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May. 14, 2015

Senators want drones to fly before rules are finalized
The Hill
A pair of senators is pushing legislation that would allow U.S. commercial drones to fly before federal regulations on them are finalized. Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and John Hoeven (R-N.D.) introduced legislation that would set up temporary rules for commercial drone use and testing in the United States until the Federal Aviation Administration finishes its rule making on the issue.More

No network, no problem: NGA's app provides mapping without a connection
Online maps are great, but they're not of much use in the field if there's no online connectivity available. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has been working on a solution in the form of an app the agency calls DICE. The Disconnected Interactive Content Explorer allows users to display interactive content or maps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript on mobile devices without being connected to a network. More

ESA aims to map sea surfaces with GNSS radio occultation
GPS World
A new concept that involves mounting an instrument on the International Space Station and taking advantage of signals from navigation satellites could provide measurements of sea-surface height and information about features related to ocean currents, benefiting science and ocean forecasting. More

How geospatial technology is changing government workflow
In order to maximize efficiency and best serve the needs of the citizens, collaboration between government organizations is key. Governments which have adopted this philosophy would now be looking for the best possible way to facilitate that collaboration — and geospatial data sharing offers a massive opportunity for governments to maximize their potential. More

FAA launches national capital region no drone zone campaign
FAA via Sensors & Systems
U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration announced a public outreach campaign for the National Capital Region around Washington, D.C. to reinforce the message that the District of Columbia and cities and towns within a 15-mile radius of Ronald-Reagan Washington National Airport are a No Drone Zone. More

What does the energy future look like?
Smart Grid News
The shift to the next generation of energy technology is already underway, and there is no turning back. Although the smart grid promises to transform the way we interact with electricity, major changes have yet to go viral. So what factors will actually make a difference in residential consumers' lives? More

OGC to demo results of major interoperability testbed
Directions Magazine
In December 2014 the White House Office of Science and Technology released a Policy Fact Sheet titled "Harnessing Climate Data to Boost Ecosystem & Water Resilience." The Fact Sheet notes OGC's commitment to increase open access to climate change information using open standards. Testbed 11, sponsored by an international group of government agencies, is mentioned in the OSTP document. More

International working group agrees on common GNSS SBAS message design
Inside GNSS
The next decade's aircraft pilots will be able to rely on enhanced, reliable GNSS satellite navigation signals on a seamless basis across much of the world, thanks to decisions made at the latest gathering of worldwide GNSS augmentation system providers and experts. More