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Aug. 27, 2013

Strategies for overcoming privacy concerns with indoor navigation apps
Street Fight
When it comes to the widespread adoption of indoor positioning and navigation tools among retailers, technology isn't nearly as big of a barrier as consumer pushback. Although 62 percent of smartphone users say they are aware that advertisers are tracking their mobile activities, according to a survey by TRUSTe, only 1 percent say they like it and only one-in-10 would willingly consent to sharing their location data with marketers.More

Why Microsoft lost the war on location intelligence
Directions Magazine
With the coming departure of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the company has an opportunity to muster its plethora of location technology solutions and build a business. Right now, says Directions Magazine Editor in Chief Joe Francica, the ship is rudderless. Francica digs into the reason why Microsoft is losing, and may have already lost, another technology battle.More

Report looks at market factors for indoor positioning
GPS World
In recent years, there has been a substantial demand for indoor positioning and navigation equipment in the marketplace across verticals. Research and Markets has released a new report that indicates that there are multiple factors shaping the future of the indoor location market. One such factor is the increasing number of applications that are addressing the expressed market need. More

These maps can predict the future
DigitalGlobe is best known as the company which provides much of Google Earth's satellite imagery. It also has a healthy business keeping global militaries and intelligence agencies appraised of what's happening on the ground. Now the company wants to add energy companies, utility providers, insurance agencies, and others to its client mix.More

Six map links that every cartographer has seen a million times
Cartographer Blog
We have a problem as cartographers. It's that nobody would ever in a million years have believed that there's such a thing as cartography anymore. Whenever somebody discovers (with much amazement) that we do exist, either by joining our ranks or simply realizing that we weren't lying about our jobs after all, they react predictably. More

Do our brains pay a price for GPS?
The Boston Globe
How GPS affects our natural ability to navigate is a question that has, in recent years, begun to attract the attention of researchers around the world. When we use GPS, the research indicates, we remember less about the places we go, and put less work into generating our own internal picture of the world.More

What Europe has learned about smart grids (from 371 projects)
Smart Grid News
The U.S. has its Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse. And the European Commission has its Joint Research Centre group on Smart Electricity Systems and Interoperability. Now JRC has published an updated inventory of all 281 projects (plus about 90 smart metering pilots and rollouts) currently underway. Actually, it's more than an inventory — it also details lessons learned. Skim the summary below to decide if you want to download a copy of the full report. More

This isn't private information
Directions Magazine
NSGIC has authored a short paper (This Isn't Private Information, two pages) that details five situations where personal data is not breached. The goal: to enhance debate and discussion on the issue of "locational privacy." More

New report details the coastal change from Hurricane Sandy
Beaches and dunes on Fire Island, N.Y., lost more than half of their pre-storm volume during Hurricane Sandy, leaving the area more vulnerable to future storms. While the damage and destruction on Fire Island was immediately evident after the storm, a new U.S. Geological Survey study is the first to quantify the actual changes to the coast caused by the storm. "The beaches and dunes of the island were severely eroded during Sandy," said Cheryl Hapke, a USGS research geologist and lead author of the study. More

Utah is not only gorgeous but its #OpenGov state web portal is awesome!
GIS User
Kudos to the State of Utah on its awesome web portal and for being recognized for excellence in web design and serving the population with an internet gateway that is complete awesome! The state was even recognized recently with a VEMA award for excellence — the VEMA Award recognizes outstanding work of the innovative, artistic and creative professionals involved in the multimedia arts. More

Galileo to miss another launch date as tests continue on FOC satellite
Inside GNSS
As engineers painstakingly work their way through tests of the first full operational capability Galileo satellite at the European Space Agency's European Space Research and Technology Center in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, European space sources admit that the new generation spacecraft's maiden voyage will not occur until Dec. 28, if then. Last week, ESA reported details of acoustic tests on the FOC conducted in the Large European Acoustic Facility, designed to recreate the roar of a rocket lifting off.More

5 tools for keeping track of California's monster Yosemite wildfire
The Rim Fire raging uncontrolled near Groveland, Calif., and Yosemite National Park continues to grow, now covering a sprawling tract more than 200 square miles — an area roughly the size of the city of Chicago. The blaze, which has so far consumed some 144,000 acres and pulled over 3,000 firefighters into battle, was only 7 percent contained Monday morning and continuing to spread northeast and east, menacing some 4,500 nearby homes, cabins and businesses.More