GITA News Hub
July 5, 2011

Geospatial Thought Leader Series: Second installment
Today's issue of the GITA News Hub features the second in the "Geospatial Thought Leader Series." Talbot Brooks, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Technologies at Delta State University, and the current Treasurer of GITA, provides some useful insight into geospatial application areas and needs from both the geospatial professional and emergency responder perspectives in a paper entitled, "Integrating the Paper and Digital Environments for Crisis/Emergency Response: Lessons Learned."

In the coming weeks and months, this series will provide readers insight and awareness of the technology, applications, emerging trends and issues that are in the forefront of the rapidly evolving geospatial industry — from the perspective of key GITA and industry leaders. The topics will be as varied as the industry itself and will be categorized into subject matter areas for future reference.

Interested in contributing? Send your ideas for a submission to the "Thought Leader Series" to Talbot Brooks at Submissions should address challenges and their subsequent solutions and must follow GITA policies for publication.More

A State of Compromise
Becky Shumate, one of GITA's two representatives to the GISCI Board of Directors, provides a primer on the intersection of surveying and GIS, the NCEES and the Model Law in "A State of Compromise." More

FCC-mandated working group report documents pervasive harmful interference with GPS
Coalition to Save Our GPS
The FCC technical working group report conclusively shows that LightSquared's proposed operations defy the law of physics, and therefore simply will not work. The report findings are starkly clear: The only real solution to the LightSquared interference problem is to move out of the MSS band altogether. That's because going forward with LightSquared's plans, in all of their various shifting iterations, would cause such widespread harmful interference that it would severely cripple GPS.More

GPS makers trade barbs with LightSquared
PC World
A GPS industry group dismissed mobile startup LightSquared's alternative proposal for an LTE network that would operate on frequencies close to the GPS band, saying the company hasn't presented any clear plan to reduce interference. More

Localities move data to 'cloud' despite security concerns
The Washington Examiner
Alexandria, Va., and Arlington, Va., are going "into the cloud." Arlington is in the midst of moving its employees' email accounts to "cloud computing," the newest wave of information technology that allows data to be stored in bulk at far-away servers, rather than stored locally, and accessed through the Internet. Alexandria just finished moving its employees over to the cloud — the first jurisdiction in Virginia to do so.More

Fun with maps: 7 peculiar US borders
The Awl
Is Colorado a perfect rectangle? The borders are defined by strict latitude and longitude lines, so by all accounts it should be; but thanks to a surveyor error back in 1879, it isn't. The kink in the western side of America's Otherwise Squariest Landmass is just one example of the kind of cartographic aberrations that have made for oddball borders in today's United States.More

Google Plus — First look at features, mobile client and Google CheckIn
GIS User
Describing Plus is a little tough. The Circles feature is interesting — essentially, a circle is a group of people, similar to a Twitter list or Facebook group, you group your connections based on similar likes or interests. What's way cool, though, (and addictive) is that you don't have to be connected or be friends with people to add them to circles.More

Podcast: Revisiting Google Earth Builder
Directions Magazine
Google's Google Earth Builder product manager shared further details of the offering on a recent sponsored Directions Webinar. We take a second look at Google's cloud solution for enterprise mapping to locate its place in the market.More

Power to the people
With public services struggling to find efficiencies and cut costs and the private sector seeking to improve competitiveness and market share, it's clear that the use of GIS is more relevant than ever before. The use of spatial information empowers organizations, communities and customers to improve decisions and increase collaboration, simplifying relationship management and enhance co-ordination with a direct influence on saving costs and increasing efficiency. More

$300 billion in residential property damage exposed to hurricane storm surge
Beginning with Hurricane Katrina and continuing through the recent Japanese tsunamis, public awareness has been sharply focused on the destructive impact of ocean waves driven by natural events. For the United States, with its exposure to tropical storms along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, hurricane-driven storm-surge inundation is one of the most disastrous natural-flooding events that can occur. More

FGDC endorses the United States Thoroughfare, Landmark and Postal Address Data Standard
Federal Geographic Data Committee
Recently the Steering Committee of the Federal Geographic Data Committee endorsed the United States Thoroughfare, Landmark and Postal Address Data Standard. The United States Thoroughfare, Landmark and Postal Address Data Standard is the culmination of efforts of the Address Standard Working Group, formed by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association in 2005, when the FGDC accepted a proposal submitted by URISA to create a Street Address Data Standard.More

European LIDAR mapping forum sells 60 percent of exhibit stands in 4 weeks
European LIDAR Mapping Forum
Leading the LIDAR charge in Europe, the ELMF team is building on the phenomenal success of the first event last year, and the market is supporting them all the way on the upcoming show in Austria in November. "Exhibitors couldn't be signing up faster!" ELMF Event Manager Caroline Hobden said. "In just four weeks, we have witnessed exhibitors old and new flocking to take stands with 60 percent of the floor plan already allocated."More