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Apr. 2, 2013

California launches GeoPortal to improve access to valuable geographic information
Directions Magazine
The California Technology Agency launched the California GeoPortal, an interactive and user-friendly gateway to thousands of geographic data sources around the country. "California's new GeoPortal organizes important geographic data and makes it more accessible and useful," said Secretary Carlos Ramos. "This innovation increases government transparency, boosts efficiency and saves the State money."More

IGS launches real-time service
GPS World
The International GNSS Service, a worldwide federation of agencies involved in high-­precision Global Navigation Satellite System applications, has announced the launch of its Real-­Time Service. The RTS is a global-scale GNSS orbit and clock correction service that enables real‐time precise point positioning and related applications requiring access to IGS low latency products.More

The language of the Internet of Things
Although it receives a lot of press, the "Internet of Things" is not a new idea. A U.N. report in 2005 said: "We are heading into a new era of ubiquity where ... humans may become the minority as generators and receivers of traffic," while an ITU report of the same year said: "Connections will multiply and create an entirely new dynamic network of networks — an Internet of Things."More

Judge tosses out Naperville, Ill., smart meter lawsuit (for now)
Smart Grid News
Naperville, Ill.'s Smart Meter Awareness Group got some bad news when a district judge dismissed its federal lawsuit against the city for installing smart meters which members have long claimed pose health, safety, security and privacy issues. But the judge did give the group the option of returning with a revised lawsuit within 14 days. More

GIS as time machine: Capturing New York City's zoning history
References to time travel abound in popular culture; examples are found in literature, television and movies. Protagonists in these stories travel time for varying reasons: to influence some previous event; to "fix" a past, present or future outcome, or they merely wish to explore the state of things in a time different than their own.More

Are you a map maker, a map builder, a map scripter or a map creator?
Gary's Bloggage
These days, there's so many ways that you can make a map. You can use a Javascript Maps API and put push pins on a slippy map. You can take vector data, transform it into JSON and use a different Javascript API to make an SVG map. You can load data from pretty much any source into either a desktop GIS or a visualisation tool. The possibilities are endless; maybe more endless than you might first assume.More

The new cartographers
Twenty years ago, a driver lost at night would pull his car over, take out a paper map bought at a gas station, and pore over its folds under a dim light. With luck and some critical thinking, he would eventually get where he was going. Today, he'd be more likely to swipe his finger across a smart phone screen and follow directions using Google Maps.More

Women in GIS: 2013
Directions Magazine
AudioBriefThree weeks ago Hillary Perkins, a former URISA president, posted a question on the Women in GIS LinkedIn group asking for input for a session at URISA's fall GIS Pro about women in GIS. What is the status of women in GIS? What issues do women face in our industry?More

Lawmakers propose dozens of UAS, location privacy bills
Inside GNSS
It's spring, and privacy proposals are popping up in abundance, threatening to complicate the lives of law enforcement officers, spoil the landscape for some location-based businesses, and choke off the U.S. market for commercial unmanned aerial systems before it gets off the ground. More

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China
The Australian
About 28,000 rivers have disappeared from China's state maps, an absence seized upon by environmentalists as evidence of the irreversible natural cost of developmental excesses. More than half of the rivers previously thought to exist in China appear to be missing, according to the 800,000 surveyors who compiled the first national water census, leaving Beijing fumbling to explain the cause. More

New app compiles satellite database, allows users to request images from space
Satellite Today
A new app from Southern Stars for Apple devices allows users to access a complete database of spacecraft orbiting Earth. For $2.99, the Satellite Safari app features a number of views of the spacecraft such as from Earth, from above the Earth or right next to the orbiting satellite with the sun's lighting at the correct orientation. At the orbital view, users can zoom in to see details of the satellite, or rotate the image to see it from any angle. More

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