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Sep. 16, 2014

Redefining geospatial data versioning: The GeoGig approach
Directions Magazine
Why would anyone want different versions of data? Don't we all want data we can trust, that doesn't vary from copy to copy? The answer is yes, sometimes. So, when do we want different versions? We often save different versions of data for historical purposes because data changes over time. Sometimes, a project requires that you compare different versions of data that happened concurrently or analyze different views of the same information to provide perspective.More

Has your geospatial consulting business been smacked by the convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud?
Sensors & Systems
There's a clever acronym for the convergence of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC). With SMAC there's a great deal of opportunity for improved efficiency of services for government and enterprises that engage a large customer base through websites, social media and mobile applications. Using these many touch points yields a large volume of data that can be analyzed for greater insight and improved operations. More

Make your own maps with Google Maps Gallery and My Maps
GIS User
Something new from the Google Maps crew today — Google my Maps. By the end of this year, all maps created in classic Google Maps will automatically upgrade to the new My Maps, but to get started right away, open up the new My Maps and "Upgrade now," then check out the tour — found in the settings menu — for tips on creating your own custom content.More

Personalizing climate change through open data and apps
The Guardian
Government-released open data is fuelling a whole new level of innovation in sustainability. Moving beyond hackathons, today's climate data partnerships are creating unique ventures that cross boundaries between business, government and academia. In the U.S., "datapaloozas" — gatherings focused on creating open data innovations in the areas of health, education, energy and safety across sectors — are popping up all over the place.More

Galileo conspiracy theory
GPS World
Do you know any conspiracy theorists? You know, those folks who I am sure are well meaning, but see a conspiracy behind every event? Think Mel Gibson in the great 1997 movie with the very imaginative title Conspiracy Theory. Well, the conspiracy theorists have been coming out of the woods following the Galileo launch fiasco, and they are blaming both the Russians and European Space Agency.More

Move to allow GNSS-interfering pseudolites emerges in Europe
Inside GNSS
Two European proposals to allow pseudolites in the protected frequencies used by GPS and Galileo could soon be adopted, creating a potential interference risk to GNSS receivers and hampering efforts to protect satellite navigation spectrum, experts say. "The pseudolite systems that some people are thinking of around the world, we think are a real danger to GPS and GNSS reception and could be a danger to safety of life," Ray Clore, GNSS senior advisor at the U.S. State Department, said at a meeting of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee.More

What's the future of utilities? Hawaii has one answer
Smart Grid news
Hawaii's utilities have submitted detailed plans on how they will lower power prices while also integrating renewables. In fact, they are preparing for two-thirds of their power needs to be supplied by renewables as soon as 2030. The new plans are a response to this spring's demand from the public service commission to do a better job.More