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Sep. 3, 2015

Pilots to attempt International Flying Event, Guinness World Record
Dayton Ultralights
On Saturday, Oct. 10, the World Ultralight Fly-In (WUFI) will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the first worldwide ultralight and open air synchronized flying event of its kind. The event, put together by prominent Belgium and U.S. ultralight pilots is being orchestrated globally in conjunction with Dayton Ultralights and members of numerous Facebook groups and clubs around the world. The event is open to all pilots who fly basic machines classified as ultralight and/or open air.More

The Air Safety Institute wants you to keep stalls at bay
Early in flight training, we learned that an aircraft can stall at any airspeed and at any attitude. So in order to prevent loss of control of the aircraft due to a stall, we practice stall recognition and recovery, and are required to demonstrate that we can fly the aircraft at minimum controllable airspeed. While the airspeed indicator, stall warning horn, and tactical feedback from the airplane are helpful cues that the wing is close to reaching the critical angle of attack, wouldn't it be nice to have a precise way to gauge when you’re about to wander beyond the wing's lift capacity? More

Pilot unhurt, aircraft lands without gears at Ontario's Waterloo airport
Waterloo Region Record
A small Cessna plane made an unexpected landing at Region of Waterloo International Airport in Ontario after the pilot forgot to put down the plane's landing gear. The pilot was the only passenger and was unhurt when his plane had a bumpy landing. "The pilot thought it (retractable landing gear) was down, but it wasn't and he didn't realize it until he landed," said airport supervisor Sean Carroll. The plane experienced minor damage.More

ELT 406 Notice of Proposed Amendment
Consultation period ends September 11, 2015

Transport Canada proposes to amend sections 605.38 and 605.40 and the related Standards to mandate the carriage of dual 121.5 MHz/406 MHz ELTs. These amendments would include a one year implementation period following the coming-into-force of the regulatory amendment for commercial aircraft operated pursuant to Part VII of the CARs and aircraft operated pursuant to Subpart 604 Private Operators and a five year implementation period following the coming-into-force of the regulatory amendment for private aircraft engaged in non-commercial, recreational operations. More

Take Flight with COPA
Take part in COPA's national membership campaign starting April 1, 2015, and you could win a 5-day trip for two to Whitehorse in the Yukon. All you have to do is refer a new or renewing member and for every renewal your name will be entered into a draw for the grand prize. More

ORNGE holds open house to let people know they're here
Peterborough Examiner
Members of the public had the opportunity to learn more about Ontario's ORNGE Peterborough Base, both what they do in the air and on land Saturday. About 100 people were invited to attend a public open house at both the landing pad at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre and the base on Weller St. Tours of the Crestline land ambulance and the AW139 air ambulance were scheduled and ORNGE paramedic team members talked with the public about the service and the equipment they use in the community to transport patients in need.More

A flightseeing adventure into Alaska's Glacier Bay
Belleville News
According to author John M. Smith: In a recent travel piece, I wrote about our recent cruise and land tour to Alaska and the Yukon. I mentioned that we left the cruise portion of our Holland America excursion at Skagway, Alaska, where we began the land portion of our adventure. Well, this meant that we'd actually miss the ship's cruise into Glacier Bay, and I certainly wanted to see this fascinating area. More

'Once in a lifetime' trip makes stop in Farmington
Farmington Press
The Farmington Regional Airport was base earlier for an aircraft once used by the Polish Armed Forces earlier. Recently, the Antonov An-2 aircraft landed with a crew of three and a videographer with DMAX — the Discovery Channel in Germany. Pilots Michael Manousakis of Cologne, Germany and Tony Eyre of Cross Junction, Virginia, as well as mechanic Fabian Schoebel and Sina Meyer with DMAX are making the trip in the aircraft.More

An aerobatics pilot spins (and rolls, and loops) a career from a crash
Patty Wagstaff performs incredible maneuvers in her small aerobatic airplane: rolls, loops and spins. She'll fly straight up, put the engine in idle, free-fall down, fire the engine back up and roar past crowds at air shows across the country. But that's not the scariest part of her routine. "Every air show pilot will tell you the most dangerous part of their job is getting to and from the show," Wagstaff says. Aerobatic stunt planes aren't equipped with the instruments that allow pilots to navigate through clouds. When it gets soupy up there, Wagstaff says, she gets nervous.More

Unusual attitudes: When 'signed off' doesn't mean 'safe'
According to author Martha Lunken: The service was at a Presbyterian church in a small town east of Cincinnati, Ohio — about a 30-minute flight in the Cessna 180. I had planned to fly there and commandeer the airport's retired police car, but my airplane wouldn't start. When I jumped in and "cranked," it wouldn't fire — odd, because it was fresh out of an annual and always lights right off. So I drove across the ramp, asked the guys at a shop to check it out, and got on the road for the two-hour drive to Hillsboro.More