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Aug. 16, 2011

Just released: Updated exhibitors list for GITA's GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference
Would you benefit from a strong understanding of where the oil and gas industry is headed?

Then make sure you visit this year's GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference exhibit floor on Oct. 24-26 in Houston! You will be able to interact with the many vendors who bring geospatial technology to life for the leading oil and gas pipeline operating companies. Check out the full list of GIS hardware, software and service providers, with their websites here, and register to attend the conference.

NEW THIS YEAR: Users/operators can visit the exhibit hall at no charge.

Any employee of an operator or user organization will have COMPLIMENTARY access to the exhibit hall. Even if you can't benefit from participating in the educational program, we want you to be able to see first-hand what's new and available in the marketplace. The variety of products and solutions on the floor will provide a thought-provoking experience — available to all users at absolutely no cost.More

Security flaw found in feds' digital radios
Expensive high-tech digital radios used by the FBI, Secret Service and Homeland Security are designed so poorly that they can be jammed by a $30 children's toy, CNET has learned. A GirlTech IMME, Mattel's pink instant-messaging device with a miniature keyboard that's marketed to pre-teen girls, can be used to disrupt sensitive radio communications used by every major federal law enforcement agency.More

China's smart meter boom will lead to 1 billion installations by 2020
Green Biz
The number of smart meters installed worldwide will reach 963 million by 2020, largely due to China's aggressive effort to modernize its electric grid. By 2015, the installed base will reach 535 million units — more than twice as much as an earlier forecast from Pike Research. "It's almost double the initial forecast because of the growth in the Asia region," said Bob Gohn, Pike's Smart Grid Research Director.More

Will the smart grid outsmart itself?
As smart meter technology does what it is supposed to do — persuade us to do our laundry, wash our dishes and recharge our cars in the middle of the night when electricity rates are lowest — it's possible the smart grid will outsmart itself, according to a new study. That's because electricity rates are cheapest in the middle of night now precisely because everyone is asleep while electricity is generated that needs to be used. More

NGA makes real-time intelligence top priority
Defense Systems
Barry Barlow is director of the Acquisition Directorate of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a job he has held since late 2009. A member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service, he has been with the directorate since 2006. Barlow spoke with Defense Systems Editor-in-Chief Barry Rosenberg about NGA's acquisition strategy and finding technology enablers to get real-time geospatial intelligence into people's hands. More

Tell Congress that teaching geography is fundamental
GIS User (blog)
An interesting movement has the geography community rallying the population to get the attention of Congress. To date over 2,500 letters have been sent in and the coalition is looking for your help in facing the crisis in geographic literacy. Geography has long been recognized as a "core academic subject" in federal education legislation. But unlike other core academic subjects, there is no dedicated federal funding stream to advance geography education. More

A world full of sensors
Vector 1 Magazine
Scientists of the TU Darmstadt are working on the Smart City. Smart phones, equipped with numerous sensors, significantly simplify for their owners the organization of several aspects of their lives. But this is only the beginning; scientists of Darmstadt envision an entire smart city in which all sensor-equipped devices are interlinked in an intelligent manner.More

How geodemographics has changed over 40 years
Directions Magazine
More than 40 years ago, marketers employed "the power of location" to help answer key questions: Who are my customers, where do they live, what media do they consume, and how can I find more of them? Originally, ZIP codes, and eventually addresses, were used to pinpoint a customer's location and enable calculations to determine the distance consumers travel to a business, to find pockets of high potential customers and to target door-to-door advertising.More

LightSquared hits out at GPS equipment makers
In the latest move between LightSquared, the U.S. start-up carrier which proposes a national 4G terrestrial mobile broadband network, and those who claim its use of the L1 frequency band will interfere with GPS signals, the Virginia-based company has hit out at GPS receiver makers for ignoring agreed "guard band" limits. More

GeoGeek speak: Common terms, defined
GIS User
Are you a GeoGeek or wanna-be GeoGeek? If so and you want to participate in GeoGeek discussions then this fabulous and updated list of new GeoSpeak terms will serve you well ... enjoy!More

Cisco exits building energy management
Smart Grid News
It's smart to stick to your core competencies, and Cisco has decided to do just that in the smart grid. While emphasizing its continued commitment to the sector overall, the firm has decided to back away from building energy management, both at the residential and the commercial levels. It's a smart move, one that will let it put more effort into security and network management for the smart grid, places where it can add great value.More