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Aug. 27, 2015

Canadian airports launch 1st-ever Canadian Airports Safety Week
Today, the Region of Waterloo International Airport, along with 23 other airports across Canada, kick-off Canadian Airports Safety Week, a new airport-led initiative to promote healthy and safe work practices among airport employees. The first program of its kind for the Canadian aviation industry, Canadian Airports Safety Week — which runs from Aug. 24 to Aug. 30, 2015 — aims to reach thousands of airport employees across the country with themed safety talks each day, which were developed in collaboration by participating airports. More

Retired Oakville pilot receives aviation award
Inside Halton
Judy Cameron's career as an airplane pilot has been anything but ordinary. She persevered through a traditionally male-dominated profession, and was the first woman pilot at Air Canada in 1978 and then the first female captain to operate Canada's largest airplane, a Boeing 777, in 2010. For her exceptional career, the long-time Oakville resident is being recognized by the Northern Lights Award Foundation in October. More

CAR: Notice of Proposed Amendment on drones, UAVs, UAS and RPAS
Transport Canada has published a Notice of Proposed Amendment on Unmanned Air Vehicles in the CARAC Activity Reporting System as part of CARAC Activity #2015-012. In summary, the objective of the proposed regulations is to establish a more rigorous risk-based framework for the safe integration of Unmanned Air Vehicles weighing 25 kg or less in Canada's airspace for within visual-line-of-sight operations.

We seek your comments via email at by Aug. 28, 2015. In addition, we recognize that this Notice of Proposed Amendment could interest and have an impact on a larger community than our current CARAC membership therefore we would also appreciate if you could share the Notice of Proposed Amendment on Unmanned Air Vehicles with your respective networks. More

ELT 406 Notice of Proposed Amendment
Consultation period ends September 11, 2015

Transport Canada proposes to amend sections 605.38 and 605.40 and the related Standards to mandate the carriage of dual 121.5 MHz/406 MHz ELTs. These amendments would include a one year implementation period following the coming-into-force of the regulatory amendment for commercial aircraft operated pursuant to Part VII of the CARs and aircraft operated pursuant to Subpart 604 Private Operators and a five year implementation period following the coming-into-force of the regulatory amendment for private aircraft engaged in non-commercial, recreational operations. More

Alberta's cloud-seeding pilots see 2nd busiest year in 20 years
CBC News
Fighting hailstorms in Alberta is getting a whole lot busier, according to the people behind the Alberta Hail Suppression Project, which uses planes to fly into storms and seed clouds in order to lessen the damage caused by hail. The insurance industry pays $3 million a year to lessen the impact of hailstorms by seeding clouds where storms are brewing, with the hope that it will result in fewer and less expensive insurance claims for hail-related damage.More

Take Flight with COPA
Take part in COPA's national membership campaign starting April 1, 2015, and you could win a 5-day trip for two to Whitehorse in the Yukon. All you have to do is refer a new or renewing member and for every renewal your name will be entered into a draw for the grand prize. More

Video: Ontario police arrest man who shone laser at helicopter
Canadian police wasted no time apprehending a suspect who shone a bright laser at the Air2 police helicopter over Vaughn, Ontario, using their infrared camera from on high to direct officers to a 19-year-old man's location as he tried to evade arrest. The entire episode was captured on police video from the helicopter as a group of three young men in a neighborhood can be seen in the video running from approaching police.More

NPA on Aerodromes now at Canada Gazette 1 — Your last chance to review!
COPA's aerodrome committee and legal counsel are reviewing the implications of Gazette 1 as written and COPA will be issuing a formal reponse to Transport Canada which we will share with you.

Consultation period has been extended to the first week of September, 2015. If you wish to provide comments: More

Tightknit group of Alaska pilots soar safely around McKinley
Alaska Dispatch News
Aviation has been closely associated with Mount McKinley for decades, and the perils of flying there have been considered from the very beginning. When Joe Crosson made the first landing on the mountain in 1932, he intended to drop off his three climbing passengers at the 5,600-foot level and quickly depart. Things did not go as planned. After unloading their supplies and seeing Crosson taxi away, the climbers lost sight of the Fairchild 71 in the swirling wind and snow.More

The Bugatti racer finally takes flight
Air & Space Magazine
According to author Tony Reichhardt: We wrote last year about Scotty Wilson's quest to build himself a replica of a Bugatti 100p racer and fly it. Recently, the dream came true. It may not have been the prettiest landing, as Wilson reported on the project's Facebook page. Still, after more than six years of work, Wilson's mood was mostly exhilaration. "The relevant news is we successfully flew the Bugatti 100P for the first time," he wrote. "The plane flew beautifully."More

We Fly: Icon A5
According to author Pia Bergqvist: I'm generally biased in favor of anything that flies, but truth be told there have been a few light-sport aircraft that I haven't enjoyed flying. I felt that those airplanes were so light on the controls that it was rather unsettling. While the Icon A5 looks cool, I was prepared for the worst when I went to fly the two-seat amphibian. Boy, was I in for a surprise. To my eye, the A5 is one of the sexiest light airplanes to have hit the market in ages.More

Showtime for e-planes
Air & Space Magazine
On July 10, an airplane powered by electricity, the Airbus E-Fan, took off from Lydd, England, accompanied by a camera-equipped chase plane. It landed less than an hour later in Calais, France, to kick off a press conference where the company better known for its gas-burning airliners was prepared to claim that it had made the first battery-powered flight across the English Channel. But just 24 hours earlier, a competitor was preparing to beat Airbus.More