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Jan. 28, 2014

GIS industry and license misuse: Should you care?
Directions Magazine
GIS vendors, both software and data providers, should be aware that their offerings are ripe for misuse. And all the locking and copy prevention technology available will not stop this. Misuse happens when an organization without proper licensing, uses products to perform commercial services for a third party, either stand-alone or as part of a greater solution. Nearly all End User License Agreements prohibit this type of use.More

10 things you should know about online GIS/geospatial education
Directions Magazine
Online education is hot. Students and professionals from all fields, from all over the world are putting a toe or a full foot into these new educational opportunities. Sitting in your office or a coffee shop with your laptop and a headset may not be how school used to be, but it's part of today's education landscape. But fear not, there is still a community of students that typically engage with each other and the instructor, just in new and different ways.More

What are the Top 10 existing and emerging disruptions brought on by advancing geospatial technology?
Sensors & Systems
We are decidedly in a period of rapid technology disruption, as reinforced by a discussion this week at the World Economic Forum on "The New Digital Context." World technology leaders are concerned by the economic repercussions of companies that don't quickly embrace these new technologies to develop a more services-oriented approach to their customer base. Those that don't keep up are bound to shed jobs with local as well as global repercussions.More

Story map reveals Canada's top 10 BIG infrastructure projects
GIS User
We've all become fans of story maps — these often awesome, interactive, webmap driven infographics inform, educate and entertain us on a variety of topics. One new story map to hit the web reveals 100 of the biggest infrastructure projects in Canada.More

3 simple ways to realize you do know about geography
Directions Magazine
If you are a human being who has been to school sometime between 1960 and 1990, and if you have never taken a college or university course in the field of geography, then you probably think that you suck at it. Why? More

Top 10 awesome features coming in new Google Maps
GIS User
I'm sure more than a few of you have been catching the 2013 Google I/O livestream, unless you happen to be there in person (lucky you). It's always a treat to hear about Google and what's coming next. More

New geospatial app tracks threats from natural hazards
Spar Point Group
Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and wildfires. Any one of them can really ruin your day. Good thing, the Interior Department updated its natural hazard web-based application to let the public monitor and analyze events in real-time with online maps. It's called the Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System. Also intended for federal, state and local emergency management communities, the website presents information in an integrated geospatial view.More

The smart grid gets smarter: Here's what our energy future will look like
Smart Grid News
"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future," said Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr back in 1922. With today's potential for quantum leaps in technology, seismic shifts in economics and rapid changes in political pressures, this statement has perhaps never been so true. Yet we can't prepare for a future we can't imagine.More

How government can make open data work
Will 2014 finally become the year of open data? We're certainly seeing evidence that open data is moving from the margins into the mainstream, with new uses for data that governments and other sources are making freely available to the public. But if we're going to see open data's promise fulfilled, it will be important for governments, and the federal government in particular, to make it easier for the public to access and use their open data.More

ESA's Dordain unapologetic about Galileo at wide-ranging press conference
Inside GNSS
Speaking at his annual press conference in Paris, European Space Agency Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain was cool, collected and, importantly, positive, as he laid out plans and parried questions on a whole range of ESA issues. From the Rosetta mission to manned space flights, Swarm, Gaia, Sentinel and Copernicus, and of course Galileo, he set the stage for an ambitious 2014.More