P&R Weekly
Dec. 22, 2014

$1 million naming rights deal funds Tennessee park improvements
The Commercial Appeal via Athletic Business
Southaven, Tennessee, has agreed to a $1 million, 10-year deal with Mississippi-based BankPlus for naming rights at the city-owned Snowden Grove Park, and money from the agreement will help finance improvements to Snowden Grove Amphitheatre and other venues within the park. Mayor Darren Musselwhite announced the deal recently, saying the agreement will help provide cash flow for improvements the city had already outlined and prioritized as part of an improvement plan approved by aldermen in April.More

If you build it, they will come — Play spaces for tweens and teens
Playground Professionals
Many view playgrounds as spaces designed exclusively for toddlers and school-aged children and believe that by the time they become tweens (10-12 years), they have lost interest in playing outside. Research supports this and suggests that tweens and teens spend greater amounts of time engaged in indoor activities. This transition to a more sedentary and structured lifestyle can pose health issues for our developing youth. So how do we design relevant play spaces that encourage tweens and teens to reconnect with the natural world?More

Popularity of multigenerational playgrounds growing
Sun Sentinel via Athletic Business
Playgrounds aren't just for kids anymore. Communities creating new outdoor play spaces, or redesigning existing ones, are putting in features that will attract fun-seekers of all ages. Sometimes called multigenerational playgrounds, these all-purpose recreational areas are popping up throughout South Florida, where retirement complexes sit next to family-friendly subdivisions and the weather allows everyone to be outside most of the year.More

Why crumb rubber is in the news
If you are a playground owner or operator you already know that your choice of playground surfacing is one of the most important decisions you will make. You may have read that roughly 70 percent of playground injuries are due to falls to unsafe surfaces. You probably considered whether the surfacing was impact attenuating, whether or not it was accessible and what you would need to do to maintain the surfacing as well as a number of other factors.More

Foster kids will benefit from Oregon center's 'welcome boxes' campaign
The Oregonian
A few dozen new foster children in Oregon will get an extra helping of comfort in the form of "welcome boxes," thanks to the staff at the Southwest Community Center. The employees at SWCC, a Portland Parks & Recreation facility in Southwest Portland, choose a service project every year, said director MaryAnn Takashima. This year, Takashima said, an employee who was a foster child and is working toward becoming a foster care provider inspired the center's "Welcome Boxes for Foster Kids" campaign. More