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Apr. 2, 2015

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St. Louis would sell directly to federal government if national agency chooses to relocate on north side
The city of St. Louis expects to start making offers in early May on the properties within the proposed site for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. That includes land owned by developer Paul McKee, who owns more than half of the parcels in the 100-acre area. Until now, it had been unclear whether the city or McKee would sell the land to the federal government should the intelligence agency choose the north city site. More

Reveal attribute data with just a click in updated Gmap4
Directions Magazine
In August 2013, we introduced our readers to Gmap4, an enhanced Google map viewer and GIS client that is free for non-commercial use. According to its creator, Joseph Elfelt, it was the first general purpose REST and WMS viewer built on the Google Maps API. Why was that important? Because it gave everyone with access to the internet the ability to display user-specified GIS data on a map, then view it through the familiar and user-friendly Google Map interface. More

Grid resilience: At what cost — and how?
Smart Grid News
Since 1980, the United States has sustained 144 weather disasters whose damage cost reached or exceeded $1 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The total cost to the nation's economy of these events exceeds $1 trillion. According to the National Climate Assessment, the incidence and severity of extreme weather will continue to increase in the coming years, due largely to climate change. More

Commerce aims to lead feds in data
The federal government is starting to keep score when it comes to web metrics. The newly launched tracks traffic to federal websites. The portal that hosts federal datasets tags the most popular. By any measure, the Department of Commerce is a hot web property, and that's just the way Secretary Penny Pritzker wants it, according to agency CIO Steve Cooper. More

USGS maps — Over 18 million served!
GIS User
According to the USGS, their maps have been downloaded by the millions since converting to digital delivery. The U.S. Geological Survey, through the National Geospatial Program, has delivered more than 18 million US Topoquadrangles and Historic Topographic Maps in the past six years. A download is counted when a user select the desired map(s) from the USGS Storeor The National Map Viewer and places that file on their computer or mobile device for further manipulation.More

Where does BYOD fit in for field data collection?
Sensors & Systems
The bring your own device movement for more personal control of our computing environment is taking hold. This is less about a mutiny against restrictive IT overlords, and more about comfort and convenience. The consumerization of the workplace where we can use our own phones, tablets and laptops has some positive impacts on productivity and can cut costs. More

Two Galileo satellites launched for Europe's navigation constellation
GPS World
Two more Galileo satellites were successfully launched from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana. The seventh and eighth Galileo satellites were lifted aloft on time Friday at 21:46:18 GMT (22:46:18 CET) atop a Soyuz ST-B rocket. The first three stages of the Soyuz rocket are delivering the Galileo satellites and their Fregat upper stage into low orbit. More

Who's doing what in 3-D surveying?
Point of Beginning
Fair or not, surveying professionals have long been labeled as staunchly independent. There is little doubt of the pride that prevails throughout the profession, but so too does the demand for savvy business techniques, perhaps no more so than today. To identify trends in 3-D surveying, BNP Media's market research division again worked with the editorial staff of POB magazine to develop and conduct a detailed market study. More