EANGUS Minuteman Update
Mar. 12, 2015

Louisiana National Guard audio, quotes from press conference after helicopter accident
Louisiana National Guard
The Louisiana National Guard held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to update the public on the helicopter accident that occurred last night in Florida at the Army Aviation Support Facility #1 in Hammond, Louisiana.

Audio from the event can be found here: http://geauxguard.com/louisiana-national-guard-helicopter-accident-media-advisory/7183/More

Army close to making force structure decisions at U.S. bases
Federal News Radio
It seems unlikely that Congress will go along with DOD's latest request to close stateside military bases, but in the case of the Army, many of the bases lawmakers are protecting would become a lot more sparsely-populated if the Budget Control Act stays in full force. Later this month, the Army will wrap up a listening tour it's been conducting at bases around the country as it prepares to draw up plans for how it would allocate its forces under full sequestration, which would push its already-planned drawdown from 570,000 to 450,000 soldiers to a yet-smaller force of 420,000.More

Arizona House OKs bill waiving tuition for state's National Guard
The Associated Press via Arizona Daily Sun
The Arizona House wants to help Arizona's National Guard members go to college for free. The Republican-controlled House unanimously passed the Democratic-sponsored legislation recently and it now moves to the Senate. Mark Cardenas, D-Phoenix, said his bill would waive tuition fees for up to 16 credits per semester for Arizona National Guard members earning a bachelor's or master's degree at community colleges or state universities.More

Connecticut National Guard soldiers being deployed
New Haven Register
A pair of newlyweds heading in different directions were among nearly 100 Connecticut National Guard soldiers now mobilizing for overseas deployments. Approximately 35 soldiers of the Middletown, Connecticut-based 143rd RSG will provide command, control and administration to all base life support operations on a post in Afghanistan. The unit is commanded by Col. John Wiltse of Berlin. More

National Guard senior enlisted leader visiting Virgin Islands National Guard air unit on St. Croix
St. Croix Source
The Virgin Islands National Guard hosted the visit of a National Guard senior enlisted advisor on St. Croix during the training weekend of March 7-9. Command Chief Master Sergeant James W. Hotaling conducted a site visit to the 285th Civil Engineering Squadron of the Virgin Islands Air National Guard at Manning Hill adjacent to the Roebuck Industrial Park on St. Croix.More

Budget request includes moves to beef up Air Guard, Reserves
Air Force Times
Recommendations from a congressionally mandated commission on Air Force structure has already translated to requests for more tails on Air Force flight lines, and more changes can be expected over the next few years. The National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force, created in the fiscal 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, called on the Air Force to make dozens of changes to its force structure mix, largely focused on increasing the role of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. More

Army National Guard selects states to host cyber teams
The Army National Guard is taking a major step to bolster state and federal cybersecurity defenses by activating 10 new cyber protection teams across the country over the next three years. So far, the National Guard has announced which states will host three of the 10 cyber protection teams set to launch in fiscal 2016: Georgia and California will each host a team; Michigan, Indiana and Ohio will host the third CPT. The locations for the other seven teams have not been announced.More

Top military minds list top threats facing the U.S.
U.S. News & World Report
Pop quiz, Pentagon chiefs: What are the top three threats out there facing the U.S.? This was roughly the question the two highest U.S. defense officials received during their recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Newly appointed Defense Secretary Ash Carter, recently returned from a fact-finding tour of the Middle East, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, who will likely retire this summer, offered their insights on the challenges facing the U.S. military at a time of unprecedented threats abroad. More

Committee chairmen urge Republicans to reverse defense cuts
The Hill
Sen. John McCain and Rep. Mac Thornberry, the respective chairmen of the Senate and House Armed Services committees, urged fellow Republicans to undo cuts to the defense budget in an op-ed March 10. Congressional Republicans now share in equal measure with President Obama the "highest constitutional responsibility" of providing for the nation's defense, they wrote in The Wall Street Journal.More

In first testimony as DOD chief, Carter defends White House defense budget
Stars and Stripes
New Defense Secretary Ashton Carter fell into the familiar role of his predecessor Chuck Hagel during his first testimony to Congress. Carter stuck to safe political ground, calling the White House’s proposed 2016 defense budget "responsible and prudent" while being questioned by the Senate Armed Services Committee. More

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Here are five personal finance moves that could propel you to a better place.

Be Young, Be Happy, but Be Smart
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3 Feet From the Heat
According to UL, you should keep anything that can catch fire, from drapes and furniture to pets and people, at least three feet away from sources of heat.

Semper Paratus: Always Ready
The Coast Guard Reserve is marking 74 years of service this month.

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