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Oct. 4, 2012

Bushcaddy moves to Cornwall

Bushcaddy International, manufacturer of the Bushcaddy line of aircraft and aircraft kits, has negotiated a final arrangement with Cornwall Regional airport in Ontario, on the U.S. border, to move their entire production to the airport with the move commencing on Oct. 1, 2012. Bushcaddy expects to be back to normal operations by Oct. 8, in their new location on the main apron at Cornwall airport.More

iPad Winner Announcement!

The Personal Insurance Company recently conducted a survey regarding the familiarity of The Personal's brand to members of COPA. Those members who participated in this survey were entered into a draw for their chance to win an iPad.More

Airport's first public open house a success
Windsor Star
Blue skies and mild fall temperatures made for the perfect day for the Windsor International Airport to host its first public open house. Hundreds of people attended. CEO Federica Nazzani said she hopes to see it become an annual event. "There's so much interest in the airport and there’s so much that we have to offer. It's not just the business of the airport, but it's also the flight training, it's the museum, it's aircraft restoration and it's what we do for veterans," said Nazzani. "So this gives us an opportunity to showcase what we have."More

Is a cellphone a low-level flight risk?
The Globe and Mail
Why, asks Eric Morris of Montreal, are you not allowed to use electronic devices when a plane is taking off or landing, but you are allowed to use them when the aircraft is at cruising altitude?More

Civilian pilots help the RCMP
The Leader-Post
The RCMP's civilian member pilots go above and beyond to assist officers on the ground in high-stakes operations. Depending on the day, or night, the aircraft they fly could be deploying emergency response teams, transporting prisoners, assisting with border patrols or doing surveillance.More

The AVRO Arrow celebrating Canadian aerospace achievement
Fifty-five years ago, on Oct. 4, AVRO Canada rolled out the most advanced fighter of the generation. The brilliant white aircraft (Arrow #201) launched Canadian to the top of the aerospace world with its advanced technology, materials use and the promise of a generational leap in aircraft performance. Less than two years later the dream was killed in the cancellation of the program, Feb. 20, 1959, and all the aircraft destroyed in what can only be labelled an unusual step.More

Skydiver aims for supersonic record plunge over U.S.
Hamilton Spectator
The countdown is on for skydiver Felix Baumgartner. Soon, the Austrian parachutist will attempt to go supersonic when he jumps from a record altitude of 23 miles (37 kilometres) over the U.S.. Baumgartner expects to reach a top speed of 690 mph (1,110 kph) and break the sound barrier with only his body.More

Aviation authorities say changes eliminate risk of midair collisions
The Vancouver Sun
New air traffic control procedures have been put in place at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to try to eliminate the risk of midair collisions over a pair of runways, after two near misses last year raised serious concerns, federal officials have said. The planes involved in the incidents, which occurred three months apart in 2011, came within a few hundred feet of each other, according to a preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Board. No one was hurt, but the crew of one of the planes had to delay their takeoff and stay low to avoid a collision even though they were rapidly approaching the end of the runway.More

Canada might train F-35 pilots
The Province
Defence planners are examining a proposition that would see Canada run an advanced multinational training course for the F-35 if the contentious stealth fighter program gets the go-ahead from the Harper government, industry sources say. Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake, a sprawling, isolated air-force facility in northern Alberta, would serve as a training school for pilots already qualified on the aircraft to learn to use the plane's weapons systems. More

Trail-blazing judge spent a lifetime flying high
The Edmonton Journal
The Second World War era airplane propeller and the stuffed trophy fish that hung on the wall of Justice Samuel Lieberman's Edmonton courthouse office spoke to a lifetime of experiences outside of his distinguished judicial career. Mixed with an assortment of photographs that captured his adventures, as well as moments with his family, the collection offered visitors a glimpse into his interesting life.More

Possible flights to Edson in the future
The Hinton Parklander
Regional municipalities are working through plans that could lead to regular passenger airline service to Edson. The towns of Hinton, Edson and Jasper as well as Yellowhead County and Tourism Jasper began a feasibility study on the west Yellowhead region's ability to support regular airline stops at the Edson Airport. The consulting firm InterVISTA has been contracted by the partners to put together a business case for airlines looking to expand services into the region. The study would show the strength of industry in the area as well as the volume of travellers that come through the highway corridor.More

Culture Days: Female pilot Kucki Low broke the gender barrier
North Shore News
If you arrived for your scheduled flight and saw that your pilot was female, would you: A) Assume if the company had hired her she was as qualified as a male pilot, B) Be wary and prefer a male pilot or C) Refuse to fly. "Can you imagine that today?" says Deep Cove author Kucki Low with a laugh as she recounts the story of how she was hired as the first female commercial airline pilot in South Africa. More

African aide airplane makes stop in Wetaskiwin
The Wetaskiwin Times
It still had a ways to go before it reached its final destination, but the brand new Quest Aviation Kodiak, will be a welcome sight when it finally reaches its new home in Africa. The plane, flown by Mercy Air, and its crew, made a pit stop in Wetaskiwin while touring across Canada before flying off to its home in Mozambique, Africa, next month. The plane will be used by SAM Ministries as part of its humanitarian aid in the impoverished African nation.More