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Mar. 19, 2015

Sign up now for GITA's Pacific Northwest Chapter Annual Conference
Tickets for GITA's Pacific Northwest Chapter Annual Conference, "Making $ense of Integration" are selling briskly! So don't delay and miss out on this opportunity to learn from some of the Pacific Northwest's best and brightest! This absolutely great event with a fantastic lineup of speakers will take place in Mukilteo, Washington, April 20-21. To register or learn more: Click here. More

What happens when drones get much more powerful processors?
Sensors & Systems
Did you catch the recent news that Qualcomm has become a major investor in the unmanned aircraft system maker 3D Robotics? 3D Robotics raised $50 million on this round and has indicated that more money is flowing in. This could be a game-changing alliance, giving the chipmaker an interesting platform for robotics research and development, and giving 3D Robotics an edge with first-of-its-kind functionality.More

Senators: More transparency needed on geospatial data spending
Federal News Radio
Coinciding with Sunshine Week, two senators introduced a bill they hope will increase transparency on geospatial data. "The federal government is the largest purchaser of geospatial data, but some very basic questions about how and where agencies are already investing in this data can't be answered," said Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) who introduced the Geospatial Data Reform Act along with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). More

NSDI's ability to meet future needs 'at risk'
Directions Magazine
The ability of the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure to meet future needs is at risk, according to the recently released Report Card on the U. S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The report card officially awarded the NSDI a D in the Future Need category, and its other grades weren't much better. In fact, the NSDI earned an average of a C for its individual data categories, and a C- across seven other overview categories, indicating that the entire infrastructure "needs attention."More

Why is Canada winning the drone race?
Popular Science
For one shot in the upcoming movie Age of Adaline, starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford, a camera drone hovered at 2 feet off the ground, then soared up to 125 feet. The dramatic shot wouldn't have been possible without using an unmanned flying camera — an entirely new tool for creative cinematography. More

GAO report: More delays, Cost increases for OCX, GPS III
Inside GNSS
New delays and higher costs should be expected for both the GPS III satellite program and GPS-OCX, the new GPS ground system, federal watchdogs warned in a new report. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) said both programs are in the process of rebaselining, that is, resetting their estimated schedules and costs. More

Grid resilience: At what cost — and how?
Smart Grid News
Since 1980, the United States has sustained 144 weather disasters whose damage cost reached or exceeded $1 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The total cost to the nation's economy of these events exceeds $1 trillion. According to the National Climate Assessment, the incidence and severity of extreme weather will continue to increase in the coming years, due largely to climate change.More

No charges for operator of drone that crashed at White House
Prosecutors say they will not press criminal charges against an intelligence agency employee who lost control of a drone that crashed on the White House grounds on Jan. 26. "The decision was made following an investigation by the United States Secret Service and a review of applicable law," the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia said. "The Federal Aviation Administration has begun a review of the incident for possible administrative action." More

UK, US most committed in G8 to unleashing data
The United Kingdom is the G8 nation most committed to opening data to the public, a new report suggests. A ranking from the Center for Data Innovation, a Washington think tank, finds the U.K. has met the most aspects of a G8 Open Data Charter; elements of the charter, drawn up at a summit in Northern Ireland in 2013, include releasing public data in machine-readable formats, providing high-quantity data across a range of topics, and standardizing metadata, among others.More