EANGUS Minuteman Update
Apr. 2, 2015

Troops' and veterans' groups divided over compensation reform
Stars and Stripes
The Military Coalition can make Congress tremble from time to time by presenting a united front of millions of members from more than 30 military associations and veterans’ service organizations in support of, or opposition to, legislation affecting military folks and veterans. That lesson was learned by budget committee chairmen a few Decembers ago after they led Congress to enact — and then quickly to repeal — legislation that would have permanently capped military retirees’ annual cost-of-living adjustments 1 percent below inflation. More

White House teases its support for military compensation reform
Defense One
President Obama signaled his support for changes to military pay and benefits, but told Congress he won't make a decision on what reforms he'll endorse until late April.More

Study: Increasing commissary prices 29 percent won't make up $1 billion budget cut
Going forward with a Defense Department plan to increase commissary prices by 29 percent is unlikely to make up for a $1 billion budget cut to the system because it will likely reduce commissary sales and hurt revenue, a new study found. "Raising overall price levels will likely not be a successful strategy to cover shortfalls in costs caused by the elimination of the annual U.S. Department of Defense appropriation," the RAND Corporation study says. "Raising prices will likely negatively affect service members and retirees who currently patronize the commissary system through increased grocery bills."More

Sequestration would force involuntary separation of combat vets
Dropping the Army's end strength to 450,000 would require the involuntary separation of about 14,000 Soldiers, the Army's vice chief of staff told lawmakers. Gen. Daniel B. Allyn testified March 25 before the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on readiness. He warned that sequestration would have a detrimental effect on the force. "It will increase significantly the involuntary separation of officer and non-commissioned [NCO] leaders who have steadfastly served their country through the last 13 years of war," Allyn said.More

Scott Brown requests investigation into New Hampshire National Guard
Concord Monitor
Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has asked the governor to open an investigation into the New Hampshire National Guard, following a recent story that raised concerns about disciplinary practices under the current leadership. In a letter sent to Gov. Maggie Hassan, the former Massachusetts legislator and retired Guard colonel said he was troubled that commanders had potentially overlooked possible ethical infractions by Ray Valas, the lieutenant colonel recently convicted of child sex trafficking. More

Ohio governor appoints Maj. Gen. Mark Bartman as Ohio adjutant general
Richland Source
Gov. John R. Kasich announced the appointment of Maj. Gen. Mark E. Bartman as Ohio’s 82nd adjutant general on March 30. Bartman had been serving as interim adjutant general since Jan. 10. Bartman is a member of the governor’s cabinet and is responsible for the command of the Ohio National Guard, which consists of the Ohio Army National Guard, Ohio Air National Guard, Ohio Military Reserve and Ohio Naval Militia, totaling more than 16,000 personnel. More

Senate confirms new Army Guard director
Army Times
The Army National Guard will soon have a new director. Maj. Gen. Timothy Kadavy, former adjutant general of the Nebraska National Guard, was confirmed March 27 by the Senate, the National Guard Bureau announced. Kadavy, who is currently the special assistant to the Guard Bureau vice chief, will succeed Maj. Gen. Judd Lyons. More

Lean times at the Pentagon pit active-duty Army against National Guard
U.S. Rep. Tim Walz remembers the 1980s, when the National Guard was made up of "weekend warriors" training just a couple days a month, and when they were equipped accordingly. "The National Guard got all the hand-me-downs, they were a second thought, and quite honestly they were an operational reserve force," said Walz, a retired National Guard Command Sergeant Major. "If everything went to heck, the National Guard would be there as a last resort." That’s not the case today. More

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott noncommittal on sending National Guard from Texas border
The Dallas Morning News
Republican Gov. Greg Abbott remained noncommittal recently on a timeline for pulling the National Guard off the Texas-Mexico border after hundreds of police officers recently applied for jobs to effectively replace those troops. "We can’t just snap our finger and have them all start at once," Abbott said. "It does take a while to ramp up."More

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