Jul. 9, 2014

FCEP 2014 Board Elections

FCEP 2014 Board Elections
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The following candidates were selected by the nominating committee to serve on the Florida College of Emergency Physicians Board of Directors.

The following question was asked of each nominee:
"What membership areas can or should FCEP be more involved with to support individual members and encourage new members?"
To view the candidate's answers, click Read More below.

The newly elected Board Members will take office at the Board of Directors meeting, August 7, 2014, which is held during Symposium by the Sea.

Ballots must be completed by July 25, 2014.

Symposium by the Sea

Symposium by the Sea
Overflow Hotel Information

The Boca Raton Resort & Club is SOLD OUT for Symposium by the Sea. Haven't made your reservation yet? That's okay, because we've arranged another great option for you:

Waterstone Resort & Marina Boca Raton - a Double Tree by Hilton Hotel
999 East Camino Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432


Rate: $149 plus tax per night
Parking: $15 per day (valet only)
Group: Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation
Group Code: FEM

Reservations can be made using the customized registration link above or by calling the hotel directly and mentioning FEMF.

Symposium by the Sea will be taking place at
The Boca Raton Resort & Club
501 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432
August 7-10, 2014

Symposium by the Sea 2014 Brochure

More symposium details, such as brief course descriptions and registration fees,
can be found on the Symposium by the Sea 2014 Registration webpage:
Symposium by the Sea Registration

ClinCon 2014

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Emergency Medicine Conference for the Mid-Level Provider

Emergency Medicine Conference for the Mid-Level Provider

Registration is open!

This conference consists of lectures and hands-on skill stations (e.g. slit lamp, wound care etc.) and is designed to enhance the mid-level provider's knowledge and skills in caring for patients in the emergency department and urgent care setting.

Click here to register today!

Date: August 7-8, 2014

Location: Boca Raton Resort & Club
501 E Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Cost: $350 for a two day conference
For an additional $175, registrants may participate in Symposium by the Sea, happening simultaneously. For more details about Symposium by the Sea, click here.

Emergency Care of Stroke Patients 2014

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Emergency Care of Stroke Patients 2014:
Defining the State of the Art and the Science

November 13-14, 2014
Orlando, FL

All providers involved with acute care as well as hospital managers and administrators will benefit from this dynamic program that provides a comprehensive overview of best practices in acute stroke care.More

Important FCEP dates

July 16, 2014 FCEP Board Conference Call
July 17-20, 2014 ClinCon
Aug. 7-10, 2014 Symposium by the Sea
Aug. 7, 2014 FCEP Board of Directors Meeting
Aug. 7-8, 2014 FCEP Committee Meetings
Aug. 7-8, 2014 Emergency Medicine Conference for Mid-Level Provider

6 reasons why nurses are the unsung heroes of the ER
The Huffington Post
Dr. Brett Belchetz writes. "During a busy Sunday evening in my ER two weeks ago, while I stitched closed a laceration to the temple of a two-year-old infant who had run into a door, disaster struck. As is customary in these situations, my attendant nurse, a kind woman who is wonderful with children, had wrapped up the child in layers of sheets to prevent any unexpected movements of arms or legs while we performed the delicate procedure. Halfway through my sewing, our young patient stealthily managed to extricate a right arm from her wrapping, and promptly, before anyone noticed, the injured child delivered a full force punch to the face of my poor nurse. Despite a substantial bruise she never flinched, proceeding to calmly re-wrap the offending arm, and allowing me to finish suturing."More

Florida shifts Medicaid mental health strategy
MedPage Today
Seeking to improve care and lower costs, Florida this month became the first state to offer a Medicaid health plan designed exclusively for people with serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, major depression, or bipolar conditions. The plan is part of a wave of state experimentation to coordinate physical and mental healthcare for those enrolled in Medicaid. More

Emergency room online appointments ease wait times
San Francisco Chronicle
In an era of increased competition driven by the nation's Affordable Care Act, hospital executives around the country are hoping online appointments will attract patients eager to avoid long waits in a crowded and often chaotic environment. "It makes for a happier camper," said Susan Dubuque, a national expert in hospital marketing. "When it comes to health care, consumers want more control over everything."More

Florida sees drop in overdose death rate
When it comes to prescription drug abuse, Florida has always been at the top of the list. Now after stronger measures enacted by lawmakers, tougher regulations and enforcement, the number of people dying from overdoses has made a startling drop. The death rate from prescription drug overdoses fell by 23 percent in just two years. Researchers said this is the first significant decline since the prescription drugs abuse epidemic started more than a decade ago. For doctors, they said it's a sign that the measures are working and hopefully people are getting help.More

Of non-marijuana drug users in the ER, nearly all are problem drug users
Science Codex
Of emergency patients who reported any drug other than marijuana as their primary drug of use, 90.7 percent met the criteria for problematic drug use. Among patients who reported cannabis (marijuana) as their primary drug, almost half (46.6 percent) met the criteria for having a drug problem, according to a recent study published online in Annals of Emergency Medicine.More

How effective can remote monitoring be at reducing readmissions?
Government Health IT
Research from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) suggests that reducing the rates of avoidable readmissions can be accomplished by enhancing care and support during care transitions, improving patient education and self-management support, enabling multidisciplinary team management and implementing patient-centered care planning at the end of life.More

Brief motivational intervention for adolescents treated in emergency departments for acute alcohol intoxication: A randomized-controlled trial
BMC Emergency Medicine
Alcohol misuse among youth is a major public health concern and numbers of adolescents admitted to the emergency department for acute alcoholic intoxication in Germany are recently growing. The emergency setting offers an opportunity to reach at-risk alcohol consuming adolescents and provide brief interventions in a potential "teachable moment". However, studies on brief interventions targeting adolescents in emergency care are scarce and little is known about their effectiveness when delivered immediately following hospitalization for acute alcohol intoxication.More

Telemedicine gains ground in treatment of injured workers
Modern Healthcare
Telemedicine is gaining ground in treating injured workers, especially in rural areas, to speed their evaluation and possibly reduce the costs paid by employers. Telemedicine, which is defined in workers compensation as a remote, virtual interaction involving two or more parties in the claims process, has long involved telephone communications be-tween workers and pharmacy benefit managers, or treating physicians and specialists, experts said. It's evolved in recent years to include remote face-to-face interactions and the remote measuring of vital signs.More