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Jul. 23, 2013

Ideas to bolster power grid run up against the system's many owners
The New York Times
Bill Richardson often denigrated America's power transmission network as a "third-world grid" when he was President Bill Clinton's energy secretary, but the more current description of it is "balkanized," with 500 separate owners. Marc L. Spitzer, a former member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, said even that analogy was not harsh enough. "To call the U.S. grid balkanized would insult the Macedonians," he said.More

House bill presses FAA on UAS privacy role
Inside GNSS
Privacy concerns appear likely to continue slowing the FAA congressional mandate to integrate unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace. On July 2, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee issued a report on its transportation appropriations bill for the 2014 fiscal year that includes a measure directing the FAA "to collaborate with other Federal agencies in evaluating the impact that broader use of UAS in the national airspace could have on individual privacy."More

Invitation to participate in GISCI's exam development
GISCI is inviting all certified GIS Professionals to contribute to its exam. The development of an exam component of the GISP certification process will rely on the knowledge of GIS professionals, as did the original development of the portfolio-based certification. For the exam development project, GISCI is seeking participation from active GIS professionals from all GIS sectors, job categories and professional levels.More

Why is reinforcing the GIS value proposition more important now than ever?
Sensors & Systems
Lessons from the largest GIS event of the year (the Esri International User Conference) are still sinking in, and some of the takeaways give pause for the geospatial vendor community as a whole. The issue central to the need to defend and assert the value of a Geographic Information Systems deals with the new level of accessibility to spatial data and analysis capabilities that may make executives question why they own and maintain a system (and a professional staff) in the face of so many free or low-cost web-based services. More

Wow technology at ESRIUC from HP
GIS User
By Glenn Letham: I always make a point of stopping by the HP booth at UC to see the latest hardware and solutions from the group. (It's always great meeting up with folks from Fort Collins, too!) This year was no exception as I spent about a half hour getting the low-down on some awesome hardware and solutions.More

Air Force proposes dramatic redesign for GPS constellation
Inside GNSS
With the budget vise tightening, top Pentagon managers are readying some potentially dramatic changes to the GPS constellation — changes that promise to lower both the cost of the satellites and the expense of putting them into orbit. More

Top 10 new features in ArcGIS 10.2
GIS User
I'm a big fan of Top 10 lists, and I’m also a fan of the annual ESRIUC, so when there happens to be a Top 10 list featured on stage at the event, I tend to take note! This year the list focused on the top new features in ArcGIS at R 10.2. ArcGIS product lead, Jim McKinney from Esri introduced some of the new functionality on stage at UC and he was followed up by James Tedrick with his Top 10 new features at 10.2.More

Apple's maps strategy is working just fine
Apple recently made two smallish acquisitions of map-related companies, Locationary and HotStop, that have produce some sneering press coverage since clearly in both instances the purchase is in a way an admission that Apple's Maps product continues to be markedly inferior to Google Maps. But I think that's the wrong way to look at it. The purchase of these companies is a confirmation that Apple's risky Maps strategy is continuing to pay dividends. More

First Australian open source geospatial laboratory
Spatial Source
The University of Melbourne will be home to Australia's first open source geospatial laboratory, which will support urban research and educational excellence through the use of geospatial data and tools. The software used to support activities of the laboratory is all open source. This open source geospatial laboratory is a joint initiative of the International Cartographic Association and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.More

How to attract visitors to your trade show booth: Geo edition
Directions Magazine
Everyone who attends a geospatial conference probably spends some time on the exhibit hall floor walking the aisles and looking for swag (stuff we all get) to take home. The exhibitors are looking to renew and create relationships to enhance their bottom lines. What can they do to draw in visitors and start a conversation that might lead to future business?More

GPS III prototype arrives at Cape Canaveral
Inside GNSS
Lockheed Martin has delivered a full-sized, functional prototype of the next generation GPS satellite to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The GPS III Non-Flight Satellite Testbed arrived July 19 at the Cape, where it will be used to test facilities and pre-launch processes in advance of the arrival of the first GPS III flight satellites, which will undergo similar testing. More

Trimble expands rugged handhelds to include enhanced GPS
GPS World
Trimble has introduced new functionality and configuration options for its Juno T41 rugged handheld computer. In addition to a handheld computer and smartphone configuration, the series now includes enhanced, real-time 1-2 meter GPS accuracy and high-speed 1D/2D barcode imaging technology. The new configurations are in addition to the capabilities already available in Trimble’s Juno T41 handheld computer. More