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May. 15, 2012

Geospatial technology in 5 to 10 years
GIS User
Peter Batty, founder and VP at Ubisense, was recently asked to write on trends in "geospatial information management" over the next five years, and also looking further out to 10 years. It's interesting to try to think 10 years out, and there's quite a bit of detail that had to be cut out to get to 1,000 words.More

CAST navigation: Signal diversity and the PHGPST
GPS World
From Don Jewell: As loyal readers are aware, I have long been an advocate of signal diversity as a solution to many of the ills that plague the GPS user, especially outdated user equipment. Signal diversity potentially provides users with more signals and signal origins. More signals improve availability, the No. 1 user criteria by a huge margin, and serve as a defense against jamming and spoofing. More

Is open source hardware IT's next big thing?
Information Week
Those of us with gray hair remember when mainstream companies viewed open source software with extreme skepticism — that is, until it became apparent that the Internet backbone was running reliably on OSS. Now attention is turning to open source hardware. Open source hardware? Really? Really.More

Three-quarters of smartphone owners use location-based services
Pew Internet & American Life Project
A new report finds that 74 percent of smartphone owners use their phone to get real-time location-based information, and 18 percent use a geosocial service to "check in" to certain locations or share their location with friends. Over the past year, smartphone ownership among American adults has risen from 35 percent of adults in 2011 to 46 percent in 2012. More

Is there a smart grid in Africa's future? The answer may surprise you
Smart Grid News
On a continent with many of the world's poorest countries, it seems perfectly normal that a smart grid would not be on the plate for those nations' governments. But Africa, a collection of 48 mainland countries and six island nations, is a far different place from the smart grid hotbeds of the U.S., China and Europe.More

A mobile workforce improves field-staff operations
Situated in the north-central part of the United States, Wisconsin is shaped by a wide variety of geographical and geological features. Stretching from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River, its landscape contains an abundance of attributes, including highlands, lowlands, plains, prairies, bluffs, dense forests and tens of thousands of glacial lakes. More

Peoples Gas: Pipeline upgrade a job creator
Chicago Sun-Times
Peoples Gas says its gas-main replacement work — the start of a 20-year project to replace 2,000 miles of gas pipelines — has created 500 jobs so far, ranging from geospatial engineers to financial planners to union pipefitters. Utility spokeswoman Jennifer Block couldn't say how many of the 500 are full-time Peoples Gas employees and how many are hired by contractors, but she said "the bulk" are union jobs.More