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Sep. 4, 2014

Continuing dialogue on Pickering lands encouraged
As a follow-up to last week's press release in eFlight "Airport on Pickering lands needed now" the follow-on communication with the Minister's Chief of Staff Nicolas Pappalardo was made on Aug. 28, to encourage continuing dialogue with the Ministry of Transportation and proceeding with an airport sooner than later on the Pickering lands. The communication also includes COPA's 2011 review of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority "Needs Assessment Study — Pickering Lands" for a better understanding of the implications for General Aviation in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario.More

Addressing the media's unreasonable fear of flying
By Ryan Clark
USA Today recently ran a three-part series of articles that delved into the issue of general aviation safety. The author, Thomas Frank, claimed that general aviation is inherently dangerous and unsafe. Shortly thereafter, the general aviation community responded in fury, denouncing the article as sensationalism at best, and all-out fiction at worst. In the end, the incident only served to prove how the aviation community — whether pilot, manufacturer or mechanic — needs to unify and address the media's long-standing and unnecessary aviation phobia.More

Whatever blows your hair back
Jerry Wilcox eased the throttle forward on the 1900 horsepower, 14-cylinder Grumman aircraft engine during the recent 43rd Stanley Fly-In in Hants County, Nova Scotia. The powerful roar of the radial engine obviously delighted spectators and airplane owners gathered around at a safe distance. Mounted on a specially designed trailer, this was only the fourth time Wilcox has run the big engine for the public.More

World Assembly update — My bags are packed
As our host for the upcoming 27th IAOPA World Assembly puts the finishing touches on what is sure to be a historic meeting, IAOPA headquarters has been distributing to affiliates several important documents including the most recent and up to date IAOPA Policy Manual. As stated in the forward to the manual, the diversity of interests existing within IAOPA affiliates combined with the wide range of issues confronting those organizations makes it imperative that a method of forming and maintaining policies be adhered to.More

Air Canada CEO warns Ontario fuel tax hike will undo plan to turn Toronto into global aviation hub
Financial Post
Air Canada has a vision of turning Toronto's Pearson International Airport into a global aviation hub to rival Chicago's O'Hare — but the airline's CEO says that it could all be undone by the Ontario Liberal government's determination to dramatically increase jet fuel taxes and drive away air traffic. "That policy is a really bad idea," Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu said in an interview in the airline's Toronto office.More

British Columbia air cadet earns his pilot's licence
Terrace Standard
A Terrace, British Columbia, teen just got his wings and is free to fly. Flight Sgt. Johnathan Haynes, 18, of the 747 Unicorn Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron here in Terrace received his private pilot's licence after seven weeks at the Regional Gliding School (Pacific) in the Air Cadet Private Pilot Scholarship Course at 19 Wing Comox this summer. Haynes was one of 36 air cadets from across the province selected for the program. More

Team aims to fly 300 mph on batteries
Electroflight, a team of British glider builders, recently announced it has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to build a single-seat airplane that will set a new speed record for electric aircraft of 300 mph. Team Electroflight has built a mock-up of its design, and said it will be powered by a "unique contra-rotating electric propulsion system." Williams is affiliated with the Williams Martini Formula One car-racing team, which is developing technology to compete in a new fully electric car-racing series, called Formula E, that is set to debut this month.More

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a paramotor
Sun News
A London, Ontario, man is is setting up southwestern Ontario's first school to teach paragliding and paramotoring. Darek Magusiak, 39, says paramotoring — flying around with a sail and an engine-driven propeller strapped to your back — is the closest you'll ever come to the true freedom of flight. The sport is much safer than it looks and provides some great thrills, Magusiak said. More

Podcast: Bird strike
Aviation Week
According to author Rupa Haria: Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and the "Miracle on the Hudson" raised world-wide awareness through the general media of the threat that birds pose to aircraft. But as we know in this industry, bird strikes happen every day, all too often causing damage to aircraft, and in the rare case, loss of life. But the industry is doing something about it, despite the many challenges it faces — there's no denying that some of these airports were just built in the wrong place. More

Meet the woman who flies stunt planes for a living
Cambridge News
Lauren Richardson had a good commute to work. There was no traffic to contend with and the weather, puffy white clouds and a big blue sky, offered good conditions for a swift half-hour journey. Her feet hardly touched the ground. In fact her feet were a few thousand feet above the ground, tucked into the cockpit of the Pitts Special S1-S she flew to work. Yes, flew.More

Addressing the media's unreasonable fear of flying
By Ryan Clark
USA Today recently ran a three-part series of articles that delved into the issue of general aviation safety. The author, Thomas Frank, claimed that general aviation is inherently dangerous and unsafe...More

Hey! Why's the horizon over there?
It's happened to every pilot at some time or another — suddenly the airplane isn't doing what the pilot intends. Causes vary — his or her attention is diverted while hand flying, or spatial disorientation does its...More

Airport on Pickering lands needed now
A meeting on Thursday, Aug. 21, in Toronto with the Minister of Transport where discussions on the Pickering lands revealed an airport will eventually be built on the lands sometime in the future left many in the aviation...More

Video: Armchair flying — Denali by Sonex
Since it's a holiday here in the U.S., here's a video with no news in it at all, but just some beauty shots of flying above the mountains of Alaska, mostly above Denali National Park and the Yukon, in a Sonex. Pilot Aaron Knight posted this online a few days ago, and says it came from "14.5 hours of HD handheld and wingcam video condensed down to 5.5 minutes of Epic Insanity and a perfect film score."More