P&R Weekly
Mar. 5, 2012

Election results

The CPRS Board of Directors has ratified the election results for the 2012-2013 State Board of Directors. These newly elected officers will be installed Wednesday, March 21:

Continuing on the Board are: Darin Loughrey, City of Irvine, President; Michelle Lacy, City of Orinda, President-elect; Anna Bielecki, City of Gilroy, Secretary-Treasurer; Nick Calubaquib, City of Morgan Hill, Region 2 Representative; Dawn Pia, City of Riverside, Region 4 Representative; and Leon Raya, City of San Dimas, Council of Section Representative.

CPRS thanks its members who exercised their right to vote!More

Clement Lau: It's OK to play in the streets
California Planning & Development Report
   Photo courtesy of Rebar
Given the scarcity of land in urban neighborhoods in California and the costs involved in acquiring land and building new parks, we must consider alternative approaches to meet recreational needs. There is, of course, no substitute for the development of new parks. But we can still pursue innovative, low-impact strategies to maximize recreational opportunities. After all, though planners and public officials always are going to be compelled to create lasting monuments, recreation can take place in locations other than parks.More

Closed California parks may be vulnerable to vandalism
The Bellingham Herald
California parks officials closed a gem of the state park system last spring, sadly shuttering Mitchell Caverns, a natural wonder that for eight decades had drawn visitors to this remote spot in the Mojave Desert. Workers hauled away the precious Native American artifacts and historical documents and locked the gates, assuming the area would sit undisturbed until the state could afford to reopen it. But several times in the last four months, vandals traveled 16 desolate miles north from Interstate 40 to plunder and damage the park's isolated structures.More

California state parks' plight blogger's mission
San Francisco Chronicle
Lucy D'Mot was feeling patriotic last July 4 when she read with dismay about a cost-saving plan to shutter 70 California state parks. The news propelled her on a mission: focus attention on those parks by visiting them all and blogging about their unique features before the gates shut for good. From brick Gold-Rush-era storefronts near Shasta in the north to Joshua-tree-dotted moonscapes in the south, she has logged nearly 5,000 miles so far in a gold 1996 Toyota Corolla that already had 355,000 miles on it.More

Who's a park for? Dog owners fight park service
Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California's Bay Area is expanding, quite literally, up next to some people's backyards. And while you might think neighbors would be thrilled to see this scenic landscape preserved, the relationship between the National Park Service and locals is off to a rocky start. If you love your dog the way Peggy and Bill Bechtell love Kalie, you couldn't ask for a better place to live than right on the border of Rancho Corral de Tierra. The ranch is 4,000 acres of cypress trees and grassy rolling hills, about 20 minutes south of San Francisco. Peggy says it is a dog paradise.More

New series of marine parks creates an almost unbroken chain of protected ocean from Mexico to Oregon
California just opened several new state parks, but you may need scuba gear to visit them. They're underwater. The new parks include a massive kelp forest off the coast of La Jolla, coral reefs around Catalina Island, and an underwater canyon near Malibu. In total, there are about three dozen new protected marine areas in Southern California where scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing are encouraged but fishing is either tightly restricted or prohibited altogether.More

San Fernando Valley's Los Encinos, Santa Susana state parks threatened with closure
LA Daily News
As activists across the state scramble to beat a looming deadline to prevent the closure of 70 state parks, San Fernando Valley supporters say they are close to a solution to save two local historic sites. Last May, the California Department of Parks and Recreation announced that a quarter of the sites in the nation's largest state parks system would be shut down because of budget cuts.More

Save Sacramento city pools

Drew Nelson, CSU Sacramento, writes, "I would just like everybody to know that the City of Sacramento is having trouble with our pools. Currently there is no funding for them to open this summer. However, Savemart has come to our aid and will match any donation or specific item bought up to $500,000 in Sacramento Savemarts. Does anyone know of any federal or State funding for pools?"More

Background checks

Michael Langford, City of Sausalito, asks, "Has anyone looked into using the new Operation TLC2 background check system that NRPA is promoting? If so what were your findings?"More

CoolCalifornia.org Funding Wizard

This new tool from the Strategic Growth Council and other partners assists grant seekers in locating funding opportunities and incentives for sustainable projects. The tool allows you to search by type of funding, size, type of project, and other options. Learn more and search the Funding Wizard here.More

What is the economic impact of pedestrian, bicycle trails?

The Political Economy Research Institute reported last summer on the number of jobs created in constructing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure versus road projects. Check out the full report, "Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure: Employment Impacts." This report and other timely resources for budgeting and community initiatives can be found in the Reports section at the GP Red website. Find it here.More

Healthy living resources for programmers, developers

PreventObesity.net is an online network that offers free services to support leaders who work to change policies and environments that help children and families eat well and move more, especially communities at highest risk for obesity. Learn more about its initiative here.More

Waterplay's 25th Anniversary: Looking back, paying it forward

To recognize its 25th anniversary, Waterplay will be highlighting noteworthy projects over the past quarter century and hosting a contest for all upcoming projects. Click here for more information.More