Jul. 30, 2014

Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® Exam
The Canadian Public Relations Society proudly offers Canada’s first standardized public relations exam. Junior practitioners and graduates of Canadian post-secondary public relations programs have the opportunity to write the PRK exam and display their skills to the rest of the profession. Is the PRK exam for you?More

Examen des Connaissances en relations publiques (CRP)MD
La Société canadienne des relations publique est fière de présenter le premier examen normalisé en relations publiques. Les professionnels en début de carrière et les diplômés des programmes postsecondaires canadiens en relations publiques ont la possibilité de subir l’examen CRP afin de montrer leur compétence au reste de la profession. L’examen CRP vous convient-il?More

Join the CPRS College of Fellows — September 15 Deadline
The CPRS College of Fellows is looking for members of the Society who are proven leaders within the profession and are driven by value, passion and performance to join the College as 2015 inductees. Learn how to apply today.More

Joignez-vous au Collège des Fellows de la SCRP — Date limite le 15 septembre
Le Collège des Fellows de la SCRP est à la recherche de membres de la Société ayant prouvé leur leadership au sein de la profession et animés par les valeurs, la passion et la performance afin qu’ils se joignent au Collège en 2015. Apprenez comment proposer votre candidature dès aujourd’hui.More

Canadian Public Relations Research — Videos Available Online
Canadian research on the public relations profession can be viewed on the CPRS website. Each year the Society hosts a PR research session at the annual Canadian Public Relations Conference. Videos provided by McMaster’s MCM program highlight research from 2013 and 2014. Learn more by viewing the videos online. More

Recherche canadienne sur les relations publiques — Vidéos disponibles en ligne
La recherche canadienne sur la profession des relations publiques peut être vue sur le site Web de la SCRP. Chaque année, la Société organise une session de recherche sur les relations publiques dans le cadre de la Conférence canadienne des relations publiques. Les vidéos produites par le programme de maîtrise en gestion des communications de l’Université McMaster mettent en vedette les recherches de 2013 et 2014. Renseignez-vous en visionnant ces vidéos en ligne.More

PR in the Prairies: CPRS Mini-Conference — October 3rd


Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® Exam
The Canadian Public Relations Society proudly offers Canada’s first standardized public relations exam. Junior practitioners and graduates of Canadian post-secondary public relations programs have the opportunity to write the PRK exam and display their skills to the rest of the profession. Is the PRK exam for you?More

Still scratching your head about Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation?
Canada is two weeks deep into the newest legislation impacting Canadian businesses from coast to coast. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has small, mid and large-sized organizations in all industry sectors scrambling to become compliant with the new law. View a webinar presented by the CPRS National Office on how CASL relates to public relations practitioners. More

Study on Canadian Public Relations now available
CPRS, the Communications + Public Relations Foundation and Mount Saint Vincent University partnered to conduct the first Canadian survey of Generally Accepted Practices in Public Relations. This was part of an international public relations survey, led by the University of Southern California, which was simultaneously conducted in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. The survey is funded by a research grant from The Communications + Public Relations Foundation. More

Find PR positions from Coast to Coast through the CPRS Career File
The CPRS Career File is updated on a weekly basis with opportunities from across Canada for public relations professionals. Job seekers can search for positions across a number of industry sectors, and recruiters can connect directly with the public relations and communications management community. Apply for a job or post an opening on the CPRS Career File. More

Trouvez des offres d'emploi dans tout le pays avec le babillard d'emploi de la SCRP
Le Babillard d’emploi de la SCRP est mis à jour chaque semaine avec des offres de partout au pays à l’intention des professionnels des relations publiques. Les chercheurs d’emploi peuvent faire leurs recherches dans divers secteurs de l’industrie et les recruteurs peuvent communiquer directement avec le milieu des relations publiques et de la gestion des communications. Postulez ou affichez une offre d’emploi sur le babillard d’emploi de la SCRP.More

Readers don't trust sponsored content — but trust it more than leading cable news
Ad Week
Right now, you're reading a sponsored Adweek post about a study that found that readers don't trust brand-sponsored content ... written and conducted by a company that helps brands create content. Trippy, right? More

Market Basket management paying for missteps in standoff
Boston Globe
The stores are running out of groceries, loyal customers are promising to shop the competition, and a group of longtime employees who were summarily fired by management are being made into martyrs by thousands of protesters. Could it get any worse for Market Basket? What began as a family feud spread into an insurrection among employees and has since quickly escalated from a public relations nightmare into an outright business crisis for the Demoulas Super Markets chain.More

10 social media PR lessons from #OITNB
Search Engine Watch
Looking to connect, bond and create brand advocates? You might learn a social media lesson or 10 from the hashtag #OITNB. The Netflix original television series, "Orange is the New Black", has more than its recent 12 Emmy nominations to brag about. The show's social media team, fans and cast do a breakthrough job at publicizing the steamy side of women's prison and building relationships, engagements, interactions and advocacy that borderline's addiction – between the show, the characters, and audience.More

Amazon's video shorts site turns casual viewing into a shopping opportunity
Imagine if every video on YouTube were accompanied by items related to the video that you could buy instantly — sort of like YouTube meets the Home Shopping Network. Or, more accurately, YouTube meets Amazon. That appears to be the general idea behind a new part of Amazon's Instant Video website called Video Shorts. More

Israelis, Palestinians fight public relations war as well
Ottawa Citizen
On the ground in Gaza, it's a war of munitions, blood and terror. But in Canada, there's a different war being waged about the Middle East conflict – a public relations war. Everyone is involved in the battle to shape Canadian public opinion. Israeli and Palestinian diplomats. Advocacy groups for each cause. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the NDP's Tom Mulcair and the Liberals' Justin Trudeau. More

Virtual reality: Advertising's next big thing?
Ad Age
You're on a wooden plank. Pivoting, you find yourself on the precipice of a deep pit. Taking unsteady steps, you cross with your arms outstretched for balance. You teeter to the end, exhaling in relief — and are told to about-face and plunge in.More

Why TED has given all of its employees a mandatory two-week summer vacation
Fast Company
There are two times of year when people tend to go on vacation: the weeks around Christmas and New Year's, and late summer. But while many offices shut down during the holiday week, few close their doors in the summer, even though employee productivity often dwindles. TED is one of the few organizations that grants employees the gift of a forced two-week summer break. More

Why marketers need a more data-driven approach to content marketing
As the content marketing space continues to grow and evolve, we hear a lot about how content marketing isn't like advertising. After years and years of advancement, display still gets hung up on the "engagement problem." Consumers understand the ambient buzz of traditional display ads, and they'll take them or leave them. In the history of advertising however, no consumer turns on their digital device and seeks out display ads to engage with a brand. More

WeChat hires Wag-Ed to support South Africa growth
Holmes Report
Fast-growing messaging app WeChat has hired Waggener Edstrom to drive its PR strategy in South Africa. The app, which is owned by China's Tencent, is being backed by media giant Naspers in South Africa. More

Why creative people age better
The Huffington Post
Do creative and artistically inclined people have advantages over the rest of us mere mortals who can barely draw a stick figure or whistle a simple tune? There are indications that individuals who are able to use their talents also tend to fare better in other ways, including their physical and mental health, compared to others whose existence mainly consists of repetitiveness and routine. Still, scientists have never been able to prove that creativity is indeed a contributing factor to humans' well-being.More