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Apr. 23, 2015

Ninth Circuit to rehear 'Peruta' en banc
National Review
Last year, a three-judge panel at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued one of the most resounding pro-Second Amendment decisions in recent memory. Recently the Ninth Circuit announced its intention to rehear that case en banc. As David Hardy of Arms and the Law notes, the questions at play in those cases will be examined by "a panel of ten randomly-chosen judges (out of around 28 active duty ones) plus the chief judge." More

The disconnect between crime rates and support for gun rights
The Wall Street Journal
Over the past 25 years or so, there has been a divergence between American perceptions about crime and actual crime rates. Those who worried about crime had favored stricter gun control; now, they tend to desire keeping the laws as they are or loosening gun control.More

Veterans help 8,000 Chicago students get to school safely each day
The Huffington Post
A team of veterans is going above the call of duty to keep young students safe. The Safe Passage Program, founded in 2011 by nonprofit Leave No Veteran Behind, deploys vets to monitor unsafe Chicago neighborhoods as students walk to school. More

Senator: Veterans still losing gun rights because of VA reporting
Stars and Stripes via
A Senate panel chairman rekindled a debate recently over whether veterans who cannot manage their own benefits should be considered "mentally defective" by the FBI and barred from buying guns. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder saying veterans issued a fiduciary by the Department of Veterans Affairs are still being automatically flagged in the electronic database used to vet firearms sales across the country.More

Inside the US operation to train Iraqis to fight ISIS
The Wall Street Journal
VideoBrief Taji Air Base near Baghdad is where U.S. soldiers from the 82nd Airborne are training the Iraqi military in tactics designed to defeat Islamic State. This video gives a glimpse behind the scenes.More

Measure to control concealed firearms on campus passes 1st hurdle
Daily Democrat
Legislation to restrict concealed weapons on school, college, and university campus grounds passed the Senate Public Safety Committee Tuesday on a 5-2 vote. Under current law, the California Gun Free School Act prohibits a firearm on any school, college, or university campus. However, individuals carrying a concealed weapons permit are exempt from the prohibition. More

Tired of ammunition shortages? Reload your own
By Ken Jolly
Tired of dropping bundles of cash? Frustrated in trying to find ammunition after the latest government announcement causes many to scurry, stripping shelves and leaving you in the cold? Maybe you should think about reloading your own ammunition. Plus, it is a great hobby. I started reloading before the last two ammunition shortages. During these panics, I was always able to visit the shooting range, despite the ammunition shortages. First, let's clear up some common misunderstandings about reloading. More

California plans to ban lead ammo for 2015 hunting season
Field & Stream
California hunters have an unexpected hurdle to jump for the 2015 season: non-lead ammunition. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that non-lead ammunition will be required for all hunting on DFW property and for all bighorn sheep hunters beginning this year. This may come as a shock to those who thought they had until 2019 to phase out lead bullets from their arsenal.More

Some sage advice for women taking up shotgun sports
By Irwin Greenstein
In January, the president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation discussed the findings of a new report, "Women Gun Owners: Purchasing, Perceptions and Participation." More than half of the female participants in the survey said they intended to purchase at least one firearm during the next 12 months. With that in mind, women new to the shotgun sports should be aware of some challenges and nuances when purchasing a shotgun and learning to use it.More

Federal court says shareholders can't debate Wal-Mart gun sales
In a ruling by a U.S. appeals court handed down recently, a previous order to let shareholders vote on a proposal for tighter oversight on selling firearms with high-capacity magazines was reversed. The opinion was an appeal to an earlier U.S. District Court ruling from last December in favor of New York-based Trinity Church, which filed the lawsuit in April 2014 after the retail giant refused to bring the proposal to shareholders and the Securities and Exchange Commission said it would not punish Wal-Mart for excluding it.More

Veteran's guns confiscated from Arizona home after neighbor dispute
A veteran in Glendale, Arizona, claims his Second Amendment rights were violated after his $25,000 gun collection was confiscated by the courts. "It was devastating, I couldn't put it into words," said retired Navy veteran Rick Bailey, who said the entire ordeal stemmed from an ongoing dispute with a neighbor. More

Why female big-game hunters become the hunted online, in a way men don't
The Washington Post
Rebecca Francis is an avid hunter from Utah and former co-host of an NBC Sports show called "Eye of the Hunter." Her Web site is a Noah's Ark of death, featuring hundreds of photos of the smiling mother of three posing proudly beside freshly killed bears, zebras, wildebeests and more. A few days ago, pretty much nobody seemed to care. But in the time since comedian Ricky Gervais shared a photo of Francis lying beside a dead giraffe, the hunter, you might say, has become the hunted.More