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Aug. 9, 2011

Open source and open standards: A primer
People who don't work in the software industry (and many who do!) often confuse the terms "Open Standards" and "Open Source." A white paper has been created collaboratively by the Open Geospatial Consortium and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation to look at what these terms mean in the context of the OGC and OSGeo and how they relate and where they are different.

If you are interested in this topic, you should consider attending the 2011 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference (FOSS4G), scheduled for Sept. 12-16 in Denver. This is the first time this international conference has been offered in North America since 2007 in Victoria, British Columbia. GITA is providing logistical and management support for FOSS4G 2011.More

Falcone: AT&T, Verizon interfering with LightSquared
Hedge-fund manager Phil Falcone accused AT&T and Verizon Communications of interfering with LightSquared, a broadband startup in which he has invested about $3 billion. In a television interview with CNBC, he said it was "very disappointing" AT&T , Verizon and other members of the Coalition to Save Our GPS are contacting local elected officials to try and block LightSquared from providing a fourth-generation wireless network in rural areas.More

GeoGathering 2011
The fifth annual GeoGathering Conference brings together Oil & Gas gathering and production line professionals to discuss common problems and share mutually beneficial solutions. This year's event returns to the Rocky Mountains and will be held Aug. 31-Sept. 1 the InterLocken Omni Hotel and Resorts in Broomfield, Colorado. For more information, visit

39 states don't require college degree for land surveying license
GPS World
Our lives are enriched to the extent we understand the reasons for and the consequences of our decisions. The assumption has long been that education is the foundation upon which we build that understanding. Listening to the recent ongoing debate of LightSquared's impact on GPS signals has given reason to question that assumption. Education is essential for the survival and continued viability of the surveying profession. Nonetheless, challenges remain. More

Can mapping exist separately from surveying?
Professional Surveyor
An RFP for lidar data collection was crafted back in October 2010 for a local government in central Florida. After reading of Florida statutes and the opinion of city attorneys from a national law firm, some parts of the work were within the scope of regulated surveying and some parts were not, so it was carefully stated that a Florida-licensed surveyor was required to perform those parts that were explicitly covered by regulated practice laws. More

Smart grid expert: Stop obsessing about customers!
Smart Grid News
Mani Vadari recently mentioned his notion that we're over-obsessing about customer benefits. Mani previously worked for the company now known at Alstom Grid, where he was one of their leads in the energy deregulation area. Mani has been working on smart grid as long as anyone and from several perspectives. He believes the ARRA's funding overwhelmingly focused on smart meters, leading to a distortion.More

Out in front: A pawn in their game
GPS World
Maybe we got played. But we put up a good fight. We really had no option to do anything but fight. So we did, and we're still fighting the LightSquared attack on the GPS signal. It's not over yet, not by a long shot. Suspicions now creep in that the attack may have been a feint, that the company never really intended to do what it threatened: broadcast a very powerful signal from ground towers, on a frequency immediately adjacent to the GPS signal. More

Satellites in the developing world
RF Globalnet
A number of developing countries are taking steps to build their own national satellite programs, seeking more control over remote-sensing data to map and forecast disasters, monitor crop yields and track environmentally driven diseases such as malaria. Satellite programs have cropped up in Nigeria, Malaysia and Thailand, thanks to a relatively recent philosophical change within the space industry. More

US aid agency to enlist satellites to boost development
Agence France Presse
The U.S. Agency for International Development plans to combine satellite imagery with on-the-ground surveys to better fight food shortages and other problems in developing countries, a report said. USAID will set up a Geospatial Intelligence Center, or GeoCenter, before the end of the year to promote a better use of development funds, said, which covers the management of information technology in the U.S. government.More