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May. 7, 2015

Two great GITA events in the next two weeks!


Communicating through Maps: An exclusive Directions Magazine series exploring the complexities and challenges of GIS mapping
Directions Magazine
Readers of this magazine are unlikely to need convincing about the inherent utility of maps. As representations of information, maps enable the analysis of spatial distributions and patterns and are a medium for communication both for and by the mapmaker. In fact, a map is a common metaphor for the arrangement of any type of information because being able to visualize spatial relationships among the data, whether words, numbers, shapes, images, objects, or concepts, helps us interpret and extract meaning. More

How has cloud computing added friction in the geospatial software space?
Sensors & Systems
As cloud computing is increasingly becoming the platform for software delivery, accompanied by software subscriptions and software as a service models, users are finding their options forced. Instead of the prior model, where users could pick and choose the tools for the task, the increasingly capable platforms with their associated data and services make the work easier, but also create an all-in adoption. More

What does the energy future look like? Three high-level factors to smart grid success
Smart Grid News
The shift to the next generation of energy technology is already underway, and there is no turning back. Although the smart grid promises to transform the way we interact with electricity, major changes have yet to go viral. So what factors will actually make a difference in residential consumers' lives? More

Model plane fliers to get real-time, location-based flight safety info
GPS World
A soon-to-be released smartphone app will provide users with real-time information on flight regulations, and restrictions for the user's actual location; alternately, for a location to which the user is planning to travel to for a model plane flight. Named B4UFly, the app is designed to answer for users, "Is it safe and is it legal to fly my model aircraft based on where I am right now?" More

Lockheed completes integration of first GPS III spacecraft
Inside GNSS
Lockheed Martin has finally been able to announce victory in its effort to complete integration of the first GPS Block III satellite. Integration took place last month at the company's GPS III Processing Facility near Denver, Colorado, bringing together the system module — which includes the navigation payload that performs the primary positioning, navigation, and timing mission — the functional bus containing the electronics that manage all satellite operations, and the propulsion core that enables the satellite to maneuver for operations on orbit. More

What we learned at SPAR International
Point of Beginning
Revolutionary seemed to be the theme for this year's SPAR International, which took place in Houston the first week of April. Andy Lowery, DAQRI CEO, gave an interesting keynote on technology in the information age. He mentioned his speech wouldn't focus on his own company specifically, but highlight current innovations and the state of the technology revolution we are living in. More

Esri StoryMap — Mapping the 2015 Nepal earthquake
GIS User
From Esri ... the Mapping the 2015 Nepal Earthquake smart map provides a 3-D web scene of the area affected by the avalanche on Mount Everest, as well as information about rescue and relief operations and critical infrastructure.More