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Mar. 27, 2012

Career growth is why I am a GITA member
By Eric Hoogenraad

I joined GITA in 2004 right after I attended my first GITA Pacific Northwest Chapter fall conference in Leavenworth, Washington. I was very impressed with the presentations and pleasantly surprised with the amount of engineering related content of the talks. Shortly after joining GITA as a member, I was invited to serve as a board member for the Pacific Northwest Chapter. I quickly realized that GITA was not just another GIS association but recognized that there was a great deal of emphasis on enterprise type solutions, specifically as it relates to infrastructure.More

Thought Leadership Symposium program update
We are pleased to announced several new sessions for the GITA Thought Leader Symposium, scheduled for May 16-18 in Keystone, Colo.

Technology Trends in the Water Industry Sector
Session Leader: David DiSera, Vice President & CTO, EMA, Inc.
Case Study: Brenda Reum, Manager - GIT, Denver Water

Geospatial Integration as an Enabler of the Smart Grid
Session Leader: Mike Tao, Boreas Group LLC
Case Studies: John Simmins, EPRI; Leo Gemoets, University of Texas, El Paso

Two more plenary sessions have also been confirmed.

The Water and Energy Nexus: The Times They are a-Changin'
Mike Hightower, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

What Every Decision-Maker Needs to Know About Rapid Advancements in Technology
Dr. Carl Reed, CTO, Open Geospatial ConsortiumMore

2012 Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference website launches March 28
The website for GITA's 2012 Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference is set to go live on Wednesday, March 28. A special email announcement containing the web link, as well as some related conference information, will be sent to everyone on our mailing list. You will also be able to access the Oil & Gas website by visiting "Events" on the GITA web page at beginning tomorrow. More

Crowds create Wikipedia-style maps of the world
The Associated Press via Denver Post
When Benjamin Gleitzman moved from New York to the San Francisco Bay area, he used a talking turn-by-turn driving app to guide him across the country. In the middle of Wyoming, the voice told him to turn left where there was no road. Rather than complain to the maker of the app, called Waze, he logged in and made a note for anyone else who happened to drive that way that the road wasn't there. More

Congressman introduces 'Map It Once, Use it Many Times Act'
Directions Magazine (blog)
Congressman Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., has introduced a bill that would streamline federal bureaucracy dealing with map making. H.R 4233, "Map it Once, Use it Many Times Act," would reform, consolidate and reorganize federal geospatial activities.More

What is the purpose of geospatial media?
Vector 1 Media
Geospatial media has changed remarkably over the years. Many in the media began writing on paper, but quickly followed along with digital changes, often led by technologies and approaches that were also digital. The expectations of media have changed over time as well. There is a difference between being a trade magazine and other kinds of magazines. Readers interpret content in different ways, and writers create content with different purposes in mind. More

Smart grid goes to jail
Smart Grid News
An $11.7 million microgrid project designed and built by Chevron Energy Solutions will mean Santa Rita Jail in California's Alameda County can sustain power for daily operations and security if its connection to the grid is interrupted. The jail's onsite power generation integrates with energy storage to ensure power is never lost. The microgrid also allows the jail to buy power from the utility during least expensive nonpeak hours and store it for use during the most expensive summer peak hours.More

Top 10 reasons you need to know about GeoTech Center
Directions Magazine
The National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence is a National Science Foundation-funded program to develop educational tools for two-year colleges. Dr. Phillip Davis, the Center's director, provides his top 10 reasons why you need to look closely at how the GeoTech Center is performing its mission.More

Online energy map set to reduce household bills
A pioneering new online energy tool has been launched in Nottingham, England, that can help residents make big savings on their energy bills. The Nottingham Energy Calculator allows residents to select their property and return information on the savings which insulation, double glazing, new boilers and solar panels can bring. It also provides an interactive map which shows planning constraints and other existing renewable installations across the city.More

Geospatial intelligence goes from land to sea
Aviation Week
Maps are clearly a vital tool for any military commander, but the days when a two-dimensional, printed representation of an area will suffice have long since passed. Dynamic mapping of the battlespace is not new, but 21st century technologies are revolutionizing the collection, dissemination and analysis of tactical intelligence.More

Galileo launches accelerated
GPS World
Javier Benedicto, the head of the Galileo Project Office for the European Space Agency, set an aggressive schedule for launching some Galileo satellites as many as four at a time in 2014 and 2015, in an effort to meet a target provision date of Galileo's initial services in 2014 and full services in 2015. The announcement emerged at the Munich Summit on March 14.More

Emergency preparedness and response planning for catastrophic dam failure
Directions Magazine
Floods are considered the No. 1 natural hazard, causing more deaths and damage year after year. The National Science Foundation provided funding to a college in North Dakota for GIS and remote sensing technology and training. That college, in turn, created a study to assess risks to local communities and facilities in the path of potential flooding. Jacqueline Stenehjem and Dr. Peter G. Oduor describe how the grant from NSF benefited that population on many levels.More