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Sep. 3, 2013

The Microsoft purchase of Nokia — facts, figures and the numbers
GIS User
By now you've likely heard that Microsoft has bought Nokia. So what does this mean exactly? Simply put, Nokia has sold off its devices and services divisions — note, Nokia will retain the HERE brand and the navigation services and Microsoft will license HERE and other patents from Nokia.More

Apple sued over 'Find my iPhone' in new patent campaign against location apps
A shell company in Texas is invoking a 1996 patent to claim a monopoly over remote location services like Apple's "Find my Friends" and Google's defunct "Latitude," filing lawsuits against the two tech companies and against major phone carries like Verizon. The lawsuits, which also refer to Apple's "Find my iPhone" service, could spell trouble not just for the corporate giants but for the many small players in the burgeoning industry for location-based smartphone apps.More

NAPSG Foundation Virtual Training: Coastal Oil Spill SOG
NAPSG Foundation
Please join NAPSG Foundation for a virtual training session Sept. 23 on the soon-to-be-released Standard Operating Guidance document on implementing GIS for Coastal Oil Spills. The document was created through the NAPSG partnership with NSGIC and US DHS Geospatial Management Office. It was developed with input from local, county, state and Federal officials with experience and expertise on coastal oil spills.More

FCC fines operator of GPS jammer that affected Newark Airport GBAS
Inside GNSS
The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a hefty fine for a New Jersey truck driver whose alleged use of a GPS jammer caused harmful interference to the new ground-based augmentation system at Newark Liberty International Airport. In a notice of apparent liability for forfeiture, the FCC concluded that conclude that Gary P. Bojczak is "apparently liable" for a forfeiture amounting to $31,875. More

How to cash in on smart meters for smarter outage management
Smart Grid News
Smart Grid News is working with experts from Elster and other leading smart grid companies to create the ultimate guide to AMI — a full-scale, start-to-finish, everything-including-the kitchen-sink compendium of best practices, lessons learned and future directions. When it's complete, we will make it available to you as an e-book. In the meantime we're publishing selected excerpts. More

Can Bill Gates pull a Steve Jobs ... in GIS
Directions Magazine
In his editorial in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Holman Jenkins, Jr. suggested that "Only Bill Gates Can Change Microsoft." He contends that so long as Gates is trolling around Redmond that only he can "inflict on Microsoft the change it needs."More

These maps can predict the future
DigitalGlobe is best known as the company which provides much of Google Earth's satellite imagery. It also has a healthy business keeping global militaries and intelligence agencies appraised of what's happening on the ground. Now the company wants to add energy companies, utility providers, insurance agencies, and others to its client mix.More

Why Microsoft lost the war on location intelligence
Directions Magazine
With the coming departure of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the company has an opportunity to muster its plethora of location technology solutions and build a business. Right now, says Editor in Chief Joe Francica, the ship is rudderless. More

An alternative tool for detecting underground nuclear explosions?
GPS World
Well-concealed underground nuclear explosions may go undetected by International Monitoring System sensors. An independent technique of detection and verification may be offered by GPS-based analysis of local traveling ionospheric disturbances excited by an explosion. Most of the work to date has been at the research demonstration stage; however, operational capability is possible, based on the worldwide GPS network of permanently tracking receivers.More

Ohio's first open source geospatial lab will be established at Kent State
Directions Magazine
Kent State University will be home to Ohio's first Open Source Geospatial Laboratory. The laboratory will support computational social science research and educational excellence through the development, implementation, and application of open source geo-computation and geo-visualization.More

Clooney: Satellite over Sudan curbing fighting
The Post-Star
Actor George Clooney says a satellite project over Sudan that he helped found has curbed violence, at least during daylight. Clooney said at the Venice Film Festival that the Satellite Sentinel Project, which uses satellite imagery to monitor acts of war over areas between Sudan and South Sudan, has been "incredibly successful."More