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Jul. 8, 2013

Parks and rec programs face cuts if revenues aren't generated
Rocky Fork Enterprise
Gahanna, Ohio's parks and recreation programs and personnel are poised to take a big hit if additional revenues aren't generated in the city. Mayor Becky Stinchcomb and finance director Jennifer Teal made recommendations to Gahanna City Council on June 24 to move the city toward financial sustainability without dipping into city reserves.More

Yoga in public schools is exercise, not religion
Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times
Despite the quasi-spiritual trappings, yoga, as it’s widely practiced by millions of Americans of all faiths, is no instrument of religious indoctrination. It's exercise. In Encinitas, it's being taught to kids in an effort to reduce bullying, obesity and overcompetitiveness. Recently, a San Diego County Superior Court judge said yoga classes are not the same as religious instruction, and ruled that the classes may continue. The plaintiffs and their attorney, Dean Broyles of the National Center for Law and Policy, claimed that giving kids a little bit of yoga twice a week amounts to an unlawful embrace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism or Western metaphysics.More

Tree-climbing gains popularity as a full-body, outdoor workout
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Tree-climbing is emerging as a recreational sport, similar to rock climbing. Instructor Guy Mott says tree-climbing builds muscles and can lead to improved fitness and weight loss. "If you engage in a tree climb, it is a full-body workout. It is much more interactive and therapeutic to be outside as opposed to a gym," Mott said. "It helps people to gain an appreciation for nature."More

Parks add climbing structures to draw users
Athletic Business
Parks and green spaces have been lauded as the keys to improving public health, combating childhood obesity and addressing our nation's sedentary lifestyle crisis. Numerous studies have shown that access to parks and green spaces correlates to overall health. But access doesn't necessarily correlate to use. Today's playgrounds have been criticized for being too safe and boring, not to mention unappealing to anyone over the age of 10. More

Celebrate July is Parks Make Life Better!® at an Amusement Park
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Fishers, Ind., plans $3 million park with zip line, sledding hill
Indianapolis Business Journal
The town of Fishers, Ind., is working to transform 80 acres of suburban farmland into a destination-worthy park with a man-made sledding hill, mountain bike course and zip line. Indianapolis-based landscape architecture firm Rundell Ernstberger & Associates has come up with a concept for the still-unnamed park at 101st Street and Cyntheanne Road, but planners are hammering out details.More

First lady, 'Let's Move' should fight for more safe parks
The Hill
As widely reported, the American Medical Association board recently voted to classify obesity as a disease. That elevated distinction is intended to spur greater urgency and opportunity for people to get treatment, including the 17 percent of U.S. children who are obese. The AMA's Council on Science and Public Health argued that more widespread recognition of obesity as a disease "could result in greater investments by government and the private sector to develop and reimburse obesity treatments."More