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Sep. 10, 2013

18th Annual Geospatial Solutions Conference in Australia
GITA's 18th Annual geospatial Solutions Conference was held on Aug. 5–7 in Brisbane, Australia — A screaming success — Great program. Great networking — everyone had a fantastic time. With over 50 organizations from all over Australia represented, coupled with exceptional speakers great displays. GITA wishes to thank all sponsors, the 2013 program committee, speakers and most of all those who came along and shared in the wealth of experience that was the 2013 GITA ANZ Annual Conference.More

What are the top 10 existing and emerging disruptions for geospatial business models?
Sensors & Systems
It's a time of great disruption within the technology space, with a great deal of change taking place in how geospatial data is collected, stored, visualized and analyzed. There are new technologies and new approaches that have allowed new companies to emerge, and that have empowered existing players. Much more disruption is on the horizon that individually or combined will make it hard for practitioners and vendors to plan. More

Perspectives on women in GIS
Directions Magazine
AudioBriefDirections Magazine editor Joe Francica speaks with Diana Maties, a GIS professional with CDM Smith, who is leading a session on Women in GIS at the upcoming GIS Pro conference sponsored by URISA, the Association for GIS Professionals on Sept. 16-19 in Providence, R.I.. In this converation, Maties provides her perspective on what's needed to encourage more women to pursue GIS and what her expectations are for the session that will be held at the conference.More

Intel Community offers first glimpse of future IT tools, network
Federal News Radio
A few thousand intelligence community employees are seeing what their future technology tools and infrastructure look like. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently implemented a set of baseline capabilities under its Intelligence Community IT Enterprise program. Al Tarasiuk, the assistant DNI and intelligence community chief information officer, said during a briefing with reporters in McLean, Va., the IC launched three capabilities under ICITE in mid-August. More

The future of maps: Customization
Directions Magazine
The presenters at the opening session of the IMIA/.MAP Conference in Cambridge, Mass., revealed that they are all facing the same kinds of questions about the current mapping industry. What is a map today? What do users want to do with it?More

Apple sued over 'Find my iPhone' app
Patent suits in the mobile phone industry are nothing new — but this one's a doozy. A shell company claims its 1996 patent gives it a monopoly over services like Find My Friends and Google Latitude.More

The Microsoft purchase of Nokia — facts, figures and the numbers
GIS User
By now you've likely heard that Microsoft has bought Nokia. So what does this mean exactly? Simply put, Nokia has sold off its devices and services divisions — note, Nokia will retain the HERE brand and the navigation services and Microsoft will license HERE and other patents from Nokia.More

Planning in a 3-D world in Prince George's County, Md.
GIS User
Within the Prince George's County, Md. Planning Department, there was increasing internal pressure to display geographic information in 3-D. Demand primarily came from the Development Review staff because 3-D capability had the potential of greatly enhancing their ability to understand the physical and political impacts especially for proposed large land developments. More

Raytheon GPS launch and checkout capability cleared for test
GPS World
Raytheon Company has received Interim Authorization to Test security certification for the Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System Launch and Checkout System four months ahead of schedule. Raytheon received a one-year certification with no liens, meaning the government does not require any changes. The LCS IATT certification enables Raytheon to move to the next stage of testing the Launch and Checkout System in preparation for launch of the first GPS III satellite.More

Germany faces up to its grid problem with renewables
Smart Grid News
Power engineering types familiar with the European grid have been warning for years that Germany was going to suffer great pain from its relentless commitment to wind, solar and other renewables. Germany created its aggressive mandates, they warned, without considering the stress they would cause to the grid. For a while, Germany was able to escape the worst of the problems by using Scandinavian hydro as a "battery" to buffer the intermittency. More