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Aug. 27, 2015

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At defense forum, Reps. Smith and Heck give 'depressing' outlook on military budgets
The News Tribune
U.S. Rep. Adam Smith wouldn’t call himself "depressed" when he spoke to a military lobbying group at Joint Base Lewis-McChord recently, but he acknowledged that he brought him with him a "depressing" message. For the "foreseeable future," the veteran lawmaker predicts diminished spending for the military, tight restrictions on how Congress allows the Pentagon to respond to budget cuts, and more political stalemates that could lead to government shutdowns.More

It's the budget, stupid
The Washington Post
If you think this summer of presidential campaign politics has been wild, and recent news from Wall Street a bit scary, wait until Congress gets back after Labor Day. The federal government is heading toward a fiscal train wreck, and, at the moment, it’s far from clear how lawmakers will avoid it.More

Carter congratulates Army Ranger School graduates
Department of Defense
The women who passed through the Army’s elite leadership proving ground are trailblazers, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Aug. 20. During a Pentagon news conference, Carter said that earlier in the day he had congratulated the soldiers who will be graduating from the Army Ranger School tomorrow and earning the Ranger tab. More

New Army chief weighing decision on women in combat
The Associated Press via PBS NewsHour
The Army’s new chief of staff, Gen. Mark Milley, is taking a calculated approach to arguably the most consequential decision of his early tenure — whether to recommend that any all-male combat roles remain closed to women. Central to his thinking, he said in an Associated Press interview Aug. 21, is the question of whether allowing women to serve in the infantry, armor and other traditionally male-only fields would affect Army "readiness" for war. More

Plan to use GI Bill for business grants draws criticism
Military Times
Some veterans' advocates are pushing back against plans to use GI Bill benefits to pay for would-be entrepreneurs' small-business grants, arguing the move confuses the purpose of the education program. Last month, the Senate Small Business Committee advanced a measure to create a three-year pilot program allowing 250 veterans to use their GI Bill funds as a business startup grant, rather than for college tuition. More

The burden of Guantánamo
Miami Herald
Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that maintaining a federal detention center is among the many powers delegated to Congress. Yet today it is abundantly clear that Congress is solely responsible for the continued existence of the wretched and dysfunctional prison that houses 116 prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. On Aug. 20, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter renewed the Obama administration’s effort to close the prison by pleading for congressional support to transfer prisoners to a facility on the mainland. More

Ash Carter: Military 'looking into' members' Ashley Madison use
Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the military is "looking into" service members' use of the website Ashley Madison after more than 15,000 government-connected email accounts were included in the personal details published by hackers. "Of course it's an issue because conduct is very important," Carter said at an Aug. 20 news conference. More

Anti-ISIS strategy still in a slog
U.S. News & World Report
Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Aug. 20 offered no indication the U.S. has a plan to correct elements of its strategy to defeat the Islamic State group in Syria, which by most accounts so far has failed. A key tenet of the U.S. road map to victory lies in its ability to train and equip local forces on the ground in Syria to retake and hold territory from the extremist network, also known as ISIS, ISIL or by the Arabic acronym Daesh. The plan originally called for producing 5,400 loyal forces per year, but so far has only fielded 54 who have had almost no effect on the battlefield. More

Backlog of veterans claims dips below 100,000 cases
Army Times
The number of backlogged veterans disability claims fell under 100,000 cases recently, a figure that officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs are hailing as proof that years of effort into modernizing their systems are paying dividends. But VA officials Aug. 24 also indicated that they may never fully eliminate that backlog because doing so could unnecessarily rush some veterans' claims through the system. More

Time for a US military strategy to stop China in the South China Sea
The National Interest
As any close observer knows, the South China Sea is a rapidly evolving — and increasingly perilous — strategic arena. China’s assertion that almost the entire sea is "indisputably" Chinese territory has been backed by a rapid buildup of maritime military power and an audacious series of land grabs. The most dramatic of these has been the construction of multiple artificial islands. The military utility of these formations has hardly been disguised. On Fiery Cross Reef, for example, a long military runway with attendant radars is being constructed.More

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The Olde Glory Coffee Company will donate 50¢ to EANGUS for every pound of coffee purchased. 30¢ goes to the Association of your choice & 20¢ goes to WCFA
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EANGUS Membership Directory Program
Over the next few months, (PCI) will be contacting all members via e-mail, USPS and by phone. Only those members who provide information for their directory listing will be included in the directory.

This is a great opportunity for EANGUS to get updated contact information for our members.

As privacy is a concern for many of our members, it’s important to note that only those members who provide their directory listing information will be included in the printed directory. The publisher works under a very strict confidentiality agreement with EANGUS and will only use the information provided for the purpose of contacting members to gather data and to sell the directory. Only EANGUS members can purchase a directory. It is copyrighted and cannot be used by any member for solicitation purposes.

Please feel free to contact EANGUS Member Services Department with any questions or concerns – Member-Services1@eangus.org or call us at 1-800-234-3264.


"We Care for America" Foundation: Program suspended until further notice
The National Guard Soldier and Airmen Relief Fund was created many years ago through a generous grant from a corporate partner. Over time, this fund has supported National Guard members faster than we have replenished the funds. As a result, we have had to temporarily suspend the program and focus on rebuilding the reserves.

To donate: https://eangus.org/wcfa/ More

Introducing the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) New Mobile Directory
When TRDP beneficiaries see a TRDP network dentist, they save money! And now, there is a new mobile dentist directory at trdp.org that makes it even easier to find a TRDP network dentist.

At home or on the go when using a smartphone or tablet, the mobile directory detects your mobile device and automatically optimizes the network directory for your device.

You can search by ZIP code, address, or dentist name and filter by location/distance. You can also search by dental specialty to find a TRDP network dentist who fits your specific dental care needs.

Once search results are provided, you can press on the dentist’s listing to call the dentist directly to see if he/she is accepting new patients and make an appointment. The mobile directory even uses your device’s mapping capabilities to give you driving directions to the dental office!

Ready to get started? Access the new mobile directory by clicking on the Find a Dentist link on the trdp.org homepage or by going directly to trdpnetwork.org.

And watch the Save Money video to learn about how to save money by using a TRDP network dentist! More

Go Back to School with TRICARE
It’s August and many families have begun their back to school preparations. For younger children and adolescents, this means getting all necessary medical care and screenings. For older children, this means making sure they know how to get the care they need when they are away from home. TRICARE can help as you and your family get ready for the busy back to school season. More

Have a Question or Do You Have a Non-TRDP Enrollee Who Requires Live Assistance?
If you have a beneficiary with a question about enrolling in TRDP that they cannot locate on the trdp.org website, please have the beneficiary contact their Regional Representative. Regional Representative contact information is located on the TRDP website at www.trdp.org/contact or at this direct link to the Regional Representative listing: http://www.trdp.org/benefits-advisors/local-support.html. These Representatives are standing-by and ready to help!More

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Student debt is a ticking time bomb that threatens to derail many young adults’ financial futures. These steps can help you better manage your student loans.

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