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Sep. 12, 2013

TSB has launched an investigation into the crash of a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is launching an investigation into the crash of a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) helicopter. The CCG helicopter, operated by Transport Canada, departed from the CCG vessel Amundsen and crashed in the McClure Strait, off the coast of Banks Island, Northwest Territories.More

Eurocopter Canada delivers EC135 to Finnair Helicopters Limited
Eurocopter Canada has delivered a new EC135 to Finnair Helicopters Limited. Finnair Helicopters' EC135 will be based in Naramata, British Columbia. The EC135 will be supporting a variety of hydro missions across the province including: line inspection, vegetation surveys, construction/repair and environmental patrol. "The helicopter industry is continually evolving and the selection of the EC135 allows us to be ahead of the curve in terms of safety and performance," said Wayne Finn, president and chief pilot, Finnair Helicopters Ltd.More

Don't demonize the machine
By Mark Huber
In late August, another Eurocopter Super Puma crashed into the North Sea near the United Kingdom. Four of those aboard died. Over the last several years, a handful of ditchings/crashes of this model have been tied to flaws in the design of its main rotor gearbox lubrication system and a batch of replacement main rotor shafts. The latest incident has resulted in a new Facebook page entitled "Destroy the Super Pumas," which gained 32,000 "likes" in three days. All this raises the question: When several helicopters of the same make/model crash, is it always right to blame the machine? More

Royal Air Force veteran receives Legion's highest award
Journal Pioneer
Alan Curtis is passionate about his service with the Royal Canadian Legion. "I just believe in the principle of promoting remembrance, but, especially of looking after the veterans," the Alberton resident reflected. Curtis joined the Royal Canadian Legion with Iroquois Falls Branch 70 in Ontario in 1977 and transferred to the St. Anthony’s Branch 27 in Bloomfield five years later. More

Air cadet lands glider on top of building in British Columbia
Lethbridge Herald
An air cadet from British Columbia has been transported to hospital with minor injuries after his glider crashed into the roof of a convenience store in the Fraser Valley city of Langley, British Columbia. The incident occurred just about 50 kilometres east of Vancouver, in a residential neighbourhood and near an intersection surrounded by power lines. Bob Scott, deputy fire chief of Langley City Fire-Rescue, said the building’s flat roof covered an area just 18 metres by 7.5 metres in size.More

Applications open for Cathay Pacific 'I Can Fly' Toronto 2013 program
Cathay Pacific is welcoming applications for the 3rd iteration of the successful "I Can Fly" Toronto program inviting young Canadians with a true passion for aviation on a unique educational adventure. Interested Grade 11 or Grade 12 high school students may apply online at The "I Can Fly" Toronto 2013 program will give high school students a comprehensive and "behind-the-scenes" look at the aviation industry. More

Aviation Leadership Foundation launches mentorship program
Canadian Transportation & Logistics
The Aviation Leadership Foundation in collaboration with the BC Aviation Council, will launch its Mentorship Program. This six-month program is dedicated to providing opportunities for participants to learn, network, build leadership skills, attend events and connect with others in the Aviation community, said the association. The program will connect triads of aviation professionals at different stages of their journey. A triad will bring together three individuals (a Community Leader, an Emerging Leader and a Youth Leader) who have demonstrated leadership or leadership potential in their organizations or communities. More

Retired Canadian Forces Snowbirds commander to be honoured
Ottawa Citizen
Recently retired Commander of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Lt.-Col Maryse Carmichael, will be one of six women honoured at the fifth annual Northern Lights Award Foundation Gala in Toronto. The Northern Lights Award Foundation (NLAF) is a not-for profit organization that was established in 2009 to celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in aviation and aerospace in Canada.More

Enhancing pilot situational awareness for increased safety
Avionics Intelligence
International Helicopter Safety Team professionals in the U.S., Canada, and Europe analyzed more than 800 helicopter accidents and issued four intervention recommendations: implement safety management systems; improve training (including simulator/flight training device utilization, and aeronautical decision-making); improve maintenance practices; and leverage new technologies though new systems and equipment. Avionics technology plays a major role throughout these safety recommendations. More

Bombardier sells Flexjet business jet service
Canadian Press via Edmonton Journal
Bombardier is exiting the fractional business aircraft ownership service after 18 years with the planned sale of Flexjet to a U.S. private equity firm for $185 million. "The sale of Flexjet's activities is a unique business opportunity that will allow Bombardier to focus on its core business areas," said Bombardier CEO Pierre Beaudoin in a statement. More

New president and CEO of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association named
International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association
Mark R. Baker, a longtime general aviation pilot, has been named president and chief executive officer of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the world's largest aviation association. Baker is only the fifth AOPA president.More

Trip of a lifetime, Alberta style
Wetaskiwin Times
According to John and Fay Boersma: Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to visit your community of Wetaskiwin, Alberta. This trip came about as a result of a wish that my husband had to fly in an open cockpit biplane. This was granted on his 65th birthday...More

Sea plane flight is medicine for modern air travel
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Capt. Grant Tamminga, 42, a sea plane pilot for Vancouver's Harbour Air, probably does not make the kind of money other airline captains make, nor does he stride through the airport on his way to work while travelers sneak surreptitious looks, imagining his glamorous life.More

Aerial traffic enforcement program getting its 3rd wind
Mountain View Gazette
The Mounties' Aircraft Traffic Enforcement Program will continue until the "snow flies" and will "absolutely" return, said the officer in charge of the RCMP's K Division traffic services. Although Superintendent Howard Eaton could not provide any statistics on how many tickets or charges were handed out to speeders on the province's highways through the program, he said having an aircraft in the air, or even the possibility of an aircraft overhead, searching for speeding vehicles helps makes Alberta's roads safer.More

Historic flight
The Georgian
Little did Brianna Ricketts know how big of a difference the 537 Gander Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron would have on her life when she joined in September 2012. The 14-year-old, who lives in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, with her parents, Brian and Ginette, decided to join 537 after being convinced by her father, who was also a member of the air cadets when he was younger.More