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Oct. 22, 2013

What's next for GIS: The fourth dimension
What are the next big steps in GIS analysis? James Hipple, GIS adviser to USDA's Risk Management Agency, points to two. First, he said, is the ongoing effort to integrate data sets. Noting the massive data sets generated by various government agencies, Hipple pointed to the analytic potential they could deliver if they are combined. The snag? "Because they are such large data sets we end up with bandwidth problems," he said.More

Breakthrough! The best tool yet for smart grid standards
Smart Grid News
By Jesse Berst: I've been a standards harpie over the years, yammering on to convince utilities that standards are in their best interest. But you have to be careful what you wish for, since we now have hundreds of standards from various organizations that touch on one aspect or another of the smart grid. Result: It has become an overwhelming chore to track down every relevant standard. Much less to understand which ones apply in which circumstances. Much less to find and compare standards from different groups to choose which one to use.More

GSA releases new report on GNSS markets: 7 billion devices, $478 billion revenues by 2022
Inside GNSS
The European GNSS Agency has released its third market report, which predicts an installed base of 7 billion devices worldwide by 2022 — almost one for every person on the planet. According to the study, "GNSS Market Report Issue 3," compound annual growth rates for GNSS "core" and "GNSS-enabled" revenues will increase by 9 percent through 2016 and 5 percent through 2020, reaching a total of about $478 billion per year.More

Top 15 hottest careers for college grads
GIS User
University of California San Diego Extension has assembled the fifth annual edition of "Hot Careers for College Graduates." According to the research, jobs within the past year categorized according to the BLS under "professional and business services" have grown the most.More

Smart Grid 101 — The smart grid's new systems
Smart Grid News
Of all the changes brought forth by the smart grid, the biggest impact comes from the introduction of new systems into distribution operations. Previously, distribution was either the domain of customer operations or field operations. More

What details become apparent when disasters hit close to home?
Sensors & Systems
The devastating Colorado floods are just recently behind us, and a frenzy of proactive rebuilding goes on despite a national government shutdown. It's heartening to see resources rallied firsthand. More

Esri ArcGIS for Developers now in the SAP Marketplace
Directions Magazine
Esri planned to make an announcement at the SAP TechEd in Las Vegas that Esri ArcGIS for Developers is now in the SAP Marketplace. Developers can sign up for a 30-day trial. There are use cases, white papers and architectural diagrams available at the marketplace. More

Streaming geospatial imagery software a first for intel analysts
Spar Point Group
Global defense and aerospace firm, BAE Systems, said its new low-cost, web-based imagery viewing and manipulation system helps intelligence analysts use geospatial data without paying for a geospatial imagery specialist. It's called the GXP WebView Pixel Server — a lightweight, HTML 5-based electronic light table that converts images, regardless of format or location, into a standards-based data stream viewable in a web browser, allowing analysts to view, annotate and publish geospatial imagery into situational awareness tools and intelligence reports.More

UAV requirements draw certified receivers from Accord/NexNav
GPS World
To fly a UAV in the U.S., you'd better be able to avoid any other aircraft — and ADS-B is one component of that capability. When the FAA and agencies around the world get their UAV regulations aligned with those levied on passenger-carrying aircraft, GNSS receivers on board UAVs will likely need to be qualified to equivalent standards. One company is already there.More

Southwest Florida shoreline will soon appear on Google Maps
The News-Press
Soon, people around the world will be able stroll Southwest Florida beaches virtually. It's coming courtesy of a Google and Visit Florida photo-mapping project that documented Lee and Collier county shorelines last week. The statewide campaign ends with a splash on Miami's famed South Beach early next month. The end result will be 360-degree panoramic views of Florida beaches — some 825 miles of them — available to Web surfers 24/7.More

China puts geospatial data system on the map
China has established a national emergency geospatial data system to provide first-responders with detailed maps within two hours after a disaster, a senior official said. At the Chengdu Forum on United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management in the capital of Sichuan province, government leaders and prominent geologists and land surveyors discussed how any effective disaster response starts with a map.More