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Aug. 30, 2012

Second Rescue flight for Pilots N Paws Canada volunteer pilot Ron Haslam

Two diverse communities, rescue groups and general aviation pilots had found common purpose through the Canadian program Pilots N Paws Canada.More

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Traditional or trendy — where do you see the COPA Collection items? Right now COPA is reviewing the COPA collection, starting with the COPA caps. And, don't forget, FREE SHIPPING is now available for a limited time.More

NAV CANADA adopts ICAO flight plan changes

Flight Plan 2012 (FP2012) is an initiative of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to update the content requirements of the internationally-utilized flight plan, with a worldwide implementation date of November 15, 2012.More

Air show generates tourism boost
CBC News
The international air show held in Summerside, PEI, proved to be an economic boost for tourism operators as thousands of spectators descended on the city. Tourism Summerside estimates about half of the visitors to the the Atlantic Canada International Air Show were from out of province.More

FAA to study use of passenger electronics on flights
CTV News via The Associated Press
It's going to be a while before U.S. airline passengers can use iPads and other electronic devices during the whole flight. The Federal Aviation Administration has said that it is starting a process to study the issue, with a timeline that means it will take at least until March 2013 for a recommendation — and maybe longer for action.More

Plane modifications led to Reno air show crash that killed 11
Extensive modifications to a racing airplane — nearly all of them undocumented — led to mechanical failure that probably caused the deadly crash at a Reno air show last year, U.S. transportation officials ruled. The Galloping Ghost, a highly modified, World War II-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane, lost control while traveling at 445 knots (512 mph, 824 kph) and crashed into the stands on Sept. 16, killing the pilot and 10 spectators. Another 64 people were injured, 16 of them seriously.More

Bushplane Centre gains altitude
Sault Star
The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre continues to gain altitude on the radar screen of local aviation enthusiasts and among those looking for a unique place to hold their wedding, trade show or corporate event. The number of daily visits to the Sault Ste. Marie heritage centre has increased by 37 per cent this year as of the end of July, says executive director Mike Delfre. Delfre attributes the increase mainly to the centre's new Wildfires 3D Theatre that came online last fall.More

The sky is the limit for kids at the Alberta Aviation Museum
Global News
They say when you're planning for your future, the sky is the limit. For a group of kids at the Alberta Aviation Museum Saturday, that saying proved correct. The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, (COPA) held its annual 'Free Flight Day' at the museum. The idea is to encourage interest in the aviation industry by providing a chance for kids to interact with planes and pilots. Participants learned about the science and mechanics of flying, and kids over eight got to take a free flight. More

Paraplegic pilot flying from Florida to Surrey
Peace Arch News
Paraplegics in the Lower Mainland may soon get their wings, thanks to a couple innovative aviators from Surrey. On Tuesday, English paraplegic pilot, Ben Goodridge departed from Florida in a newly modified Icarus plane, destined to land at King George Aviation in Surrey.More

Abbotsford Airshow: 50 years and going strong
Canadian Skies
This year, the Abbotsford Airshow celebrated 50 years as Canada's largest airshow and revelled in three days of sunshine, light winds and clear skies. When the Abbotsford Flying Club decided to host its first airshow back in 1962, staff members researched weather patterns going back decades and found that the second weekend in August consistently had the best weather of the summer. More

'Living history' of aviation takes flight in Calgary
The Calgary Herald
"If we get hit by gunfire, one of you grab that gun, one of you grab the other...and remember, short bursts, short bursts." There are many enjoyable ways to celebrate the start of the weekend, getting an early start to Happy Hour or heading out to the mountains among the more common.More

Airbus and China make a push for alternative fuels
Airbus and one of the world's leading academic institutions, Tsinghua University have formed a partnership to complete a sustainability analysis of Chinese feedstocks, and to evaluate how best to support the development of a value chain to speed up the commercialisation of aviation bio-fuels. The value chain aims to produce and to promote the use of aviation bio-fuel in China, the world's fastest growing aviation market. More

Water bomber deserves place in history
An important piece of B.C. history will be flying south this autumn when the Philippine Mars water bomber, now retired from fighting forest fires, makes its final flight — to a Florida aviation museum. It's Florida's gain and Vancouver Island's loss. The aircraft is one of only seven of its type - and one of the two still in existence — built by the Glenn L. Martin Company for the U.S. Navy, which wanted the planes to transport troops and supplies across the Pacific during and immediately after the Second World War. With a wingspan of more than 60 metres, it is the largest operational flying boat ever built, according to Dirk Septer, writing in a Forest History Association of B.C. newsletter.More