Valentine’s Day preparation tips for jewelry retailers
Tips for preparing for the big day that will help your jewelry store succeed — and prevent a headache
By Danielle Wegert
MultiBriefs Content Editor

With the new year comes a new set of holidays, and the first holiday that jewelers must prepare for is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day comes with the idea of chocolates, flowers and, of course, jewelry. Preparing for this holiday is time-consuming. Save yourself a headache, and follow these tips from the professionals for preparing for the big day.

Southlake Jewelers located at 2140 E. Southlake Blvd. in Southlake, Texas.


Advertising for your jewelry store during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day can be vital to your success; however, the platform used can make all the difference. With jewelry stores being ubiquitous, you must understand your customer base in order to advertise and market appropriately. For a company like Zale’s that has locations nationwide, their advertising campaign will focus on a larger customer base and will be advertised nationwide. However, for a local jewelry store such as Southlake Jewelers the customer base is going to be local. Southlake Jewelers’ advertising campaign will look much different.

“We generally do some advertising in local newspapers and some online as well, such as Facebook and Google search engine keywords,” said Chris Cassell, sales and design director of Southlake Jewelers in Southlake, Texas. Facebook has become “the” place to advertise because of the ability to reach a large audience in a local area without paying the high cost of advertising on other platforms. Not only does Facebook advertising expand your brand recognition, it can attract new customers and expand your network. By following the lead, Facebook could make your jewelry store exceed expectations this Valentine’s Day.

Kohl’s is a nationwide, large company that has a large jewelry selection. Their advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day is focused on increasing traffic in their stores nationwide therefore their advertisements appear on different platforms. According to a sales associate at Kohl’s in Irving, Texas, their main platforms for advertising are newspapers, TV and Internet, all of which are viewed by customers nationwide. The sales associate also stated that the newspaper advertisements are the most effective in bringing in new customers.


What advertising platform did your jewelry store utilize most during the Valentine’s Day season?
  • Mobile advertising
  • Social media
  • Television advertisements
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Internet advertisements
Trends of 2013

When purchasing jewelry for a loved one for Valentine’s Day, there are two types that are common: the staple jewelry items and the trending jewelry items.

According to Cassell, “Hearts are always something that will be popular, for example, heart-shaped necklaces. Diamond studs and tennis bracelets are popular items as well.” These are the classic, staple jewelry items that are commonly purchased during the Valentine’s Day season.

Trending items are a little trickier, and therefore jewelers must stay on top of the styles that are hot at the moment. This year, the trending jewelry items are a bit more colorful than the years before.

“There is no room for shy jewelry this season, with bold jewelry trends on the catwalk for oversized chokers, long sautoirs, large hoop earrings and broad cuffs,” according to The Winterson Journal. Bold statements will be made with this year’s trending jewelry items. Colorful and exciting jewelry is expected to be popular during this Valentine’s Day.

“Multicolor pieces have been popular in rings and bracelets mostly but pendants as well,” according to Cassell.

Inventory Preparation

Ensuring that you have the inventory to meet the demand of your customer base is crucial to your jewelry stores’ success during the Valentine’s Day rush. If you are not prepared, you will not have enough supply to meet all of your customers’ expectations, and they will take their business elsewhere. Just like any other holiday, many customers wait until the last minute to purchase their gifts, which will not leave time for you to order more inventory before the holiday. You must be prepared.

According to Cassell, “There are some gentlemen that plan ahead and start a couple weeks in advance, but generally the week leading up to [Valentine’s Day] is the busiest.” Take the advice: Increase your inventory. Cassell stated that at Southlake Jewelers they increase their inventory at the middle to end of January, but Valentine’s Day also comes at the time when they are already restocking from the Christmas season.

The staff of Southlake Jewelers.


Decorating your store is not the most important step in preparing for the Valentine’s Day customers; however, it does enhance their shopping experience. Decorations will help get your customers in the mood for the holiday, and it will also remind customers about the upcoming holiday if they come in for something other than a Valentine’s Day gift.

“We decorate with hearts and place some Valentine’s items on the counters and on display,” said Cassell when asked how Southlake Jewelers decorates for the big day.

Kohl’s locations also decorate their stores for Valentine’s Day. This year the decorations in the jewelry department include tents, which are small advertisements inside the jewelry cases; Valentine’s Day reminders inside the jewelry boxes; and “clings,” which are advertisements that cling to the jewelry cases. All of these decorations include the same message: “Gifts she’ll love. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. More to love at” These decorations serve many purposes: to bring customers to the jewelry section, to remind customers of the holiday and to drive people to their website.

Valentine’s Day should be a day to enjoy, not fret over. By utilizing these helpful tips from the professionals, you can increase your sales without the stress that normally comes with the day. Increase your inventory, advertise your jewelry store, decorate and be knowledgeable about the trends. These few simple things will prepare your store for Valentine’s Day.