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July 12, 2011

NTIA highlights just how bad LightSquared interference is
DSL Reports
Late last month, LightSquared finally filed its revised testing report with the FCC, which unsurprisingly confirmed that its planned LTE network would significantly interfere with GPS signals. LightSquared recently proposed an alternate solution that would utilize a 10 MHz swath of L-band spectrum in the lower portion of the company's spectrum assets, instead of the chunk of 10 MHz spectrum they had planned to use — but showed significant GPS issues.More

Federal agencies recommend keeping wireless network away from GPS radio band
National Executive Committee for Space-Based PNT
The United States Departments of Transportation and Defense, on behalf of the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, sent a letter to the Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration), clarifying their position on the proposal of LightSquared Subsidiary LLC to operate a nationwide broadband service within the spectrum immediately adjacent to the Global Positioning System signals. More

Final report of FCC working group: Lose LightSquared from L-band
GPS World
The final report to the Federal Communications Commission on three months of research by the technical working group tasked to investigate and analyze effects of powerful terrestrial L-band transmitters on the GPS signal and services finally appeared on June 30, nearly two weeks after its assigned date. LightSquared had requested an extension, and apparently the lawyers on its staff used the extra time to write many pages of self-justification and further argumentation of the company's case. More

LightSquared hires former lawmakers to get satellite plan off ground
The Washington Post
LightSquared said it has brought on two former federal lawmakers as advisers as the satellite broadband start-up tries to overcome obstacles to its network plans. The firm, created by hedge fund investor Philip Falcone, said former senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota and former representatives George Nethercutt of Washington and Charlie Stenholm of Texas have agreed to lead a program to find ways to bring its satellite-based LTE service to rural areas.More

Teachers teaching teachers GIS
GIS User
Many of us in the field of GIS believe that spatial analysis needs to be spread throughout a wide variety of disciplines. In other words, our philosophy is that the geographic way of viewing the world and geospatial tools are too valuable and useful to be confined to one discipline, whether it is geography or computer science or other single discipline. More

Breakthrough best practices for blending IT and OT
Smart Grid News
Utilities all over the world are moving to integrate information technology and operational technology. To integrate the data. To integrate the workflow. To integrate the operations centers. And even to integrate the workforces. "As we move towards a self-healing, real-time grid, the operations side becomes much more dependent on IT," explains Wade Malcolm, Accenture's Senior Director of Smart Grid Operational Technology. More

Beyond location-based marketing: The enterprise strikes back
Directions Magazine
Pocketweb founders Alexander Koeppen and Michael Heinzel describe their company as one that integrates location-based and social media services across Web and mobile platforms. In this article, they explain why customizable platforms for mobile and LBS may become the next corporate standard. More

US soldier makes app for tracking down Taliban fighters
Getting shot at by Taliban fighters and need to call an air strike? There's an app for that. Tactical Nav can be downloaded to a smartphone to figure out where an enemy is firing from, and to call in an air strike or covering fire. It was created by U.S. Army captain Jonathan Springer after two of his comrades were killed in a rocket attack. More

Silver Spring Networks files IPO for Smart Grid Tech
Forbes (blog)
Silver Spring Networks, which makes wireless components for smart meters and other networking equipment for utilities, plans to go public and raise up to $150 million, the company said. The company has become a prominent player in the so-called smart grid market because its communication technologies help utilities collect and manage energy consumption data from customers quickly. More

Evaluating open source tools for hydrological analysis
Located in a small valley in South-West Germany, the Linach dam was constructed in the 1920s as a hydro-electric plant for the municipality of Vohrenbach but closed in the 1960s. Now reopened for recreational use, issues such as flood protection as well as landscape preservation had to be considered as the area lies within the Southern Black Forest nature reserve. More

Esri's wildfire map
This interactive map allows you to view continuously updated U.S. wildfire information. You can see current wildfire locations, as well as view the potential for wildfire in a given area. The map also provides access to newsfeeds and precipitation information.More