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Nov. 28, 2013

New option for air travel
Comox Valley Record
Comox Valley, British Columbia, residents have a new option for air travel, one that Harbour Air Group says is fast, convenient and affordable. Harbour Air Group's newest service, Tantalus Air, offers private charters out of Comox Valley Airport. "It's a great option for people in the Comox Valley," says Meredith Moll, vice president of sales and marketing for Harbour Air.More

The Flying Circus: Mr. Miserable
By Garth Wallace
COPA eFlight presents another weekly excerpt from "The Flying Circus," a fun book by Canadian aviation humorist and former COPA publisher Garth Wallace. "The Flying Circus" is a fictional account of the madcap escapades of two instructors who start their own flying school armed with loads of enthusiasm, but little business sense and no money.More

Major changes coming to instrument approach publications
If you fly IFR or use Nav Canada's Airport Diagrams to avoid runway incursions, you should take the time to prepare to changes that will occur starting in February 2014 to the way information is depicted. More

FLYHT welcomes the Dragon to family of products
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. is pleased to introduce the Dragon as an exciting new member of the FLYHT family of products. The Dragon is a revolutionary, lightweight, portable satellite communications device that blends existing FLYHT technology with that of the iPad. FLYHT developed the new product to meet a growing demand from small aircraft, business jet and helicopter operators for a satellite communications solution similar to AFIRS.More

New museum to land at Alberta airport
St. Albert Gazette
Aviation history will touch down at the Villeneuve Airport in Calahoo, Alberta, as a new $10 million museum comes to town. The Alberta Aviation Museum Association announced that it would build a new air museum on a five-hectare site at the Villeneuve Airport. The $10 million Alberta Flying Heritage Museum will feature working airplanes and delve into the history of aviation in northern Alberta. More

Eurocopter Canada hopes to replace Canada's aging Sea Kings helicopters
The Montreal Gazette
"The worst procurement in the history of Canada," former defence minister Peter MacKay called it last year. And then some. First launched 21 years ago, the disastrous process to replace Canada's aging — and dangerous — fleet of Sea Kings maritime helicopters has become a bad joke in Canadian aviation circles. The 28-chopper deal was awarded, cancelled — at the cost to taxpayers of $500 million — re-awarded, and may now be cancelled again — and then re-awarded. More

Life lessons from astronaut Chris Hadfield
Calgary Herald
It may rank as one of the biggest understatements of all time. But Chris Hadfield has boiled down the reasoning for writing his book, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, to succinct, sound-bite size. "Strange things happen when you're an astronaut," says the 54-year-old with a laugh, when asked why he wanted to write the book. More

1st flight for 2-seat electric rotorcraft
The two-seat e-volo Volocopter rotorcraft flew for the first time inside an arena in Karlsruhe, Germany, the company announced. The aircraft flew multiple times, with several flights almost reaching the 70-foot-high ceiling of the arena. The takeoffs and landings were smooth, the company said, and flight was vibration-free. More

Textron buying 2 flight simulator companies
The Motley Fool
Textron — the company behind Cessna airplanes and Bell helicopters — is flying deeper into the aircraft pilot training market. Textron announced that is has agreed to buy two flight simulation and aircraft training product companies — Mechtronix of Montreal, Quebec, and OPINICUS Corporation, located in Lutz, Fla. Textron plans to integrate both companies into its existing training and simulation offerings, and to upgrade the division into a new $100 million-a-year business to be called "Textron Simulation & Training Systems." More

FAA tightens regulation of foreign pilot training after crashes
East County Magazine
An investigative report adds fuel to concerns raised by East County, Calif., residents over the safety of foreign pilot training at Gillespie Field. The NBC investigation, titled "Foreign Airline Pilots, U.S. Flight Schools: Do they get enough training time in cockpit?” has prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to announce tighter regulations of training of foreign pilots at American flight schools.More

TSB investigation finds lack of flight control lock and winds led to Beechcraft's stuck elevator control
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released its investigation report into the Dec. 10, 2011, aborted take-off...More

Piper and Cessna headed different directions on piston, prop aircraft
Wichita Business Journal
For the year, Piper Aircraft Co. said in a news release that it has seen deliveries increase 9 percent — from 116 to 127 — when compared with the first nine months of 2012. More

Snowbirds to keep flying, future training being studied
Regina Leader-Post
The air force plans to keep the Snowbirds' Tutor jets flying while it figures out how to train pilots in the future, Canada's top general says. General Tom Lawson, chief of the defence...More

Edmonton aviation era ending with closure of City Centre Airport
Edmonton Journal
When Chris Blower takes off from Edmonton's City Centre Airport for the last time, he knows he'll be leaving a piece of his heart behind. It's the place that sparked his love of flying as a kid, where as a teenager he received his pilot's licence before his licence to drive, and where he has flown numerous charity trips in his Cessna 172. More

MIT researchers develop anti-icing technology
A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a simple technology that could help to prevent icing on aircraft wings, the university announced. The team experimented with ridged surfaces to see if they could reduce the time it takes for a water droplet to hit a surface and then recoil. The quicker the water is repelled from the surface, the less time it has to freeze.More

November 1913: Flight — It'll never take off
The Engineer
A decade after the Wright Brothers' powered flight landmark The Engineer was unconvinced that aviation had much of a future as a civilian mode of transport. The uncharacteristically down-beat article reported that with a few exceptions — such as the Sikorsky biplane and a French air mail service running between Paris and Nice — most notable aircraft development was targeted at military applications.More

Super Legend Cub LSA receives FAA approval
Fans of Piper's revered Super Cub can now find a passing copy in the light-sport market, thanks to the recent FAA approval of the Super Legend Cub LSA, built by Texas-based American Legend Aircraft Company. After suffering through six to seven weeks of delays due to the recent government shutdown, the company received the green light for the airplane.More