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Oct. 10, 2013

Chris Hadfield to teach aviation at University of Waterloo
The Huffington Post
The former Canadian astronaut who gained a global audience with his musical performances in space will be taking on a new job as professor of aviation at an Ontario university. The University of Waterloo says Chris Hadfield's first task on campus will be assisting research into why some astronauts get fainting spells when they return to Earth — knowledge it says will also be useful for elderly people prone to falling.More

IAOPA tours World Assembly venues
IAOPA Secretary General Craig Spence and Senior Vice President Martin Robinson were hosted by representatives from AOPA-China on a three-city tour to identify possible locations and hotels to be considered for the upcoming 2014 IAOPA World Assembly. The World Assembly is planned for September 2014, and we are expecting to be able to announce the specific dates once a hotel contract has been signed by the host country.More

China's Meijing Group buys Mooney Aviation
By Adam Hunt
 The Mooney Aviation Company recently announced that it had been purchased by the Meijing Group of China for an undisclosed sum. The fact that Mooney had been looking for investors for a number of years is no surprise. The company had been struggling before the Great Recession, and then when it hit, Mooney was left with a fair inventory of unsold aircraft. The company ceased production Nov. 5, 2008, and laid off most of its workforce. The building of new Mooneys at the Kerrville, Texas, plant has not resumed since.  More — Progress Report after 4 months live
Canada's single source Web portal for all things related to flying safely has now been live for four months and is taking flight! Since launching on May 1, we already have 528 registered users for the portal. While registration is not mandatory, it does allow online access to some features and also includes updates on new materials. In total since launching, we had just over 6,000 visits to the Web portal, of which 3,052 were unique visitors. This has resulted in 27,172 pages views or an average of 4.3 pages per visitor. These numbers illustrate the need and interest from Canada's aviation community for flight safety material and self-improvement.More

Fly like a fighter: Lost wingman vertigo
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
According to author Larry Brown: Flying in close formation through the weather, there was always the possibility that the wingman would lose sight of the leader. With wingtips only 3 feet apart, we were trained to turn away and immediately transition to looking inside at our own instruments. I was going through T-38 instructor training and was flying a formation training sortie. I was the lead for the first half and so I got a good hack on the weather all the way to the area. The ceiling was around 800 feet with solid clouds up to around 15,000 feet. With the wingman in close formation all the way up, it would be my turn on the wing all the way down.More

British Columbia pilot stayed 'surprisingly' calm through crash-landing
CTV News
An Abbotsford, British Columbia, pilot who crash-landed his plane says he was "surprisingly calm" throughout the terrifying ordeal. Ryan Curr had to make an emergency landing in his Piper aircraft after his landing gear refused to deploy. Curr, the seasoned pilot of 10 years, spent the better part of an hour trying to fix the issue — with no luck.More

Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill
Reuters via Ottawa Sun
A passenger with almost no flying experience landed a light aircraft after being talked down by an instructor on the ground when the pilot fell ill at the controls in mid-air, a British airport said. The two men, who had been enjoying a day's flying, were in a four-seater Cessna 172 when the pilot, who later died, became unwell as they headed back to the small Sandtoft airfield near Doncaster in northeast England.More

Ontario veteran presented Bomber Command Bar in Ottawa
Wasaga Sun via Simcoe
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, resident Fraser Muir was among veterans presented Bomber Command Bars by Minister of Veterans Affairs Julian Fantino, at a ceremony marking the 73rd anniversary of the Battle of Britain, held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. "The important aspect of this event is it finally happened and the current government made it happen," said Muir of the recognition thought to be long overdue.More

Alberta Aviation museum looking for answers as airport closure looms
With just weeks to go before the closure of the Edmonton City Centre Airport, the Alberta Aviation Museum is deeply concerned about its future. The museum is in the process of a massive reorganization, but Executive Director Tom Hinderks said it's going to be hard to meet the deadline.More

AgustaWestland delivers 10th aircraft to Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland via
AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, announced that it has delivered the 10th aircraft in support of Life Flight Network's air medical transport missions. The aircraft is also the 150th AW119 from the Philadelphia assembly line. "As we mark the occasion of the 150th AW119 built by AgustaWestland, I want to take the time to thank the dedicated production team who has contributed to the aircraft's success both in the U.S. and internationally," said Bill Hunt, CEO of AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corporation.More

ORNGE tests new lighting at Sudbury helipad
CBC News
As part of the process to eventually resume night landings in remote areas, Ontario's air ambulance service is testing new lighting at a helipad in Capreol, located north of Sudbury. The CEO for ORNGE won't say...More

Chris Hadfield rocks Ontario
Owen Sound Sun Times
Canadian astronaut sensation Chris Hadfield walked onto the OSCVI stage as a band played and children sang David Bowie's "Space Oddity." The packed house erupted into applause. Retired Col. Hadfield was in space when he recorded...More

Stop order won't halt airport developer
Spruce Grove Examiner
Parkland County in Alberta has issued a stop order on construction of a runway after the Parkland Airport Development Corporation acquired a section of land for the purpose of building an airport. Although airport...More

Boeing announces 3rd round of funding for aircraft maintenance program
Ongoing contributions from Boeing have facilitated a state-of-the-art training centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, according to Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies president Reil Bellegarde. Boeing announced another $750,000 in funding for the Saskatchewan Aviation Learning Centre.More

14-year-old pilot flies Cormorant
Brianna Ricketts of Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, took command of a CH-149 Cormorant Helicopter, which sounds pretty impressive for any individual. However because Ricketts is only 14 years old, it's even more of an accomplishment. She is a member of the local 537 Gander Royal Air Cadets. She got her student private pilots licence at Gander Flight Training, and became the youngest female in the province to fly solo.More

90-year-old pilot who flew in World War II returns to the skies
Daily Mail
For most remaining World War II pilots, taking to the skies in a 1940s plane is a distant memory — one that is unlikely to ever be repeated. But, having not sat at the controls for more than seventy years, one 90-year-old pilot is now regularly flying a Tiger Moth biplane — and is even doing aerobatic moves in the skies. Flight Lieutenant Fred Lamprey of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve has been flying in planes almost identical to the one he learnt to fly in when he was called up in 1942.More