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Sep. 20, 2012

Canada Air Pilot New Format Orientation and Operational Update workshops

At the request of Nav Canada, as a service to the aviation industry, the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace has developed a two hour workshop focusing on changes to air navigation procedures. This workshop is vital to any stakeholder using the air navigation system in Canada.

This Workshop is designed for:
• Individuals providing instrument training to student pilot
• Individuals currently exercising instrument rating privileges
• Organizations operating aircraft in instrument conditions


Light bulb went on for local pilot

NavStrobe Lighting is pleased to announce the development of a very low cost solution to improve aircraft safety. Chris Winter has developed a combination navigation light and strobe light in one simple replacement bulb.More

Electronic charts and CFS in Canada

We have been getting several inquiries from members who want to know when Nav Canada will be providing pilots with electronic VFR charts in Canada.

COPA President and CEO Kevin Psutka is the primary contact for COPA with Nav Canada and he is a member of the Nav Canada Advisory Committee that provides feedback directly to the Nav Canada Board of Directors. Psutka has emphasized this issue for many years and some progress is being made.More

Flying high
The Wellington Times
Meghan Watts stood silently and rigidly alongside her fellow cadets in front of one of two gliders displayed before the new glider training facility at Canadian Forces Detachment Mountain View — sturdily waiting for the speeches to end and the last photograph to be snapped. She didn’t flinch when she learned the former beauty queen standing opposite had once been an air cadet too, rising to become a squadron leader and pilot. More

Local club reaching new heights
The Vernon Morning Star
The Vernon Flying Club is more than just people flying airplanes. It's one of the oldest, most successful such clubs in the province. Since its inception in 1946 with 39 members, the Vernon Flying Club, now grown to more than 100 members, is one of the most thriving associations in B.C.More

Best plane, best price
Ottawa Citizen
The recent mention of the Avro Arrow as a replacement for Canada's CF-18s reaffirms the need for an open, fair and transparent competition. Each of the possible contenders has its supporters and detractors. The Avro Arrow has obvious hurdles to overcome in terms of timeliness and cost. As the F-35 has shown, developing an aircraft from scratch takes a great deal of time and is fraught with risks and delays. Can the Avro Arrow be developed, tested and operational by 2020-2022, in time to replace our CF-18s?More

European aerospace giants mull huge merger
CBC News
British firm BAE Systems and Netherlands-based EADS announced they were in merger talks late Wednesday, a move that would create the largest aerospace and defence contracting firm in the world. EADS, the acronym for the European Aeronautic Space & Defence Co., is best known for producing Airbus commercial jets. With operations across Europe, EADS is valued at roughly $20 billion. London-based BAE builds airplanes and ships, and provides components for F-35 jets and other armaments to the U.S. military and other nations. More

Sept. 17, 1930: Edmonton cheers its first air show
The Edmonton Journal
Flying Club instructor Maurice (Moss) Burbidge thrilled spectators at Edmonton's first air show. Jumping into a Moth biplane, he roared across Blatchford Field as the crowd cheered below. "Oh, just loosening up, nothing really worthwhile, you know," the ace of the Edmonton Aero Club explained when he brought his aircraft down after its dizzy gyrations. More

Coast guard helicopter targeted by laser
The Windsor Star
A coast guard helicopter crew is lucky to have escaped danger after someone flashed a laser at them from a house on the shore of Lake Erie southeast of Windsor. "Probably most people don't realize that it's one, illegal and two, it actually has the potential to harm the crew," said Jason Neiman, a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and one of the pilots of the helicopter. "They probably just think it's fun to target aircraft flying."More

Sanford's air show hits new heights
The Weekly Observer
Each year, the Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport plays host to an annual Air Meet, presented by Ray and Robin's Hobby Center of Falmouth, where pilots of remote-controlled aircraft get to have fun and show off their skills, but this year's event, was a little different. More

New passports to feature electronic chips
The Victoria Times Colonist
Starting next spring, your Canadian passport will be valid for up to 10 years, but it will also feature a new electronic chip on which vast amounts of data can be stored. Not that it will, insists Passport Canada. But it could — including personal commercial information like cars you've rented, hotel reservations made or your frequent flyer programs. More

Deer Lake not the only airport doing well
The Western Star
The Deer Lake Regional Airport is not alone in its recent success. Facilities in Gander and St. John's are also experiencing increased passenger numbers which airport representatives say is a sign the provincial economy is doing well. Recently, Deer Lake airport reported a total of almost 106,500 passengers in the months of July and August. The facility set a record for the month of August for passenger traffic and its year-to-date total was up a reported 7.6 per cent over the same time period last year.More

Ornge selling Oshawa hangar
The Oshawa Express
Ornge's plan for a base in Oshawa is being scrapped and sold for parts. James MacDonald, a media relations officer for the transport medicine agency, confirmed Ornge is selling the hangar it purchased at Oshawa Municipal Airport. Ornge's board of directors made the decision after a period of review.More

Council supports 2013 air show
Airdie Echo
Planning for the 2013 Airdrie Regional Air Show is officially underway, after city council approved the organizing committee's request for gift in kind support. Council committed to providing $64,721 in kind support for the 2013 event, in the form of transit buses, road barricades and signage, fire department, RCMP and municipal enforcement support, among other items. More

NRC to fly world's first civil aircraft powered by 100 per cent biojet fuel
Business and government leaders are gathering with experts at the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) biofuel flight test facility to showcase NRC's Falcon 20 twin engine jet. This is the world's first civil aircraft to fly on 100 per cent biojet fuel. More