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Jan. 6, 2014

CPRS Conference

Preregistration deadline is Jan. 31. Get your conference registration form in now. Register online here. Learn more about the conference here.


Could power generated from swimming laps create the next wave in sustainable energy?
With the help of an oscillating water column and a summer undergraduate research grant, sophomore Yinger "Eagle" Jin discovered waves made by swimmers in the campus pool produce enough electricity to power 10 100-watt lightbulbs for a day. Jin's research, inspired by assistant professor of mathematics Sarah Mason's first-year seminar class on the mathematics of sustainable energy and funded by the URECA Center, lends new insights into how wave energy is captured and used.More

Boston approves ban on smoking in city-run parks
The Associated Press via Athletic Business
The Boston Parks and Recreation Commission has approved a ban on smoking in city-run parks. The ban takes effect immediately and applies to tobacco, marijuana and other "lighted or vaporized" substances. Violators face a fine of up to $250. The ban covers the 251 parks, squares, cemeteries and other spaces run by the Parks and Recreation Department, including Boston Common, the Public Garden and Franklin Park.More

Philadelphia fires 13 part-timers for double-dipping
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department has fired or accepted resignations from 13 part-time workers after an investigation found that they had violated rules against double-dipping in public employment. Ten were schoolteachers, two were U.S. Postal Service employees and one worked for the state Attorney General's Office. All 13 lost their part-time gigs with the city as assistant recreation-center leaders, but may keep their full-time jobs.More

California After School and Healthy Kids Resource Centers

The California After School and Healthy Kids Resource Centers are looking for qualified applicants for their advisory committee. If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Committee, you will need to complete the online application by Friday, Jan. 10. If you have any questions or would like further information, you can contact Melissa Crisostomo at 888-318-8130.More