P&R Weekly
Sep. 3, 2013

Prevention Magazine gives high marks to 4 California cities
Hats off to #1 San Jose in Prevention's magazine list of the 25 Happiest, Healthiest Cities in the U.S. Others mentioned include No. 4 Anaheim; No. 5 San Diego; and No. 7 San Francisco. Further down the list came Los Angeles and Oakland. They evaluated 100 of the nation's largest cities on 48 measures of health, happiness, and well-being to find the healthiest, happiest cities in America.More

25 happiest, healthiest cities in America
People who live on the Greek island of Ikaria are three times more likely to reach age 90 than the rest of us — they work hard, eat well, nap, have plenty of sex, and "just forget to die," as one resident told a researcher. They're living proof that where you call home can predict how healthy and happy you'll be. There are pockets of good health and contentment on our shores, too.More

Play is not important
Like a doctor that prescribes an ointment for a rash instead of treating the patient's allergy, when we think about play as a specific behavior, we are looking at the symptom rather than the cause. If we look for the first principles behind play behavior, we see that what is being expressed in play is really the physical manifestation of intelligence. This is the key idea; it is the brain-in-action that is "important" not specific play behaviors.More

Berkeley's Tuolumne Camp burns in Sierras Wildfire
Berkeley Patch
The Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp in Groveland, a city-owned camp that has operated since 1922, burned in the Rim Fire, a U.S. Forest Service spokesman confirmed. The wild fire, which has grown to 143,980 acres and is still only 7 percent contained, has burned through the camp. Howver, firefighters have not had a chance to go in and assess the damage, so it is unknown if any structures survived.More

Tehama County's parks ADA compliant
Red Bluff Daily News
In a review of Tehama County's parks and facilities for their compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the 2012-2013 grand jury found that the county has been proactive in its attempt to meet accessibility guidelines. The grand jury noted that voter approved propositions in 2000 and 2002 that allocated money to go toward park improvements, have led to those improvements.More

Glendale ramps up park oversight
Los Angeles Times
An internal audit that found oversight of parks employees and a contractor that maintains park sites was lacking has prompted several changes in the Glendale Community Services & Parks Department, according to a city report. The changes include requiring the contractor to submit weekly schedules outlining work performed, provide a work checklist to staff, implement a regular schedule of playground safety checks and log all public park complaints in one system for follow-up.More

Irvine most bicycle friendly city in Southern California
Melissa Fox, Irvine Community Services Commissioner
Melissa Fox, an Irvine Community Services Commissioner, writes "As an Irvine Community Services Commissioner — and even more as an Irvine mom who enjoys riding our city's bicycle trails with her teenage son — I am happy that Irvine has been recognized as a "Silver" Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, the oldest and largest membership organization of cyclists in the United States."More

Eau Claire, Wisc., looks to merge parks, public works departments
Winter road plowing and other city maintenance jobs could improve under a proposal to combine two Eau Claire, Wisc., city departments under one leader. The Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Forestry departments would combine into a new city Community Maintenance Services Department under a plan the City Council will consider.More