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Aug. 21, 2014

Burlington Airpark (CZBA) announces no further legal appeals
By Kevin Psutka, COPA president and CEO
Earlier this year, COPA reported on a court decision against the airpark, giving the city control over certain development at the airpark, including the altering of the site to accommodate an expansion.
COPA financially supported — with our Freedom to Fly Fund — an appeal of the decision because of the potential for significant damage to the concept of federal jurisdiction. The appeal was heard on June 11. Unfortunately, the Court of Appeal upheld the lower court decision. More

The Flying Circus: It's a hit
By Garth Wallace
COPA eFlight presents another weekly excerpt from "The Flying Circus," a fun book by Canadian aviation humorist and former COPA publisher Garth Wallace. "The Flying Circus" is a fictional account of the madcap escapades of two instructors who start their own flying school armed with loads of enthusiasm, but little business sense and no money.More

Saint-Lazare airport CST3 is up for sale
According to authors By Michel Moreau and Leo Nikkinen: Again this year the traditional June fly-in breakfast organized by COPA chapter 43 at the St. Lazare airport, CST3, in Quebec was a great success. Sixty-five aircraft visited us and we served 875 breakfasts. We were almost victims of our own success; at times the waiting line was very long, and the sun was very strong! More

Submission deadline for safety award just around the corner
The David Charles Abramson Memorial (DCAM) Flight Instructor Safety Award nominations deadline is Sept. 14. Candidate must hold a minimum of a valid Class 3 Instructor Rating — aeroplane or helicopter. All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee and the successful applicant will be presented with the Award by Jane & Rikki Abramson at Air Transport Association of Canada's Annual General Meeting & Convention, held this year from Nov. 17-19 at The Westin Bayshore Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia. To learn more and to apply for the DCAM Flight Instructor Safety Award visit: More

Hey! Why's the horizon over there?
It's happened to every pilot at some time or another — suddenly the airplane isn't doing what the pilot intends. Causes vary — his or her attention is diverted while hand flying, or spatial disorientation does its insidious thing or maybe its an upset due to turbulence. The deviation from the desired attitude can range from "Aw, nuts, I let the wing drop a bit," to "Holy smoke! Which way is up?"More

Melanson touts plan to create aerospace industry in Ontario
Northern Life
If elected mayor, Dan Melanson says he would develop an aerospace manufacturing industry in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, using a tax-incentive strategy employed successfully in the last decade in Prince Edward Island. Speaking at the Lacroix Hanger at the Greater Sudbury Airport, Melanson said manufacturers such as Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Sikorsky, Bombardier and Airbus Industries are all "looking for new links in their supply chains."More

British Columbia air cadet is now licensed to fly
Courier Islander
Cadet Jake Schuszter of Campbell River, British Columbia, spent his summer at the Regional Gliding School — Pacific on the Air Cadet Private Pilot Scholarship Course. Schuszter, a member of 363 Brian Barker Squadron in Campbell River, is one of 36 Air Cadets from across British Columbia selected for the opportunity to get their private pilot license. He was trained on a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 152, to Transport Canada's Private Pilot license standards in just seven weeks. Minimum age for this scholarship course is 17.More

Diesel engines emerging as new technology for future of GA aircraft
Aviation Pros
With several major aircraft and engine manufacturers recently announcing the development of new diesel aircraft engines, the general aviation industry in the U.S. appears to be entering a new diesel evolution phase, said Allen Schaeffer, the executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum. In just the past month, aircraft and engine manufacturers like Cessna, Continental Motors, American Champion Aircraft, Lycoming and DeltaHawk Engines have announced new diesels for general aviation aircraft in the U.S., Schaeffer said. More

Smithsonian showcases 3-D Wright Flyer exhibit
A new 3-D display of the Wright Flyer, credited as the airplane that achieved the first powered flight in December 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, has been added to the downtown Washington, D.C., campus of the Smithsonian Institution. The Wright Flyer was scanned using a 3-D laser, which produces a highly detailed and accurate image of the object. From that scan, a company called API Services created the 3-D model.More

Algae-based biofuels a sustainable way to fly
The Age
Next time you fly, ask the unsuspecting attendant if they happen to know how much carbon dioxide the aircraft will emit during the journey. Chances are you will be greeted by a blank stare. Acutely aware of the...More

Float plane takeoff under Ottawa bridge prompts investigation
CBC News
A float plane pilot's flight under a bridge connecting Ottawa and Gatineau left concerned pilots and frightened boaters in its wake recently. Instructors at the Ottawa Flying Club said taking off under...More

COPA, AOPA advocate for workable GA border crossing system
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA vice president of operations
COPA reported in an April edition of eFlight that the Canada Border Services Agency's Interactive Advance Passenger Information (IAPI) is scheduled to be...More

Algae-based biofuels a sustainable way to fly
The Age
Next time you fly, ask the unsuspecting attendant if they happen to know how much carbon dioxide the aircraft will emit during the journey. Chances are you will be greeted by a blank stare. Acutely aware of the contribution that jet travel makes to the enhanced greenhouse effect, and hence the ravage of climate change, airlines the world over are searching for greener, more renewable sources of energy.More