
By Mark Huber
While there will always be a need for helicopter EMS, particularly in urban areas, the industry is increasingly looking at fixed-wing solutions as cost pressures mount. While hospital-based programs still use helicopters to corral market share, fixed-wing transport is becoming a more popular option, particularly with doctors and patients who want choices and with cost-cutting insurance companies. Fixed-wing air ambulances are, of course, not a new idea.More

Love of airplanes took Ontario man to new heights
The Kitchener Record
On the day of Mancel Waugh's funeral, emotions were already running high but when four vintage Harvard aircraft did a fly over for the man who had meant so much to so many, sobs were audible over the roar of the engines. Mancel had been a volunteer with the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association in Tillsonburg, Ontario, and on the day of his interment, as the pilots flew over Parkview Cemetery one of the planes backed off, shot a stream of white smoke from its tail and veered out of formation. More

New Calgary runway official open
CBC News via The Huffington Post
The newest, longest runway in Canada officially opened in Calgary. After three years of construction and a $620-million price tag, the new runway is being touted as an investment in the city's future — one that will...More

ForeFlight launches geo-referenced approach plates for Canada
NAV CANADA has recently taken steps to modernize the Canada Air Pilot and Restricted Canada Air Pilot publications. One of the six key areas of improvement is making all published...More

2nd Flying Mosquito takes to the sky
A second flying example of the World War II-era de Havilland Mosquito flew for the first time in 48 years as Reno race pilot Steve Hinton lifted off in the restored bomber from Victoria International Airport on Vancouver Island...More

Pilot uses stool to make improvised landing on aircraft carrier
A pilot made an incredible landing after his landing gear malfunctioned. The Marine Corps released video of the impressive feat, which happened on the deck of the USS Bataan. The pilot, Capt. William Mahoney, said the landing gear on his AV-8B Harrier malfunctioned, leaving him no choice but to improvise. A colleague in the tower suggested that Mahoney put the plane's nose down on the stool. The pilot couldn't see the stool as he descended, but made it work.More

Air BP debuts unleaded Avgas in conjunction with Goodwood Aerodrome
Aviation Pros
Leading international aviation fuel supplier, Air BP, in conjunction with Goodwood Aerodrome has announced it has successfully started trials supplying unleaded Avgas (91UL) for customers flying general aviation light aircraft into Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex, United Kingdom. The debut coincides with what will be a busy weekend of general aviation flying with the Goodwood Festival of Speed set to welcome some 1,200 movements. In its trial launch of its 91UL fuel grade, Air BP has emphasized the importance of the customer having a full infrastructure in place for acceptance of an additional grade of aviation fuel.More