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Apr. 16, 2015

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Will high-altitude UAS rewrite the game for remote sensing?
Sensors & Systems
The unmanned aircraft system era of Earth observation has started, and the momentum is gaining. Even though regulations are not yet set, there are whole classes of UAS craft and application workflows that are achieving incredible productivity in trials and select applications. The insights that can be captured, and the new workflows required, have huge implications for the geospatial market. More

New source of support for mapmakers is spreading internationally
With so many sectors and niches, the spatial/IT industry was falling into silos. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere groups started appearing, first in the United States and then in Europe, under the label "Maptime," in a similar fashion to the hackathons a decade ago. What is Maptime? Co-founder Beth Schechter explains. More

Aerial surveying services and their applications
Directions Magazine
Until recently, aerial measurement was obligated to measurement technologies that cause a extended measurement method, and, as a result, high measurement prices. But, with the introduction of economic optical maser scanning within the late 1990s, the aerial measurement method and therefore the land measurement method became equally revolutionized. More

Fifth Galileo colloquium planned for October
GPS World
The fifth International Colloquium on Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Program will be held in Braunschweig, Germany, Oct. 27–29. Since 2007, the worldwide scientific community has met every two years to discuss the scientific possibilities of Galileo and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems. More

GNSS markets, standards and resilience at the European Navigation Conference
Inside GNSS
The 2015 edition of the European Navigation Conference in Bordeaux, France, last week found the continent's GNSS community leaving troubles behind and looking to the future, where the world's dependence on GNSS is greater, the risks higher and the potential profits ever more tantalizing. Speaking at the opening session dedicated to "the impact of GNSS on the economic sector," Topos Cluster President Florence Ghiron answered the question in the simplest of terms: "We expect the GNSS market to grow and to include more and more industrial sectors." More

IEEE: Digital economy requires rigorous grid
Smart Grid News
Smart Grid News Editor-in-Chief Barbara Vergetis Lundin recently caught up with IEEE's Wanda Reder to get her insights on the power and energy sector, as well as IEEE's role in its ongoing development. An IEEE Fellow, Reder is the Chief Strategy Officer at S&C Electric Company in Chicago and served as President of the IEEE Power & Energy Society from 2008-09. She also launched IEEE Smart Grid, serving as Chair from 2009-13. More