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May. 28, 2015

GITA Board of Directors to meet
The GITA Board of Directors will be meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the weekend of June 6-7. If you have any comments or concerns you would like them to consider, please send to

Contract supports new tests of eLORAN as GPS, PNT backup
Inside GNSS
Exelis, UrsaNav, Inc., the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate, and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement to test and demonstrate enhanced Loran service from former LORAN-C sites. These sites are the legacy ground-based radio navigation infrastructure of the decommissioned LORAN-C service that could be retained and upgraded to provide eLORAN low frequency service. More

5 ways big geospatial data is driving analytics in the real world
Amid the flood of data we collect and contend with on a daily basis, geospatial data occupies a unique place. Thanks to the networks of GPS satellites and cell towers and the emerging Internet of Things, we're able to track and correlate the location of people and objects in very precise ways that were not possible until recently. But putting this geospatial data to use is easier said than done.More

What does the energy future look like?
Smart Grid News
The shift to the next generation of energy technology is already underway, and there is no turning back. Although the smart grid promises to transform the way we interact with electricity, major changes have yet to go viral. So what factors will actually make a difference in residential consumers' lives? More

'Does MapQuest still exist?' Yes, it does, and it's a profitable business
The Washington Post
In the far corner of a typical-looking tech office, past the ping-pong table and medicine balls, past the whiteboard covered with aspirational Post-it notes, there's an old walk-in storage closet filled with reminders of a different era. In there, the old red MapQuest logo is everywhere: on giveaway knickknacks, on little tech gadgets, tokens from a time when MapQuest had nearly 100 percent of the online mapping market. More

How can a degree qualifications profile create a better geosciences workforce?
Directions Magazine
Several important discussions in higher education over the last few years have focused on creating clear, high quality academic pathways to help students become educated participants in our democracy and to meet the needs of the nation’s economy. The need for these pathways is more important than ever because over half of all students attending community colleges and other two-year institutions are classified as nontraditional. More

Esri provides U.S. Flooding Public Information Map for Central U.S.
GIS User (blog)
Such a tragedy seeing the flooding and devastation in the South this week ... we hope all of our readers and colleagues are staying dry and safe! To help those of you interested in tracking and/or monitoring the current situation, Esri has developed a U.S. Flooding Public Information Map, which provides continuously updated information from the National Weather Service. More

UN seminar on SatNav explored sharing, education
GPS World
A United Nations workshop held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, May 18-22 focused on sharing GNSS in various countries, as well as training in GNSS technologies. The five-day workshop, organized jointly by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Russian Federal Space Agency, sought to address the use of GNSS for various applications that can provide sustainable social and economic benefits, in particular for developing countries. More

Technologies team up, pay off for Canadian surveyors
Point of Beginning
As surveying firms push to give client projects the highest-quality work and results possible, they also strive to improve project workflow. To accomplish these goals, surveyors increasingly are discovering that not just one tool like, say, a total station can do all the field survey work necessary. Relying on one tool or technology can be dicey, after all, because it may prove totally inadequate for certain projects. More